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You Stole Christmas Poem

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posted on Dec, 13 2016 @ 07:02 PM

You Stole Christmas

You stole it, stole the Christmas tree,
Then smiled at me, mockingly,
As you ate the cookies and the milk,
And kicked the dog on your way out.

Laughing, as you popped off all the heads,
Of the men, that were made, of gingerbread.
Then clogged the chimney with firewood,
So Santa couldn't come down it like he should.

And you unwrapped all the gifts I had,
Placed under the tree for mom and dad.
Wearing Dads' robe and sweater socks,
Then you tried on all my mothers' frocks.

All while dancing and singing gleefully,
Because you ruined Christmas Eve for me.
Flashing a smile of evil delight,
As you dashed away happily into the night.

My, my what a evil Grinch you were,
No one does it better , that's for sure.
Thinking that by destroying those things,
You'd ruin the happiness Christmas brings.

But alas... that was a peruvious thought,
Thinking Christmas is about, the stuff we'd bought.
It's more about gifts from the heart actually,
For us it's about our friends and family.

So enjoy your Grinching as you should,
If I was evil... I know I would.
But don't think you caused us any grief,
You Evil, Grinchy, Christmas thief.


It's not Santa

Santa gets all the credit each year,
Just for sitting in a big old sleigh.
He's not the only one spreading cheer,
Or bringing joy on Christmas day.

There are a group of little elves,
That rarely get any recognition,
Who do most of the work themselves,
Helping Santa complete his Christmas mission.

They don't spend their time at the north pole,
They live right here with you and me.
Either giving gifts or lumps of coal,
For presents under the Christmas tree.

No, Kris Kringle ain't that big of deal,
Not when it comes to the holidays.
It's family, friends, how they make you feel,
And the making of beautiful memories.

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edit on 13-12-2016 by blend57 because: (no reason given)

posted on Dec, 14 2016 @ 09:24 AM
The Grinch doesn't stand a chance when you are around.

You are keenly into the Christmas spirit.

Thanks. Very nice. S & F.


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