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Wikileaks controlled opposition theory

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posted on Nov, 16 2016 @ 07:11 AM
a reply to: Dr X

Yeah..glad you appreciate the idea of the thread. Like I said it's only a theory and for all those who immediately have a knee jerk reaction to defend Assange based on their own emotional investment in him and little all else..I would like to remind those types of poseters that that type of unquestioning emotional reaction is exactly what people had to 9/11 and that's why nobody in the US caused mass demonstrations or civil unrest when Bush said he was going to attack Iraq..over non existent WMD's. Worse however is the fact that if, even today, you ask the average American why America invaded Iraq, they will still say it was because of 9/11..Bush didn't even need to make up the WMD lie because the citizens would have happily have backed him to destroy the UK or any other place, based on the fact Muslims live there..That's what happens when you get your emotional strings pulled and manipulated. Your critical thinking gets overwritten and when you eventually wake up, if you ever even do, you realised you just got roofied and violated.

Plus this is a conspiracy "theory" website..or atleast it used to be one. Your supposed to question everything especially when the actions of someone don't fit with what they are saying.

There has been something off with Assange from day one IMO. Sure he could be on the level but I just can't see anyone being given so much free promotion in the MSM if they truly were out to bring down the corrupt system..

Let's look a bit more at his background. Well Julian has a similar back story to Barak terms that they both have HIGHLY usual origin stories. In Julian's case it was a "nomadic" lifestyle as a child, with his artist mother. He was homeschooled and only occasional did stints in MANY schools... living on over 30 different towns as a kid..making his early years about as hard to pin down as Barak Obamas childhood...someone else who will always have multiple question marks over he was born in Hawaii or not was always the least of those questions.

Then we have Julian's personality traits..He certainly loves attention, is grandiose and narcissistic. I checked out wikileaks web site a few weeks back and for some reason they have a psychological profile of Julian on there???? As if to give him a clean bill of mental health..just a little weird, don't ya think.

He certainly isn't a CIA or Mossad agent anyhow..he is too much of a loose cannon to be an actual agent..but he does come off like he's been involved in some type of brainwashing or MKultra scenario..In my opinion he is quite possibly a victim of some covert program. He is useful at times and at other times he can be ignored or discredited but not eliminated..well at least not until his usefulness is used up.

Either that of Julian has some type of autism..which would fit with being a Hacker..but I don't know how much being autistic would fit with his other personality traits..anyone who knows more about egocentric, narcissistic, autistic personalities, if they even exist, should add to the thread.

Snowden on the other hand, comes off like an agent.
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posted on Nov, 16 2016 @ 07:37 AM
a reply to: GodEmperor

The powers that be..can and do get it wrong..all the time IMO. They are not half as smart as we think they are. The difference between regular people and the globalist mind that when regular people make long term life plans, they usually have a time frame for achieving goals and a plan B Incase of failure..plans and insurance plans are basically presumed on what a person can calculate their resources will cover. As we know ordinary people have limited finances and resources and that's exactly why they make long term plans and back up plans..that's if they even do bother making any plans in the first place...I for one gave up on planning anything years ago.

The George Soros' of this world however don't need ridged plans because they have unlimited resources and can react and take counter measures any time they meet a road black. All these people need is an overreaching goal to aim for..they don't need a plan to get there. It looks like Trump certainly wasn't part of the agenda but he is nothing more than an inconvenience to the worst he will knock their goal off by another 4 years. It's basically chess. They don't have endless contingency plans to account for every possible scenario.. but they do have unlimited resources that they throw into action whenever they hit a brick wall..they just smash through it.

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posted on Nov, 16 2016 @ 07:51 AM
a reply to: Kalixi
What does Assange have on Soros? You wonder..uh I'd wager nothing or atleast nothing worth publishing. As usual its this fuzzy logic that can't use critical thinking, because it's based on reactionary emotion.

I think Soros is a cancer on the world..he is a bigger and more powerful bankster psychopath than most of the bankster psychopaths out those terms we don't really need any more evidence against Soros. We know he is extremely dangerous to the security of the world..He has publicly admitted it. In fact someone on ATS dug up a 60minutes interview segment, just the other day..where he states clearly who and what he is.

If Assange did have anything extra on Soros..oh let's imagine what could be possibly worse than what we already know about Soros!!!! Ok, maybe he has been involved in "live hunts" where children are the prey..yeah that's an actual conspiracy theory about old George, I heard that one the other day and for all I know it could be true.. but if Assange had proof of anything like that, why the hell would he sit on it? In fact if Julian was deliberately sitting on incriminating evidence against the worst scum in the world..because he didn't want to use all his ammunition right now??? Then that wouldn't say much for Julian would it.
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posted on Nov, 16 2016 @ 08:50 AM
a reply to: Dr X

I too am a life long Guardian reader...on and off over the years. I only read it in recent years in order to flood the comment section with a case of keeping my enemies fact I got banned again a couple of days ago.

Im probably like you and the majority of its readership, as in, I started reading it when I was in college..I was never as far gone in the head as these social justice warriors you see on the streets now and would never have marched or protested on behalf of I always had actual street smarts due to coming from poverty and poor people do not protest on the behalf of other "oppressed minorities" and those other minority groups certainly never protested on our behalf..

The reason I was unlike the majority of student leftists, like those SJW protestors, is because they mostly come from the middle classes, have never really lived in the real world and only just tasted what it's like to have no money, that's why they react so emotionally to Trump and why they join BLM.

The guardian appealed to me due to its perceived leftist and anti government leanings, as is why it appeals to most student pushed an idealistic world view that only the young and innocent buy into. For those reasons I'm pretty sure the guardian was a psyop long before Assange..atleast 20 years before. It's probably always been there to absorb the left, acting as a honey pot and neutraliser as well as a subvertor with all its social justice identity politics BS which is clearly designed to divide and fractionalise society rather than to unify it.

As I already stated coming from a poor background you gravitate towards socialism and MSM like the guardian and channel 4 news, that fit that bill..well those two MSM did decades ago anyhow. Like I said they were almost certainly always controlled opposition.

The guardian deserves its on thread actually..I may just start that one shortly.

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posted on Nov, 16 2016 @ 04:40 PM
a reply to: Counterintelligence

I did not say unlimited contingency plans, and in retrospect, it would only rely on one plan using unlimited resources; having every single candidate bought and paid from the pool we are allowed to select from. There is an increasing sense of urgency, unless I am mistaken and the technology for immortality has been achieved. It doesn't require infinite contingency plans, but two or three would seem reasonable, people at those levels want guarantees, not maybes.

I'm highly skeptical, if WW3 was in the plans it will happen no matter who is president. Maybe the path to getting there has changed, but it's not a wait and see game, you are making an assumption that theoretically we could 'pick' the right guy every-time and postpone what is coming indefinitely. I just don't see that, if it's economic collapse, there is nothing anyone can do to stop it, the president does not have control over the outcomes. It should be noted, that Trump's books he has written reveal that he is actually further Left than Hillary.

I have a theory of my own, that America will experience a new 9/11, only bigger and it will lead to global war.

As for Assange, have you noticed he hasn't released anything on Russia?

posted on Nov, 16 2016 @ 05:40 PM
Assange is either a tool of, or in collusion with, people who are interested in controlling various elements of our governmental operations by leveraging public opinion.

The "juicy bits" are never really juicy enough to matter, for whatever reason. And they typically only tend to piss off and inflame The People.

So he dyed his hair black and grew a goatee as he switched teams. Wrestlers do it all the time. LOL With similar theatrics

posted on Nov, 16 2016 @ 05:48 PM
You think Wikileaks wont spread bad info on Trump when the time arises? then you havent been paying attention.

posted on Nov, 17 2016 @ 01:59 AM
VERY good thread.

I have always postulated that Assange and Snowden know nothing - which is why they are still alive, or that they are still alive because they are conitel and handled by another agency.

The Ecquadorian embassy "sanctuary" is a charade. If the British government wanted to reach out and touch Assange they would do.

Similarly, Snowden smacks of a plant. He's telling the Russians, and the US electorate what they want to hear, while being treated as some sort of messiah. If he knew anything significant he'd be long dead.

But people lap their stuff up.

And here we are on the largest conspiracy forum of its kind on the net and people take all of it at face value, quote it and lord it all up.

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