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The 'soundbites' that didn't work.....

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posted on Nov, 13 2016 @ 02:15 PM
I haven't started a post on ATS for quite some time, but thought it was about time now, just to give my view as an outsider of the recent election.

I am in the UK, I am 55 and have only ever voted twice in my life. Mainly because I find it hard to put my 'X' to a corrupt system.

However, I am fascinated with the in's and out's of politics, the wheeling and dealing that goes on behind closed doors, and I am old enough to remember some of the 'characters' we had in politics over on this side of the Pond. So I was particularly interested in your current election.

The last time I stayed up late to listen to the radio (yeah poor students and we didn't have technology in those days
) was way back at the beginning of the '80's when I was at University and had 'fears' about Reagan being elected....he actually turned out to be OK.

So this time round, with more technology, this forum and various social media groups I was able to do my own homework.
I listened to both candidates full. When I stumbled across news reports...I was scratching my head. Having been around since the early Clinton years, and seen Trump's Apprentice programme.....which started over here with our Allan Sugar.....I was really interested how this was all going to pan out.
It soon became clear, very soon, that there was dirty shenanigans going on ....and all pretty much one sided at that. So I was delighted tonight when I found this video a friend had posted on FB. I had listened to Trump's speech in its entirety during the election and knew that the 'soundbites' put forth not only on your news networks but also here on our news programmes were being selective to say the least.

So please, watch this wee film......many of your voters must have also listened to his full speeches......and so no wonder he has won.
This also tells me......the media both here and over there with you are in dyer trouble.

With all due respect and rainbows over the Pond

posted on Nov, 13 2016 @ 02:28 PM
a reply to: angelchemuel

This was obvious to me from nearly the beginning.

I was not a Trump fan at all. In fact, I was startled by him. Accordingly, I started watching and listening live to his every word. Then I would see the reporting later and was floored by how skewed it was.

There is no doubt we were being manipulated by anti-Trump forces.

posted on Nov, 13 2016 @ 03:25 PM
The thing is, you should expect, no, demand that our media is unbiased, here in the U.k when it comes to the U.S election. Unfortunately for us, it wasn't and that led me to believe something was going on.

Then I did some research, the same bleating hearts over Brexit, were suddenly bleating about a world with Trump as President.

That's what Farage means when he spouts Trump is owed a few apologies. But most of all....... he wants a big scalp to apologise. Just call him Donald Negan from here on in.


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