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Did "The SImpsons" Predict Our Future?

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posted on Nov, 20 2016 @ 09:24 PM
Background knowledge:

So Harry Shearer who does the voice of Mr. Burns on the Simpsons is a member of Bohemian Grove - and Bohemian Grove, of course, is the getaway for nihilistic christian (sic) industrialists, businessmen, government officials, politicians, bankers, among other important people.

Shearer's admittance is taken at face-value. It means that the show functioned(s) as a vehicle for conditioning. The Simpsons is you - the person watching. Homer - the father of Greek mythology, is referenced here as a joke: the new mythology is precisely the character you are watching. Thus, jut as Homer and his Odyssey described the psychodynamic structure of the Greek mind, Homer Simpson (read, simpleton) describes the American mind.

Each character is named not by accident, but acts in the way that the etymology of their name actually suggests: Bart, from Bartholomew, which in Aramaic means "son of the oppressor". Is Bart not infrequently presented as devilish - albeit, a lovable little devil? And so he acts in the show - he guides boys who watch the show "how to be". Lisa, conversely, is treated as lame, but very intelligent. Lisa may be a riff on 'lucifer' - light, or intelligence. And intelligence - as manifested by Lisa - is treated as 'dumb' and 'uncool'.

Watching T.V is not a neutral activity, no matter how much fun you get out of it - you become structured by what you watch i.e. affectively expose yourself to. Your brain cannot tell the difference between the things you see on a virtual "story player" i.e. T.V., and how you perceive and experience the world in real life. I say this to convey the obvious importance T.V would have to any demagogue that sought to influence the mentality of a group of people. Machiavelli wrote about this in 1400's, so obviously, the appeal of mass-media, television, it's flickering rate, and its catatonic effect on mental processes, obviously makes it ideal for conditioning the minds of hundreds of millions of Humans.

The shows history has about 3 poignant predictions relating to pivotal "junctures" in the history of the United States.

Prediction of 9/11

Now, on a sheer logical level, were faced with one of two interpretations; it is either that the convergence of New York, the number 9, and the twin towers into one image, conveying the idea "9/11", is coincidence i.e. happened as a function of unpremeditated luck, or, conversely, was cleverly written in.

It's quite amazing how much is "packed" into this image. New York is identified. And the date - plus the structure hit (twin towers) are intricated in the same figure.

Take that as you will. For me, there appears to be a reasonable probability of this being deliberately put there.

Prediction of Donald Trump

This video was released as a "close encounter with Donald Trump's headpiece".

So Homer gets 'swept up' into Trump's hair, and once in, you see Trump 2012, then 2016, then 2020, then 2024, then 2028. Very weird - no? Is the Simpsons predicting a Trump presidency that goes until 2028?

Why end 2028? What's so great about that year?

Prediction of China

Now, when I first saw this, I laughed out loud, even though you could in fact read a very clear prediction - again, hidden behind a veneer of jest - which can be solved as follows.

To appreciate this, you need to appreciate a few important conextual factors:

  • Now we sleep for a thousand years. What's very clever about this statement is the Chinese Junk ship in the background, which may be a reference to the height of the Song Dynasty"

    The Song dynasty (Chinese: 宋朝; 960–1279 CE) provided some of the most significant technological advances in Chinese history, many of which came from talented statesmen drafted by the government through imperial examinations.

    Song Dynasty

    So just like in the 9/11 piece, the Junk ship refers to the period of the Song dynasty, when China "went to sleep" i.e. when China reached its cultural and technological apogee, until it "awakens" a thousand years later, at which point, "the world will end".

    Surely, the most onerous issue Donald Trump has ahead of him is the south China sea, where American ships have been regulating trade for the last 65 years - since the end of world war 2.

    Now, however, the "dragon has risen" - and China, does not appear to comfortable with the America presence and influence in their area of the world - essentially "surrounding" China with the Philippines, Japan, Taiwan and South Korea - forming a "shield".

    China is in the process of 'breaking' this shield by building islands in the pacific, and refusing to let America determine the conditions of what happens in their part of the world. Around 5 trillion dollars in world commerce (one third of global trade) flows through the south China sea every year. Indeed, it is said that world economic policy derives from hard-facts - such as the US military patrolling the various shipping lanes around the world. It's believed that China is seeking that role - or, in anycase, this is what Kissinger believes in his recent book on China.

    Will this be the beginning of the end? Surely, "disturbing the sleeping giant" of China seems like a very, very bad idea. It could even be, as the Simpsons playfully (perhaps insanely) intones "when we wake the world will endddddddddd"
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  • posted on Nov, 20 2016 @ 09:44 PM
    With over 600 episodes and counting there are bound to be some COINCIDENCES.

    Next you will be saying there is a Stargate....

    posted on Nov, 20 2016 @ 09:58 PM
    a reply to: Astrocyte
    I think 'Trumptastic Voyage' was debunked. It wasn't a full episode and there was more than that.

    The others, though, are crazy accurate.


    posted on Nov, 21 2016 @ 11:40 AM
    Yeah, I learned about that as well - which is why I emphasized the flipping signs within Trumps hair-world. I guess I should have added "prediction of a long Donald Trump presidency" - which, with Bannons "we'll be ruling for the next 50 years", seems plausible.

    Of course, this and the China one have yet to occur; the Simpsons - as per its caustic style - did describe what kind of person Trump is i.e. from Homer being recruited by an amoral political manager, to holding up a sign that says "paid", to going down the escalator with Trump, going into his hair, seeing that interesting sign - to the "trumpanzees" touching a black (read, meaningless, inchoate) wall, to the image of Trump on his bed with a book of Adolph Hitlers oratory skills besides him.

    I thought that the 2012-2028 thing deserved mention. Of course, one could argue that that was a reference to Trumps losing the 2016 election, and re-running in 2020, 2024, 2028. It's plausible. Or, conversely, it may be a reference to Trumps "hold" on America, which perhaps may go until 2028 i.e. may be some uncharacteristic basis for 3 terms.

    In any case, the last one was eerie because of how plausible China's role will be in the future. I'm not one of those people who think "war is inevitable" - but I am a scientist, and do think in terms of probability - and probability strongly suggests that Trump is probably going to generate a conflict with China.

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