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National pride

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posted on Nov, 11 2016 @ 02:21 PM
I just have to vent a bit...

Tonight, I did something I rarely do. I deleted some people on my Facebook.

I know, I know, Facebook is baaaaad, but it keeps me in touch with folks I don't see as often as I used to and has it's uses.

Anyway, thinking back to Brexit and being a non-voter I watched the comedy that ensued. I saw a lot of Scottish nationalists on my page who were bitter with rage at the outcome.

People stupid enough to think that you can be independent while being shackled by the EU...I know, it's unbelievably stupid.

But what did irk me and always will was their accusing everyone of being 'racist' and 'bigoted'.

I even had one guy come on after Brexit, bitter with anger, telling everyone who voted out, and who voted no in the Scottish referendum, that they were idiots and cowards, to vote properly next time.

The vitriol was unrelenting.

Fast forward to tonight and it's England v Scotland, I ain't interested in football...or 'soccer' as the American folks call it. Each to their own but in my opinion it's a dull game.

But what really gets to me is the feverish supporters who think it gives them carte blanche to be overtly racist.

You see where this is giong?

Yes...yes, those same folks who called everyone a racist are on Facebook, making statements like 'let's get into these English C***s!', one idiot even posted a link to a flower of Scotland video on Youtube and stated - 'great for getting into the mood for hating these English b******s!'

I mean...why?

I have family in England, I lived in England.

The person I mentioned who posted the flower of Scotland video is an old friend, I was seeing her at one point a few years ago. But her feverish, bitter nationalism has become repugnant.

I don't believe it's actually genuine.

I think it's an act, it's a show...look at me and how much I care about my country...aren't I Scotlands flower?

No, you're a moron. This person believes that we are manipulated, brainwashed and controlled by an elite Westminster, and she's correct about that.

Nationalism IS brainwashing.

What is a country? Who created it? Who gave birth to these concepts that nationalist clowns cling on to? Why are you proud...of what?

I'm no more proud of a soldier killing a bunch of people than I am a Scotsman who bests 10 men in a street fight.

Your pride is for the establishment?

Lines on a map?

An aussie with a blue face crying freedom?

No government, Scottish or otherwise, will ever be good for the people. Sturgeon is a clown who thinks that the whole of Scotland will be powered by windfarms by 2020.

Trying to pander and meet her EU quotes for energy.

The best thing that could happen for the SNP is Brexit. With the majority of Scottish people voting to remain in the EU, so for the UK to leave and pull Scotland out against its will is a good case for another referendum.

Why, then...when the high court made its recent ruling to block article 50 did this idiotic little woman decide to try and block an appeal? It beggars belief that someone can be this stupid.

And nobody is saying anything, the crazy nationalists still support her. When she has made it abundantly clear that EU membership and being a parliamentary troll is more important than their precious independence.

By now they should be wanting her to step down, she's incompetent. She's now blown a deal with the chinese having not done her sounds like she dodged a bullet there but she was dumb enough to enter the firing line.

If you want to throw away the shackles of oppression and virtue signal when it comes to immigration, lose the mere concept of country and border because it's a man made, meaningless construct.

It's like these idiots out there now, marching against Trump. Most of them haven't done their homework, they heard and believed what they were told. Half of them have no clue why they are protesting and the other half are protesting because they want anarchy.

People need to drop their acts, and they are mostly acts. I do not believe in independence or Westminster. I'm born into a situation I don't WANT to be in. It is what it is.

The REAL problem with out political system is that these are coveted positions that attracts power hungry, greedy psychopaths.

Finding people who actually care about a cause is pretty simple. I look in charity shops and see people work for free for one reason, they're good people and they care.

Politics pays too well, I reckon some start off well intentioned but soon are caught up in the corruption and they can't control themselves, Sturgeon is no different.

You can blame the English, the Americans...truth is we're to blame. We're to blame because all it takes is something as pointless as a game of football and the virtue is dropped, instantly.

Anyways, that'll do. I just hope that people realise...

To be proud of Scotland, the same as being proud of the British empire over the last x number of years, because you claim that 'they' have been in control for so long. So what are you proud of?

Colonization? A flag? A football team? A crap film starring Mel Gibson?

Do me a lemon!
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posted on Nov, 11 2016 @ 02:56 PM
a reply to: ThreeDots

Many of us are currently, and unfortunately have been for some time, witnessing similar hypocrisy and polarity here in the States. It is disheartening...and it affects morale in such a devastating way. Those of us trying to be the voice of reason are being drowned out by all the hate and vitriol spewing out from everywhere. I'm sorry you are having to experience this too. It's the worst kind of evil...the kind that spreads like a virus, infecting everyone and everything it touches with its rot.

I hope things get better...for all of us around the world.

posted on Nov, 11 2016 @ 03:06 PM
a reply to: tigertatzen

Thanks, I appreciate your response.

I don't want division, for me both the Scottish and English, Welshand Irish people share a common problem.

For one to bail on the rest is not the solution for we number less. There's no point hating your common neighbor in favour of the very people who enslave us time and time again.

Let them shout over us, hopefully calm and quiet minds will eventually prevail. I know there are others' out there who haven't lost their dignity or the backbone to be more honest about who and what they are.


posted on Nov, 13 2016 @ 05:44 PM
Yeh! Let's pride ourselves by being the worlds most reckless country.

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