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The Life of Love

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posted on Nov, 17 2016 @ 01:21 AM

The Love Of Life

Feeling like life has passed by a thousand times
Missing the sounds the purpose and really why
I am still around.

Broken hearts, feeling torn apart, not willing
to bend or concede the actions of your part.

Oh Girl, it's just killing me. I know I have my
downs, but I really try so hard to give you my
Give You My Love

You just go about, appearing not to think
about...our love

I'm sensitive now, I need reassurance some
sign that you love me you?

The bridges and paths we have walked
don't really matter as long as we have
learned the lessons along the way.
No need to repeat them if we genuinely
cared about that moment in time.

My heart aches, a decision to be made
better to make it now, feel the harder
pain now rather than double it later.

A heart in pain, loving you and knowing
you do not feel the same.

Life can be long, but sometimes you
have to be so strong.
I Love You

Peace and Love


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