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La Notte della Sindone: Destroying the myth of 1988 C14 testing

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posted on Dec, 21 2016 @ 01:50 PM
The Peace of God to all that belong to the Light
Dear Readers

I don't want to close this year without commenting the so important recent findings in the dating of what has been considered to be the most important archaeological object of the western Christian civilization: The intriguing and uniquely amazing Shroud of Turin.

A panel of distinguished researchers of different scientific disciplines has disclosed in an almost two hours documentary , produced by Francesca Saracino, their so serious concerns about the validity of the so controversial C14 testing of 1988.

Please check

According with their conclusions the testing of the Shroud of Turin is plagued of irregularities that are ridiculously unprofesional from almost any point of view that they are seen, in the best of the cases and the evidence of a plot to destroy the credibility of the Vatican in the worst.

First at all, no less than 4 laboratories that were considered originally to take part in the dating were eliminated of the process, since there were freemasons infiltered in the Scientific Academy of Sciences of the Vatican interested into control and of course jeopardize the testing to discredit the Holy see.

The same conspiracy in the comission that was advising the Vatican explains why no member of the original Shroud of Turin united Research project, in which even NASA scientists took part and that examined the relic in 1978, carrying out dozens of non destructive dating tests was invited to take part in the C14 test of 1988.

Today we know about a lot of grave violations of the most essential scientific protocols in the way the C14 dating was performed in 1988.

Please check

In particular, the distance in between the older and younger date does not resist any serious variance analysis validation. Those values were suppressed from the official results as outliers just because they showed that something was extremely wrong with the dating procedure

The three laboratories that carried out it were exchanging data all the time, something that is forbidden in any objective dating process, there were functionaries going and coming openly in between USA, Switzerland an England, even an author of Evangelical Protestant literature had privileged access to the progress of their sample manipulations, in such a way that he published a book of the negative results the same week they were officially disclosed to the media.

We also know that one the control samples had exactly the age they attributed to the Shroud, XIII century, but its information was never published, was suppressed from the results, because there are chances that is the actual object dated.

Please check

We also know that there was an illegal C14 testing performed in 1982, by a laboratory not authorized to do it, that got samples to study and recomend preservation procedures, we also know it was dating the relic no later than the second century AD, what in terms of the precision limits of the testing means that is authentic.

We also know the corner that was sampled was several times repaired in History with much younger fibres, and touched with naked hands along many ostentations of the relic from which there are historic records.

Finally we know Oxford laboratory results were mailed in an envelop stamped from a postal office of Zurich, showing they were in Agreement with the Switzer laboratory.

If that is not enough Oxford laboratory received a very juicy donation of a million pounds from a masonic organization as reward to have "exposed" the relic as "medieval".

Please check

The most absurd fact is that we also know the Shroud kept in Turin is not a Roman Catholic relic, so can't be faked by Davinci, who lived two centuries after its first exhibition in France, as some irresponsible authors have dared to claim, but an Orthodox one stolen from Istambul by the templairs during the second crusade.

Where and how were confirmed these findings?

Let me respectfully refer you to the awarded RAI documentary La Notte de la Sindone of 2011 by the journalists and researchers G.Accornero, M.Alonso, P.Bollone, P.Conti, F.Faia, et Al.

I sincerely would want to provide a link to the mentioned video documentary in English but it is not yet uploaded in youtube or other side of the public domain, although certainly available to be bought in Amazon.

Here a link to it, in the original Italian version subtitled for Russian viewers.

Please check

You need to sign up with a account in order to watch it.

Enjoy it, Happy Holidays!


The Angel of Lightness
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posted on Dec, 21 2016 @ 03:40 PM
a reply to: The angel of light

I also remember reading about how the guy who led the scientific team of researchers confessed on his death bed to how they had made a mistake and sampled material that was sown in to repair the shroud by the nun's after the fire which of course would definitely have skewed there result's, of course then there is the pollen with includes pollen found in Palestine, the fact the image is made from actual blood and the fact it is far too anatomically correct with the nail's in the hand's for example being placed just right so that they would hold a body up and not tear through the flesh of his hand's just as an expert in crucifying prisoner's would have done it.

There is another image held at the small church in Manoppello and there are historic grounds to suggest this is the real veil of veronica and that the one held in the Vatican which has faded to black is a later reproduction, the same face shown upon it also as that on the shroud.

Personally I have no doubt it is the image of Christ and not a fake, also I believe almost as strongly that the Manoppello veil is the real veil of veronica.

Throwing in the fact that the laboratories may have had vested interest in not letting the correct date out is also interesting.

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posted on Dec, 21 2016 @ 04:45 PM
a reply to: LABTECH767

Well, the fact that Manoppelo seems to be an authentic relic does not mean necessarily that the Roman Veronica is a copy, after all veils with the Jesus face stamped, according with the tradition were at least three: The Veronica, The Camulia of Cappadocia and the Mandylion of Edessa.

Please check

Have you ever noticed the Holy face that St Jude always carries at his chest?

Thanks for your comment

The Angel of Lightness
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posted on Dec, 22 2016 @ 11:34 AM
It's a medieval relic. That is why the Catholic Church keeps it locked away. They could easily have it tested again and again to prove it's age if they wanted to, and I suspect they have in secret, but the scientific proof is not in keeping with their claims so back into the vault it goes, better to keep it a mystery for the believers to idolize.

Turin shroud was made for medieval Easter ritual, historian says

posted on Dec, 22 2016 @ 05:06 PM
a reply to: Blackmarketeer

No, that is just misinformation spread by people that want to gain fame at expenses of the Church.

In particular it does not surprise me at all that Charles Freeman is in behind such irresponsible and biased version, after all he was appointed sunce 1978 head of History of St Claire's College of Oxford, whose laboratory received a million pounds as reward from the freemasons to discredit the shroud with a marred C14 testing in 1988.

Please check his vita before to trust him.

Charles Freeman Oxford graduate freelance Historian

The cloth appeared first time in western Europe in possesion of Geoffrey de Charney high officer of the French Templar knights that came from the fourth crusade where they carried out looting in Constantinople aroung 1260 AD

Please check

There was a Holy relic with the image of Christ stamped in the Haggia Sophia church, called the Mandylion, where the Templars saw it originally, even there is a written account of that visit.

After the crusades seiged and took the city that shroud was never seen again, less than 40 years latter this cloth was inherited by another Charney who was son of the one stole it from the Orthodox church to be showed first time in France by 1305.

There is no medieval relic what so ever that show the same characteristics of the one in Turin, which has been certified by experts that is not a painting but the product of a kind of radiation able to transmit 3D visual information of the body of a man executed in the Ancient Roman way, there is human blood in the shroud of AB type.

Whoever claim that is medieval must explain why the object is unique in its manufacture and features in all the European and Mediterranean Art of that time.


The Angel of Lightness
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