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It's a small world

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posted on Nov, 14 2016 @ 01:31 AM
This might have been done before but here goes.

Years ago my I decided to go camping with a couple of mates. That night some hoons from Manchester pitched on the same site, they started a fire and playing loud music, the campsite owner kicked them out and they threw all there stuff on the fire and left. In the morning we were looking through all the stuff that hadn't burned (I found a Budweiser can radio I still have) and some other guys came over. I thought I recognized one but couldn't put my finger on it, anyway they drove off and I said to my mate I'm sure I know that guy.

I walked round to the toilets and these guys had driven to the shop and to have the toilets before their long drive, coming out of the toilets was this guy and I said, I know you, to which he replied yeah, I recognize you too, are you Kris's cousin? I was like you were on his stag do! Wh cousin lives at the other end of the country so to bump into this guy at a random campsite in a place miles from their home was odd! We shared a spliff and had a laugh for a few hours and they headed off.

But this is where it gets a little weirder, a few years later we went on holiday to a small Spanish island, one day we decided to just wander the town after lunch, walking down the street This guy passes me and I think, he looks just like my cousin Kris, when his wife walks past I know it's him so I shout him and we were all weirded out. Was a good holiday except on our last night we went out for a meal and he had Mussels, I next heard from him 2 months later, he had been in hospital on life support in Spain from eating the seafood!

I know it's a coincidence but two random meetings across Europe of two different circles of life I would say is a big coincidence :-)

Another one that didn't bother me (as it was a simple coincidence
I saw this lady looking shook up at a train crossing, I thought she was going to dive under a train so I sped up and asked her if she was OK, she was, she was just running late and didn't know if she could get across the river without running up the train tracks. I said I was going to the station and we had time so no need to run up the tracks just walk with me. Having an northern English accent we got chatting, turns out she was from my home town in UK and went to the same Colelge as me a year lower. Then, it turns out her husband is from the same town as my wife a year younger and went to the same college she did!

Weirdness hey!


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