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The Reason Trump Won

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posted on Nov, 10 2016 @ 02:19 PM
So how does it feel to live in a world where Donald Trump controls the most powerful economy and military? lol

It's surreal. Watching him win, and then inferring that he'd win; going to bed and trying to fall asleep with the knowledge that Trump was likely going to be president. Waking up to see that it was a certainty.

Most people are describing it as "dream-like". And it is: lunacy often feels like a dream.

If one lesson could be learned about this election, I pray to God it will be this: Trump won because he was a reality TV star which the mind-brains of too many Americans had structurally and functionally internalized - in a very superficial and performative way - as a "fun" and 'cool guy". The retarded media in the United States (CNN in particular) was flippant, glib and condescending in its surety that Trump wouldn't win because the "2012 statistics" i.e. Romneys performance in 2008 and 2012, didn't show it.

This sort of analysis was and is completely pseudo-intellectual i.e. not an actual rational or reasonable way of thinking. Yet it was spewed ad-infinitum by people like CNN's John King, who, following a Trump victory, kept saying to his fellow pundits, "the facts didn't say this" - to which, mouth wide open, I yelled out "because they AREN'T FACTS YOU DOUCHE!!!"

If anyone has followed or appreciated my posts at this website, the primary theme of them has been the singular issue of dissociation. If Trumps election horrifies and demoralizes you, this explanation lies at the heart of what happened, and how culture, T.V, media, and a $hitty education system, conspired to put him into power.

What is dissociation? In it's simplest sense, it means " to focus on the WRONG INFORMATION". When we dissociate, we dis-associate from something which is causally connected. So, for example: if you ask me a question, and I respond with an irritated look, and then you say "whats your problem?", and I reply "nothing, what are you talking about, why are you being sensitive?!", this sort of reply is dissociative because it doesn't acknowledge the cause-effect relationship between a negative look, and the intrinsic sensitivity of the evolved him mind-brain to negative looks from other faces. Now, this sort of thing is everywhere - and has likely happened, or happens, very often in everyones life. You yourself may be guilty of this sort of behavior, and indeed, this is what the mind-brain does: it automatizes interpretations of the world according to how others have related to us in the past.

So what was dissociative about CNN's coverage? The singular fact that human beings are structured by what they do, and, if they work all day, come home and watch T.V, and Donald Trump happened to be a person they've had a "personal" i.e. brain-relationship with, that information-energy and the feelings which they generated in the past, would be activated, and in so doing, all the celebrity and superficial charm which Trump radiates could be used "excite" the average - poorly educated - American voter into an idealized image of what, in reality, is likely never to materialize.

Lets look deeper at why this explanation is THE explanation for why Trump won. I present figure 1:

Human beings are dynamical systems - objects just like other objects, but objects created out of FEELINGS with other Humans. Thus, feelings - and the context of the culture we live within, determines how information-energy is processed through the Human mind-brain (I always write mind-brain to convey the fact that mental processes are simultaneously embodied as neural-fibers, synaptic connections, myelination patterns, i.e. a constantly changing physical structure.)

In simple terms, Hillary Clinton represented the chart on the right: green, with information flowing from the conscious to the unconscious, which is to say, in a country presided over by a person with a nurturing temperament, she would have supported the creation of a society that was more empathic. Safety - or positive responses - underlying an individuals capacity to address aspects within itself which a competitive or aggressive culture consigns to the unconscious. Thus, feelings of safety with others allows a more complex organization of mental contents - a more clear flow of energy and information throughout the brain, and thus, a smarter, saner society.

But we didn't go in this direction. The Strong-man has wanted, and once again, it was the white conservative who wanted it that way. Even though science, genetics and human development show a creature that is intensely plastic, we may be ruled by a man who has essentialist ideas about race. This, of course, merely reminds people that Donald Trumps father - his own personal hero, in his own words - was a member of the KKK. His recruitment of Steve Bannon, himself a promoter of radical conservative views, adds additional concern that Trump is simply a self-serving demagogue.

Under Trump, who believes people need "to get tougher", America's university system - and its progressives and liberals - could be under threat and attack just as Hitler attacked the progressives and liberals in Germany. Could a mass-exodus be under-way? Will climate scientists continue receiving government funding as they have under Obama? Will Trump attempt what Steven Harper did in Canada, and censor climate scientists? What about human development scientists? What about a liberal media that simply hates Trump i.e. see Late Night with Steven Colbert, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, or Full Frontal With Samantha Bee, for examples of the "jewish media" that may be under direct threat.

Were talking here about a man who started a twitter war with Rosie Odonnell. What on earth is he going to do when he has the means and power to do it?

Notice what gets into the "conscious mind" for the Trump voter. Only "idealized images of Self'", which, in the expressive behavior of Donald Trump, it finds its most "salient exemplar". It's quite simple: if you like Trump, its because Trump activates your idealizations, which is to say, also speaks to those dissociative dimensions of your self-experience which you yourself cannot acknowledge. If you cannot 'own your shadow' i.e. your fears, insecurities, and experiences of weakness, you will project all those hated attributes on the Other: on Hillary Clinton, for example, who, in being a woman, was fundamentally more likely to be a nurturing, caring person. So what was being dissociated and so easily projected? Those feelings which the Trump voter structurally dissociates from his experience i.e. feelings of vulnerability, and weakness, which, in order to be metabolizable and made conscious, requires the presence of an other who will not respond - as the culture of the Trump voter always responds - "oh, you're being too sensitive". This Machismo - or idealization of ego, and honestly, the phallus, as Trump so proudly painted on his frescoed ceilings (see my "Is 2020 the end" thread) always leads to the same thing: we are feedback processes, and so, if you put more energy into a system i.e. a racist, hateful bigot like Trump, it will by necessity spur the hated group to up-the-ante. In this case, Trumps election will spur homoegrown Islamism and be a book to ISIS worldwide.

Americans have decided what they want, and it appears to be war. But the war, as in all wars, happens on the inside just as much as it happens on the outside.

posted on Nov, 10 2016 @ 02:26 PM
a reply to: Astrocyte

Trump didn't win the People's vote he won the fixed Electoral vote.

posted on Nov, 10 2016 @ 02:28 PM
a reply to: Char-Lee

Isn't it funny how the simpsons - Fox tv show with known bohemian grove members (Harry Shearer) often put these sorts of things in their show?

Again, Fox is the mark-of-the-beast, which, to put in philosophical terms, is individualism: both its liberal programming and news programming push one simple agenda: individualism. It could do it by wanton nihilism or fanatical populism. In both cases, they seek to undermine your rationality.

posted on Nov, 10 2016 @ 02:34 PM

originally posted by: Astrocyte
a reply to: Char-Lee

Isn't it funny how the simpsons - Fox tv show with known bohemian grove members (Harry Shearer) often put these sorts of things in their show?

Again, Fox is the mark-of-the-beast, which, to put in philosophical terms, is individualism: both its liberal programming and news programming push one simple agenda: individualism. It could do it by wanton nihilism or fanatical populism. In both cases, they seek to undermine your rationality.

Well said, unfortunately it seems no one cares and people are always ready to embrace whatever...they would love it if Trump started up the hunger games type show or maybe public executions. he could have playboy bunnies or Miss Universe present it.

posted on Nov, 10 2016 @ 02:43 PM
a reply to: Char-Lee

Oh I'm sure. Right now were seeing a lot of polly-anna interpretations of Trumps election - as if his election isn't going to seriously destabilize the world system.

Also, Republicans are at the root of this. It does not take a genius to realize that: people with an advantage (elites, rich people) want to keep that advantage, especially if individualism is their ethos, and a sort of gnostic alienation from the human condition, a spiritual "reference point" for their minds.

After this fiasco is done - and whatever trauma, suffering and disaster it seems poised to create - we need to EDUCATE THE EMOTIONAL BRAIN, and so move as far away as possible from pre-Trump industrial-forms of education.

Brain science and psychology has matured to the point of recognizing Humans as information processing systems that are energized and made more coherent by interpersonal recognition dynamics. Recognition is necessary, and yet the American population, similar to the Germans of 1933, apparently do not think much of world-opinion (i.e. do not seek to understand it), and have elected a leader who seems likely to bully-countries that are too large and dangerous to be bullied i.e. China/Russia. This sort of unreasonable thinking - based upon unreasonable campaign promises - is plausibly going to continue.

So, right now people aren't educated. But it is conceivable to imagine a post-Trump time period where we prioritize emotional-education at the same time as we promote practical knowledges like math and engineering.

posted on Nov, 10 2016 @ 02:44 PM
You could be right, but there is always the small chance that the elite just plain and simple lost.

I always wonder about the fact that Trump pulled Bill Clinton and the whole family in the pigs mud. And Bill did not look very happy when it happened on the second live debate.

According to your theory this should have happened on purpose. And i'm not sure if that's true duo to the fact that the Elite covered media machine went in full gear with attacking Trump.This moment alone could have constructed a negative image of Trump, wish it did for only a short time. If the Elite would have to take all the mental reactions of so many different people in account, on this level ? I'm not sure if they would put any money on that propability of such a construction to work out fine for them..

It would also mean that they just sacraficed the Clinton's to let Trump win.

Dont get me wrong, im fully aware of them using massive amount of mental tactics to swing peoples toughts.

i have to admit, i still got an email in mind from the podesta leak, it stated that they had 3 paid pipers in the election wich included Trump... if this is true then there is also the possibility that your theory is right and we once again played in the hand of the NWO and are screwed in every way anyway

Or Trump got to powerfull, gave Clinton the finger and went his own way ? Wich might have been his plan all alone ?

Let's just see what happends the next few months

posted on Nov, 10 2016 @ 02:45 PM
a reply to: Astrocyte

Wow, it seems you have all of the "uneducated" Trump supporters all figured out. Maybe you can get a job at CNN.

Its not that hard to figure out why he won, and the Libtards shot themselves in the foot by making a known Criminal with a Cheshire cat smile the Democratic nominee.

I really don't get why people are acting like Trump winning is some big surprise. All day long the pretty people on CNN and MSNBC are saying" How did this happen?" Its the angry racist white people, you know, the same ones that put Obama in office with a landslide victory 8 years ago. Makes about as much sense as anything else they say I suppose, but its really simple. Trump got elected because people are tired of a continuation of Bush/Obama and that is exactly what you would get with ol Killary running the country just like she ran her crooked "charity".

Did you really say Hillary has a nurturing temperment LOLOLOL !!!!!

Many secret service agents/interns/staffers of hers would disagree with you.

Thank you for the thread though I neededsome nonsense for a good laugh.

posted on Nov, 10 2016 @ 02:51 PM
a reply to: Char-Lee

There was that one thought on twitter that it would be a gas if we pretended to let Trump win and shot his "presidency" like it was a reality TV show! Fake Whit House and all.


Oh well, I guess I will have to get used to this timeline as well...

[ETA: Dan Kaszeta's tweet: Reality TV idea: We build a fake White House and put Trump in it and tell him he's president. Film the whole thing.]

edit on 10-11-2016 by TEOTWAWKIAIFF because: clarity

posted on Nov, 11 2016 @ 10:28 AM
a reply to: Astrocyte

Yes. To all of this, and also remember the other side of it, the creation of the Demonic Witch - an easy political dirty trick to play on any career politician that happens to be a woman. Imperfection turned to evil with a gavel and a hack and a meme and a bottle of lies tossed like a Molotov Cocktail at a woman who dared reach for power.

You are one of my favorite posters, Astrocyte. You have amazing insights.

posted on Nov, 11 2016 @ 02:05 PM
a reply to: AboveBoard

I very much appreciate that.

Sometimes I wonder, am I the only sane person? Obviously not, since 6 people thought that my words were important and meaningful. And, since you said something nice about me, I know that you, like me, put truth above your own egotistical needs i.e. you trust that reason and coherency (correlation) is the way to make sense of things.

Relativism - as if truth weren't knowable, as if some things weren't truer than other things - is overwhelming right now. Peoples emotions are shaky, and their minds - their very ability to make coherent incoherent feelings - is now being held under the 'attractor' of Donald Trump - as Omarossa said (so, so pathetically) "all will bow down to Trump, because he is the most powerful man in the universe". What will a man like this, with the senate, congress and supreme court on his side, going to do with all this legislative authority? It horrifies me to think, but history i.e. Hitler, provides very telling examples of where Trump will go.

Science, reason, the scientific method, the standards for rationality - all those things supported by "jew" progressives i.e. sane, self-aware people who do not project their issues onto others - is under heavy attack.

If you put it to CNN right now, we see polly-anna interpretations of Trumps presidency, which I see to be textbook dissociation/idealization as a way to regulate negative affects: Trumps presidency scares people; stress and anxiety is biodynamically exhausting, ergo, the mind-brain engages in "it's not so bad as it seems" interpretations - just like liberals and progressives did when Hitler won. Savvy Jews left Germany when Hitler spoke this way; should Latinos, Muslims feel wary?

My interest is purely political now. What is Trump going TO DO? Domestically? What is he going to do to all those social-security programs? How will the law be interpreted? How will science be supported - or undermined? The vast, vast majority of university professors in both the humanities and natural sciences are liberals and progressives. So what is going to happen? I think were going to see a Nazi style effort to "purge" American universities of liberals/progressives, which, given the sheer number of universities and colleges in the United States, almost seems apocalyptic. Yet, Trump agitators are already pushing for it:

This is a poster being posted at the University of Texas:

Could you imagine? Nazi Germany had significantly less universities than America, and certainly lack the prestige of a Harvard, Yale, MIT, UCLA or Stanford - so although this statement has a precedent in Nazi Germany, and the Republicans have the legistlative power to gut the countries academics - it would be on a scale unheard of in Human history.

Hence, it would be impossible to do without some sort of international conflagration to distract citizens from domestic issues - hence, Trump, if he is as nefarious and menacing as I believe he is - could start wars, perhaps the long-awaited world-war 3, and at the same time, purge American society of "undesirables".

As a Canadian, I do not feel comfortable living so close to a country ruled by such a man.

Were all in this together

posted on Nov, 11 2016 @ 02:16 PM
More generally, it seems quixotic (against all the available evidence) to think Trump wont destroy things, yet I understand the "watch and wait" attitude. You can't really do anything until he actually attempts to do something. Until that happens, its "over-zealous" to protest even before he's gotten a chance.

I understand this argument, yet it seems to be a "last ditch effort" to promote sanity, even after an insane candidate who ran and insane campaign making insane promises has won.

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