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High Energy Electrons. Electromagnetic Activity.. Space Travel ?

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posted on Nov, 17 2016 @ 11:48 AM
Interesting findings. With our magnificent Universe being so physically
unexplorable ! Is a super fast way to Space travel going to be revealed in the future ?
A recent published paper reveals some clues maybe ?

The Van Allen Radiation Belts showing Earth's magnetic field lines and the radiation belts' location.

NASA finds unusual origins of high-energy electrons.

High above the surface, Earth's magnetic field constantly deflects incoming supersonic particles from the sun. These particles are disturbed in regions just outside of Earth's magnetic field - and some are reflected into a turbulent region called the foreshock. New observations from NASA's THEMIS mission show that this turbulent region can accelerate electrons up to speeds approaching the speed of light. Such extremely fast particles have been observed in near-Earth space and many other places in the universe, but the mechanisms that accelerate them have not yet been concretely understood. Read more at:

This image represents one of the traditional proposed mechanisms for accelerating particles across a shock, called a shock drift acceleration. The electrons (yellow) and protons (blue) can be seen moving in the collision area where two hot plasma bubbles collide (red vertical line). The cyan arrows represent the magnetic field and the light green arrows, the electric field. Credit: NASA Goddard's Scientific Visualization Studio/Tom Bridgman, data visualizer Read more at:

The new results provide the first steps towards an answer, while opening up more questions. The research finds electrons can be accelerated to extremely high speeds in a region farther from Earth than previously thought possible - leading to new inquiries about what causes the acceleration. These findings may change the accepted theories on how electrons can be accelerated not only in shocks near Earth, but also throughout the universe. Having a better understanding of how particles are energized will help scientists and engineers better equip spacecraft and astronauts to deal with these particles, which can cause equipment to malfunction and affect space travelers. Read more at:

The results, published in Physical Review Letters on Nov. 14, 2016, describe how such particles may get accelerated in specific regions just beyond Earth's magnetic field. Typically, a particle streaming toward Earth first encounters a boundary region known as the bow shock, which forms a protective barrier between the sun and Earth. The magnetic field in the bow shock slows the particles, causing most to be deflected away from Earth, though some are reflected back towards the sun. These reflected particles form a region of electrons and ions called the foreshock region. Some of those particles in the foreshock region are highly energetic, fast moving electrons and ions. Historically, scientists have thought one way these particles get to such high energies is by bouncing back and forth across the bow shock, gaining a little extra energy from each collision. However, the new observations suggest the particles can also gain energy through electromagnetic activity in the foreshock region itself. Read more at:

Also as reported in the Daily Galaxy..

Link to Physical review letters.. ( Abstract )

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posted on Nov, 17 2016 @ 12:45 PM
Well, if they create a real FTL drive it has to have a built-in time travel component. What's the point traveling faster than light if you can't get where you are going the exact moment you leave!

If gravity is force that is created by some unknown process I've always wondered if two bodies were traveling towards each other and gravity were increasing they would actually repel each other. And if they travel away from each other with gravity increasing they would accelerate. I was just wondering if this the mechanism behind the acceleration of the Universe which is a really bizarre thing to be happening.
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