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Mandala from the East

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posted on Nov, 19 2016 @ 07:37 PM

Im not an artist, i never have been, but i know art in its most basic form and continue in the same pattern until you have a unique piece of a tale..
I can draw a swine maybe even a dog sometimes and i love to portray them, the dog could maybe win an award!

I once saw a Tibetan monk make a sand mandala, a time consuming piece of just colored sand.. A beautiful artwork which took hours to complete and a single stroke from a hand destroyed it all. Why? Because the underlying message of the mandala ceremony is that nothing is permanent.


Historically, the mandala was not created with natural, dyed sand, but granules of crushed coloured stone. In modern times, plain white stones are ground down and dyed with opaque inks to achieve the same effect. The monks use a special, extremely dense sand in order to limit interference by things like wind or sneezes. Before laying down the sand, the monks assigned to the project will draw the geometric measurements associated with the mandala. Sand mandalas traditionally take several weeks to build due to the large amount of work involved in laying down the sand in such intricate detail. It is common that a team of monks will work together on the project, creating one section of the diagram at a time, working from the centre outwards.

Buddhist monks from Tibet who spend their lives going from place to place, from occasion to occasion, making sand mandalas, sacred cosmograms, that originated in India over 2,500 years ago. What im going to bring about is the topic about the most sacred mandala, the Tibetan Kalachakra Mandala[1].

Wheel of Time

The Kalachakra is a term that means " Wheel of Time" or "time-cycles". The teaching is very advanced and esoteric.

Tibetan Kalachakra Mandala (Time Lapse)


The Buddhist secrets and the Nazi machine

Himmler and Hitler both wanted the secrets of the Tibetan sages so bad, they sent mountaineering expeditions to Tibet and recruited a bunch of magician-monks. However, the Nazi elite soon learned that Kalachakra teachings are extraordinarily complicated.

"Geheimnis Tibet" Aka "Secret Tibet"(1943)


There are those who solved the secrets, and there are those who are till looking..


[1]Kalachakra Mandala
[2]Wheel of time

Some Other Stuff - S.O.S

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Himmlers Crusade

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posted on Nov, 19 2016 @ 09:28 PM
Great post of an incredible art and form of meditation. Thank you for draining the swamp around her a little, peace be with you:up

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