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‘Enemies Within’ Documentary Exposes Proposed DNC Chair Keith Ellison

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posted on Nov, 15 2016 @ 03:24 PM
Now it seems we have another fight looming over who should be the new Chair of the Democrat National Committee.

After a total breakdown of leadership shortly before (and after) the Convention in July, Democrats are pressing for a new face to lead their efforts.

Many are supporting a U.S. Congressman from Minnesota named Keith Ellison.

Ellison is an American who was raised Catholic in Detroit.

He has converted his religion to Muslim and that seems to be where part of the controversy lies.

He is also associated with a heavy Left leaning faction of the Democrat Party in Minnesota.

So we have 2 articles from both sides for people to consider.

I wonder if Democrats are pulling to much to an extreme here.

Perhaps they might find better success with Moderates (for the time being).

Story 1 with a video...
Marxist/Muslim Axis: ‘‘Enemies Within’ Documentary Exposes Proposed DNC Chair Keith Ellison

Filmmaker Trevor Loudon’s new documentary The Enemies Within exposes the communist and radical Islamist background of the probable new leader of the Democratic Party.

Keith Ellison, a Marxist/Muslim Democratic Congressman from Minnesota, could soon become the Democratic National Committee chairman.

With the endorsements of Senators Harry Reid, Chuck Schumer, Bernie Sanders and more than 250,000 signatures on an “Ellison for chairman” petition, Representative Ellison is the early favorite for the position.

Many writers have focused on Ellison’s Islamic beliefs, but few have examined his extensive Marxist connections.

Story 2 .....
The growing smear campaign against Keith Ellison

With the Democrats in disarray following President-Elect Donald Trump’s surprise victory, the horse-race for the next Democratic National Committee (DNC) chair is tense, messy, and potentially crowded. Minnesota Democrat Keith Ellison is one of the favorites — and conservatives are already trying to tear him down with false equivalencies and smear tactics.

One common thread to the complaints: Ellison’s religion. Ellison is the first Muslim ever elected to Congress, as well as the first Black congressman from Minnesota.

Background on Mr. Ellison:...
Keith Ellison

Keith Maurice Ellison (born August 4, 1963) has been the U.S. Representative for Minnesota's 5th congressional district since 2007. He is a member of the Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party (DFL), the Minnesota state Democratic Party affiliate. The district centers on Minneapolis and surrounding suburbs. Ellison is a co-chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus and a Chief Deputy Whip, and also serves on the House Committee on Financial Services.

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posted on Nov, 15 2016 @ 04:25 PM
a reply to: xuenchen

Here's the thing that leans in Ellison's favor with the Democrats. He was one of the VERY VERY few early on that was vocal about how Trump was garnering support among blue collar folks in rust belt states that have been solidly Democratic in the past and saying that the Democrats needed to pay them more attention.

It really has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that he's a Muslim. At all. Except being a Muslim is supposed to make him somehow suspicious. It has everything to do with him being more of a champion for the everyday person. Your link is broken so I can't read more about his "Marxist connections" but I'm going to go out on a limb here, having listened to the man talk numerous times recently, that it's probably nothing. However, if you fix the link, I'll give it a read.

posted on Nov, 15 2016 @ 04:30 PM
Well, Hillary's corruption totally decimated the DNC so it is weak and ripe for the taking by radical elements.

It sounds like a bad cocktail, Islamic beliefs mixed with Catholicism and Marxism. All three are tightly intertwined if anyone cared to research their historical basis.

posted on Nov, 15 2016 @ 04:32 PM
I'll give you my 2 cents worth. I consider myself a Democrat. I voted for Hillary because she was our candidate. I voted Bernie in the primary and he won Mi.

I am a Union metal worker and the Democratic party tends to be more on the side of the working people and the environment.

I don't like everything they do. I like some Republican stances.

If the Democrats pick Ellison just because he is Muslim they will lose support. If they pick him period, they will lose support,

Honestly I am optimistic about a Trump presidency. What the Dems need is a vocal articulate speaker that can bolster Trumps ambition to bring jobs back and therefore promote the benefits of unionized workers.

posted on Nov, 15 2016 @ 04:40 PM
a reply to: theantediluvian

Maybe most importantly, he was one of the few elected Democrats who openly supporting Bernie when the superdelegates were lining up behind Hillary (I think he was the 2nd to do so). His selection to head the DNC would be a good step towards reconciling the Democratic Party and the Bernie supporters who were pushed away during the primaries.

posted on Nov, 15 2016 @ 06:02 PM
a reply to: xuenchen

Oh ffs. Stop breaking things.

posted on Nov, 15 2016 @ 06:04 PM
a reply to: tinner07

You could always try reading about him and then see if you like him or not, rather than relying on right wing media propaganda.

posted on Nov, 15 2016 @ 06:05 PM
So...some of you are more concerned about a man based on his religion instead of his actions. But, you weren't worried about a couple of real criminals in charge of the DNC like DWS or Donna Brazil? LOL

posted on Nov, 15 2016 @ 06:07 PM
a reply to: xuenchen

Attorney Alan Dershowitz - Quote

If [Rep.] Keith Ellison (D) [of Minnesota], who's a decent, good person, were to be appointed the head of the Democratic National Committee, Hamas would support it, would cheer and yell because he's had some association with [Nation of Islam leader Louis] Farrakhan in the past.

posted on Nov, 15 2016 @ 06:54 PM
a reply to: amazing

I guess you missed the other thread about Representative Ellison. It should've been about how the Democratic Party was considering him to lead the DNC, but it quickly devolved into "Ack! He's a Muslim!".

Is a Muslim set to take over the Democratic National Committee?

So in short, yes they're more concerned with his religion than with his policy positions, campaign organizational skills, ability to unite the Left wing, etc.

posted on Nov, 15 2016 @ 07:12 PM
a reply to: Zanti Misfit

So? A lot of African American leaders have had associations with Farrakhan at some point. It doesn't mean they agree with him personally. Even people like Snoop Dogg have given speeches at Nation of Islam mosques.

The NOI has worked with various African American churches and interfaith groups for decades on programs ranging from anti-gang activities to food drives. In short, they typically have a presence in African American communities and help out on day to day issues (good and bad), while politicians typically only come around when they want votes. So it makes sense for many African American leaders to have had some association with them at some point.

However, I don't think you want to make this into a "Farrakhan is evil and Ellison is suspicious because he knows Farrakhan" kind of thing. After all, Farrakhan endorsed Trump's immigration policies this year! He even did it in an interview with Alex Jones! LOL

So are you sure you want to go there?

posted on Oct, 18 2017 @ 04:26 AM
a reply to: xuenchen

Shame I never saw this thread when you post it.

Anyway, here is the entire video "Enemies Within".

i find it ironic how some people want to claim "Keith Ellison is a Muslim and that's why people don't like him"... But that's not it... He is a Muslim with a history of being a radical socialist/communist, and that's the reason people like him are trying to subvert the U.S., and alongside many allies in the DNC, who hide behind the "democrat/progressive" label but are actual socialists and communists", have been working for decades to change the United States into another socialist dictatorship.

Xuen, haven't you noticed how people who lean to the far left always want to ignore and dismiss people who have witnessed and experienced the horrors of socialism/communism?...

The far left subversion of the U.S. over the decades is very real, and we can see the fruits of this subversion to this day even though there are people who claim "the socialist/communist threat was never real"...

Of course, that is unless the left want to deflect their collusion with former communists such as the Obama/Hillary/DNC collusion with Russia over uranium deals. But instead the left make up BS stories about "Trump and his advisors colluded with Russia"...

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