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Mankinds symbiosis with Words

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posted on Nov, 13 2016 @ 05:25 PM
pretty words on the page-light and airy their message is devoid of meaning to the recipient and/or the sender if they haven't lived the experience the words demarcate... Words await us to give them meaning with our lives- the universe is one big story after all, everything and anything can be translated into words. without us, they are just words, but without them we are less than human... Words have some VERY important functions: they allow us to escape our narrow view of reality, to think impartially about our partialities; to reflect clearly upon the payhs that we and othera have taken... words can also take us to places where we have never been and could never otherwise go... they allow us to explore ourselves, the world and each other... Words force you to be grounded, the very act of writinf brings clarity and focus to ones thoughts. unlike when the thouhhts just bounce around you can grab one and examinr it, you can sidetrack here and there and still find your way back to the topic at hand... the words lay themselves out for mankind to pick them up and translate them into physical reality, this is a symbiosis as it benefits both sides. words can take us to impossible realities, they allow is to gain, very quickly a large amount of aelf experience.... again this psuedo experience is only marginally helpful. but it hwlps all the same. mankind can twist words to reflect an ugly untrue picture and this is called a lie... mankind can breathe fire, did you know: Words of beauty, and truth... the greatest thing i love about words us their ability to help us grow, by showing us experiences and realities we havent experienced yet... it ia for this reason that i yet continue in my mission to find the words capable of inspiring people to act with kindness and integrity outside of themselves... Like composing a symphony the trick is to listen and scribe faithfully... I have written ny own personal manifesto, words of fire written across my soul. But they only mean anything when i am actively living them, though they are no less true when i don't... Truth can be ignored(reason being darkness and lies can inspire great beauty and meaning that would never happen othwrwise) but when we submit to its humble requests, they will trabsform us into breathtaking beings of love... Of you, dear reader and friend, i would ask one thing: pick up paper and pen or ready your keyboard. try and dispel your doubt, and with as much sincerity as you can muster, write: 'Write, pen, and tell the Truth of me' and just listen and write down the words that come one by one. Don't worry if you end up only writing nonsense: just keep the pen moving and the right words will flow.

posted on Nov, 13 2016 @ 05:58 PM
cool missive man. words ARE trippy arent they. you spend too much thinkin about them and they start to lose meaning....seems like you can only really grab onto them briefly or else risk them betraying you with their fleeting nature.

i stumbled upon this odd aspect of words at the tender age of 6. I was saying a word to myself....dont remember what it was now...but it was a work i knew the meaning of....and yet...the more i repeated it the more nonsensical it became. Thats what i mean about transitory meaning or value. Words slip through your metaphorical fingers like me its not as whispy as air or granulated like sand....its more like a stringy, slimy goo that you cant really hold onto but you can grip it as it slips through your fingers.

i love listening to Noam Chomsky about the vagaris of language.....he touches on some very novel observations that i havent heard anywhere else. Tony Campolo....a christian sociologist and preacher has also riffed on the whimsical nature of words and how they are both like containers and also like shaping tools.....they provide both a vessel or container for our thoughts...and at the same time they give form and shape to our thoughts..... IS possible to have thoughts without words and even meaningful thoughts without words....for i remember having them as a child before i learned how to express myself in the world of made up words....

posted on Nov, 13 2016 @ 08:30 PM
a reply to: LucidWarrior

Oh words what you do to us. Pictures expressed such as the last leaf to fall in winter or the joyous cry of a baby as you dangle and shake your keys... They can be articulated in ways beautifully to express a message and be lost at the same time in translation.

I always wondered how AI would approach language because humans can get bored of it and and coy with our speech.

The whimsical nature of the chatbot has brought many a laugh with questions like "do you shave your, err cat?"

Words individually always have a point, a purpose but once put together they can mean anything or nothing.

As a youth I hated English and literature, now I find it fascinating. It is a big defining thing on the make-up of society and how we evolve I think.

The English language itself is a bastardized language, it's why it works so well. It's encompassing to change and has usually always been subject to change thus making it superior to languages not willing to change... It's all fascinating stuff really.

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