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Your very best advice and encouragement for President Donald J. Trump. From ATS - Trump, w Love.

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posted on Nov, 21 2016 @ 05:47 PM
I think that once he's ensconced in a position of power and authority, that to get the Satanists OUT, the lynchpin involves what's become known as Pizza Gate

The FBI already did one dragnet to save about 80 children, but they didn't go into the Washington network for some reason.

If he wants to drain the swamp it goes a lot deeper than any of us imagined and if there's a plug that could be pulled, then I think this is it.

Nothing short of a global effort to expose this heinous atrocity and work to put an end to it, will be sufficient.

I think that Trump and Co. must engage in an all-out war against Satanism and Satanists who are involved in these activities.

If the reigns of Justice might be thought ultimately to be in the hands of God, then for Justice to be real and true and authentic, it cannot bypass this issue and leave the networks in tact or let the higher level perps and participants off the hook.

Law and order..

It isn't a race issue, although justice reform that makes the system color blind is needed, but something much much worse and by far more serious.



posted on Nov, 23 2016 @ 06:48 PM
If he doesn't clean out that blood sucking (literally) parasitic scum of the earth from the underbelly of Washington and the deep state (CIA), and put a stop to all the evil and "black magic" bull# that's behind much of the problems of the world today, then there'll be no authentic shining city build on a hill, not if the underside of the foundation is like a whited sepulture filled with the dead and all corruption.

They'll be inviting him into that circle no doubt, to "partake". Don't do it Donald. It's not real power if it's not of the God of love and righteousness and loving kindness (read the Psalms and Isaiah).

"Clean" power that's empowering and that does the hard work of threading the eye in the needle and to find the simplicity on the far side of complexity, that's the stuff of life that generates a domain of life worth living into.

He sure as hell better not engage in veiled references to abominations or be seen shortly after he takes office with a bandaid on the middle finger of his left hand..

If he privately goes for the dark side and gets into that black occultish crap that feeds on death and destruction and blood sacrifice, then he and his administration will be a lost cause.

The thing I find most disturbing about his comments to date, is the idea that because ISIS chops off heads and drowns people in steel cages, that the US ought to engage in waterboarding or worse - that's totally messed up thinking, that kind of "moral equivalency".

If you engage in or authorize torture or have any sort of participation in that, then well, meet the new boss same as the old boss.

Instead - weed those #ers OUT and track them all down with the full force and might of the law, and by that I'm not simply referring to ISIS as a foreign enemy, but the domestic enemy in the gate who revels in blood sacrifice, torture and "black magic".

Hold firm and hold the line with Christ Himself at your side and there is nothing and no one who can stand against you or your plans, and if those plans are good, as they come out of the gate, then they will also be blessed and as a result, you will be able to harness of the law of increasing, as opposed to diminishing, returns.

God bless!


P.S. Stay tuned for the 5C's of Life Transformation..

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posted on Nov, 23 2016 @ 07:36 PM
And so if they come to you and talk about various crazies that they're aware of that are being wound up, monitored, equipped, and inspired and radicalized (not by ISIS, but by the black op that is ISIS), and suggest that one of these ticking time bombs be permitted or shepherded to carry through with the "op" - Donald, hear me if you can, if it's possible that there's a channel that's opened up here - that, right there, is the moment to get very angry and righteous on their ass, slam your fists down and say to them something like - in the name of CHRIST - NO!!!! then fire that bastard's ass along with his entire network, they'll survive.

If, otoh, they try to "gift" you with one of their ongoing black op psyops, without permission to WEDGE you, just like it might have taken place with Bush (out of his control) or Obama (out of his control, until he gave himself into it..), then ask for calm but do not feed the lust for vengeance ie: torture, ground troops, whatever it might be that you're being programmed yourself to do in reaction/response. Don't let them set the agenda, while trying to stop them in their tracks wherever possible. Call up Ron Paul and talk to him about it, he knows and that's his number one concern right now, not an authentic lone wolf, but a deep state, shadow government psyop (false flag) on one of many targets probably all set up like ticking time bombs to go off.

If you want to really make America more safe, authentically, then why not put the security grid they got in place post-9/11 (which was ONLY supposed to protect against a nuke ie: with "minimal" causalties, not operate like a chain in the American and global psyche that they can pull whenever they please..) AUTHENTICALLY to the test, while persecuting the physical war to roll back ISIS from Iraq and then squeeze them in Syria to create the new protected safe-zone to solve the refugee crisis.

In other words, all black op psyops have to be OFF THE TABLE, under any and all circumstances, and those operations wound down or prosecuted NOW, before they "go off", and continued to be monitored, but not GOADED.

The fundamental problem with the CIA is a structural problem involving something that could be thought of as "shepherding" internally within the system as an indoctrination into a certain orthodoxy, so just like with the police, there's a training problem in the works. To use a police example, they're pulling their guns too quickly, without sufficient provocation, and then, already trigger happy, as per training, they shoot for the body mass until the suspect is down. Why not instead arm police with shields or something and train them to only pull the gun if they see a gun being pulled, while otherwise using every non-deadly means to make the arrest including taser (but not to death ie: multiple times) and the physical takedown with simple body force.

While the war against ISIS in Iraq and Syria is a "necessary war", all war is bad, and there are innocents who are killed and generations of victims, even among extended family members of fighters who are killed, so you have to prosecute that war very very carefully and get it the heck over with ASAP (agree, as terrible as it is). Don't enjoy it. And if you're considering a general who ever said that he did, please don't hire that guy as he's the wrong guy for the job.

But it's really a mind war to win the hearts and minds in those newly secured societal domains, like the Northern border of Iraq, once ISIS has been pushed out.

So the vast repository of psych-knowledge among the CIA and all the tech that the US can muster can still be applied, but in a way that works to take the radical out of radical Islam, and that's not something that can be achieved by bombs or force of arms, but is formed by various ethnic and religious threads that run through the region from Saudi Arabia to Iran.

What did this entire policy do to MODERATE Islam?

What you need are not more generals but Islamic scholars to really and truly defeat ISIS.

But, instead of playing both sides against the middle in a quicksand quagmire and tinder box, once again, it's all about being AUTHENTIC to a certain set of principals that has first and foremost in the mind's eye, the true knowledge of what's really been going on and that the Muslim has been made the scapegoat in this whole mess, both for the Jew and the Christian (black sheep, Judas).

We are all part of one human family and we all want the same thing, except the new black shepherds, who enjoy doing the devil's work for a "justified" "greater good" ie: enjoy killing everyone in sight in Fallujah during that massacre, which is what it was and the general you're considering knows all about it.

But you just can't play all sides against the middle in that mess, or like McCain, you end up in a meeting with an Isreali and US trained Baghdadi figure (why have they not been able to get him..??), or indirectly funding and supporting both sides in a proxy war with Russia and Iran.

The arrow of progress has to be true for it to be sharp and not some blunt instrument and this is a war for those societies to create the space wherein a newfound moderate Islam can take root and flourish for generations in the wake of this nightmare and dark night of the soul.

And aside from being sworn in in January, swear no oaths, no blood oaths, don't do it, don't swear by anything except to authentically uphold the Constitution and a REAL security that's secure from enemies BOTH foreign AND domestic.

They've got to get this message, and for the love of God and people you have to take a stand and stand up to it, instead of joining them in something that's just heinous and not worthy of the human being in the 21st century, not any more and certainly not worthy of anyone holding the office of POTUS.

We've seen enough. The data, is in.

We don't need or want any more education, and you don't need to have your agenda hijacked by the cabals of wicked men in low and high places.

You don't want that kind of power, which, unless it comes to serve and wishes for nothing but our mutual glorification, in Christ (Spirit of mutuality and love), is no glory, at all.

God bless,


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posted on Nov, 23 2016 @ 07:46 PM
Hello! Learn to bite your lip a lot. Don't respond to people's button pushing remarks. Delay a response. Cool off first and think about the issue and the get back to the other person later. This puts you in control. Never make a decision when you are angry take a time out. Be like a calm parent.

posted on Nov, 23 2016 @ 09:23 PM

originally posted by: frugal
Learn to bite your lip a lot.

Just not in that contrived manner that Obama learned from Bill Clinton as some sort of evocative imagining. : )

posted on Nov, 24 2016 @ 06:03 PM
I agree with Roger Stone, Alex Jones, Bannon, Conway etc, that you should stay clear of any neocons like Bolton, Gingrich, Romney, or any of those establishment Republicans who's think tanks and ideas got us into this whole mess and nightmare in the first place. Just look at their circles, and it becomes clear. Is Romney in bed with many of the same Jeb Bush people? Is he of that ilk?

Surely there's a better candidate out there for chief diplomat to carry forth your (our) message and policy..

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posted on Nov, 25 2016 @ 08:31 PM
Marine General 'Mad Dog' Mattis

He's right that torture doesn't work and it most certainly shouldn't be used out of some form of vengeance ie: because they chop off heads and drown people in cages. That's an absurd "moral equivalency" argument. Torture is the devil's business.

But, this is the guy who directed the Fallujah massacre, and that's what it was (know you're history). US forces went into that town and killed everyone in sight, men, women, children. It was a disgrace.

For Mattis to also say something like "shooting people is fun" disqualifies him imho, but that he led that massacre most certainly does.

It's no wonder that al Qaeda and ISIS were able to recruit people to their cause when there probably isn't anyone in Iraq who did not lose a family member or extended family member during the prosecution of that unnecessary and illegal war.

You cannot bomb and kill your way to a resolution of the problem of radical extremist Islamic terrorism, when the policy itself was responsible for radicalizing.

To end that war, a highly complex, multifaceted approach must be used which places more of an emphasis on the domain of the mind war (just don't hire Satanist Michael Aquino for that component, even though some of his ideas about "mind war" could be of value) and the war of ideas to change hearts and minds.

But the last thing you want to do is hire a trigger happy mad dog general who led an all out massacre.

Keep a close eye out for evil people and evil policy wonks like Ashton Carter and Philip Zelikow who helped generate the circumstances that led to 9/11 in the first place, as a highly desired "transformative event".

You know those buildings did not fall naturally as a direct and sole result of the plane impacts and fire, and that it was therefore, including the plane impacts, a high precision, military-grade false flag operation to bring about the transformation called for in the Project for a New American Century document, Strategy, Forces and Resources for a New Century, preceded in 1998 by Zelikow and Carter's think tank which basically recommended it in their paper "Catastrophic Terrorism - Imagining the Transformative Event" which included a reference to the WTC ie: had the 1990 bombing been successful ie: had the building toppled...., thus making it the target.

The 9/11 event MUST serve as a point of learning, based in truth, to do all the many victims, including all who's been killed in the wake of 9/11 a type of historical justice.

I therefore recommend that you stop referring to 9/11 and the towers "falling" as a point of leverage of any kind, and set to work internally rooting out all the elements that gave rise to it, and who not only did nothing to prevent it, but that actively helped to facilitate it.

No more black op psyop false flags using patsies as agents (knowingly, or unwittingly). And when you track who was involved and what groups or networks in the deep state, shadow government are implicated, fire them all and replace them - for the love of God and people everywhere.

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posted on Nov, 26 2016 @ 02:55 AM
Dear Donald,

Please read the post linked in this thread

Do you think that Donald Trump knows 9/11 was an inside job?

That's the framework for Civility, right there, that will form the basis of my upcoming thesis about something called "the 5 C's of Life Transformation" which I believe is the mechanism for the distribution of Civility as well as the best sales technique ever devised.

Stay tuned..?

posted on Nov, 28 2016 @ 01:59 AM
I hope you're all wired in to LinkedIn for filling those 4000 jobs, and then the next 4000 replacements for those you're going to fire, and while you're at it, might as well go for 10,000 of the best of the best that the nation has to offer from outside of the system, but who will do a better job X 100.

That would be quite the mastermind alliance provided you establish the right kind of culture from the top down, so the hires that you're focusing on now are absolutely vital.

Thank you for listening to us about the Neocons, and K Street, and Bolton, Romney etc, carving all that away was vital. So far so good.

Regarding the model you're using at the top, with the chief advisor, in your case Bannon. That's a good idea, that pairing in other key areas I think.

I recruit for a major Engineering firm who are very dominant in their marketplace, who for every key position, they split it into two halves, one admin and operations, P&L etc, and the other more of a pure BD and Leadership function, to keep everyone, including their clients jazzed up.

Both types of minds should be employed in every strategic post, to keep everyone on an even keel and pulling in the same direction, philosophically, and strategically. You need the visionary, like Bannon to get creative and ingenuitive, and then the one who implements and who functions a little more bureaucratically and operationally.

It would be a great way to keep a reign on things, and make sure that areas of the government or deep state, are not going rogue and trying to set the bloody agenda for everyone else, which is upside down and backwards to begin with.

What would emerge then would be the cream of the crop, both from the top down and from the bottom up.

While leaving the old system and structure to fall away into the abyss and where needed investigated and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Without authentic reigns of Justice, it's all for naught.

Continue to strengthen that. If you're going to hire Sheriff Clark, that guy's a bulldog and very loyal. Instead of tucking him away in DHS, he'd be better positioned to help root out corruption among the police forces of the country, and going after things like pedophile rings, and all manner of corruption, so I think you'd want a guy like that in the DOJ, for backbone, as someone who doesn't back down from a righteous fight. He's a hard ass though, so my concern with him would be a culture of intimidation, with people clamming up on him, unless he also has a knack for getting people to open up.. I guess you'll see tomorrow.

Coming soon.. The 5 C's of Life Transformation and the Law of Increasing Returns.

God bless!


posted on Nov, 29 2016 @ 07:57 PM
Re: Your tweeting. Given the nature of that medium, anything you tweet that carries with it a complaint or a negative, comes across, well, with all due respect as something from a petulant teenager suffering from rebellious teenage angst.

I think it's time to appeal to a larger number of people than your base. The election is over. You won.

There's something about your tweets that's almost always annoying in a way that I can't quit put my finger on.

I always comes across as whining. Sad.

You get the point.

Coming up - the best of the best of everything I've got, although to be honest it didn't seem to help the Clinton campaign, if they even cared or were paying attention (just a number to them, re: "elitist").

What I'm going to describe is a methodology for winning people over but at a much much deeper level that's authentic and true to the heart.

The old methodology just uses wedge issues, over and over again, even to the degree of trying to hammer it straight into the fight or flight mechanism in the reptilian brainstem, bypassing all rational and the higher faculties of the rest of the brain ie: that one that thinks.

But that only hurts, never heals, and to the degree that it divides and conquers, it becomes itself a house divided against itself, which cannot stand the test of time because it just doesn't satisfy the heart and mind and soul of all your fellow countrymen and women and children.

To open up to these ideas and Spirit of truth and life and love, I encourage you to start a Bible study session with Mike Pence and others, focusing on the New Testament, in an effort to relate to Jesus from his own perspective and POV, which was willing to hold the line, all the way down the line, to the very simplicity of love on the far side of complexity and all forms of madness and mayhem, sorrow, suffering and strife.

To calm and heal the nation, you need to speak with another voice that's entirely authentic and entirely reasonable.

To a degree, trolling the MSM has been a successful tactic, but what I'm about to offer as a thesis and synthesis, will involve completely ignoring them altogether, and speaking from and to a different place in a voice of reason and logic that they don't even begin to understand or comprehend (lol), because of the culture that they are living in and out of.

The best way to ridicule will involve in the end reframing and walking away, to speak directly to the American people, while asking them for their participation in whatever their sphere of influence no matter what it is.

Love of individual people. I know you have it.

Joviality, in the Spirit of Christmas, is like a belly laugh of Santa Clause for all the right reasons (not an evil laughter that revels in the failings or the suffering of others).

My aim then here, aside from having opened up a channel (even if it appears to be a one way conversation) with faith in all possibilities, is to teach what I know and have learned, often through perilous experiences and sufferings and sorrows (you have no idea what I've run up against, or maybe you do, or do now) but only where the more that sorrow and suffering has carved into our being, for the sake and cause of real love and everything that's worthwhile, the more joy and laughter and love we can contain, thus retaining our sense of mirth, humor and charm, and f 'em if they can't get the joke, that's not our responsibility.

Proving the self right or another wrong, to "win" has nothing to do with it - you have to give that up in favor of a higher frame of reference recognizing that there is one, and that it's one where context and framing is decisive.

We all need to be uplifted in a new space of freedom and possibility and love that functions and operates at an individual level and a family and community level, not from some sort of top-down collectivist mindset that infects Washington and the establishment and the MSM and Hollywood.

I can show you, I honestly believe, how to defeat all of that without so much as firing off a single tweet intended to spark controversy or attention or to be right to another's wrong.

And when we're done, everyone's going to say or those who might have questioned your leadership or authentic leadership - "I was wrong about Donald Trump."

Now there's the ultimate vindication! Right there. I'm talking about a totally different ballPARK, let alone ballgame. We won't even be playing in the same domain or sphere. They'll never get it or be able to catch up and by then it just won't matter and probably too late for most (so you'll get that satisfaction in the end don't worry!)

We need to light up not only the economy, but the very light of Liberty itself, that burns in the heart as a love of life and people, and one nation under God (the real one).

We all know, deep down in our heart of hearts that something is terribly wrong, and we're all hurting in some way or another.

That wound needs to be healed, and too much Twitter, I don't know.., but it can't function as a replacement of real communications where the heart of what you're representing is made real and apparent.

The problem with Hillary and the Clinton machine was that while it's public face looked great, it's private face wasn't concerned with anything but raw power, and there may even have been rackets running in the background or in the basement compliments of Podesta and co. and by company I mean it's a BIG one, spanning the globe with some links into the Clinton Foundation.

There's your battleground if you want to fight a righteous fight, that whole structure and network of wicked people. Map our that tree for uprooting, but we'll never hear about it in the MSM, or on twitter, or even publically, but we will FEEL it, by God if you do the work that needs doing, you'll generate a massive clearing and maybe even harvest some good karma while blowing the bad away.

We need a clearing that is heartfelt.

That's the aim of my upcoming thesis, if you or anyone is still listening - like a message in a bottle I send it out across cyberspace to you, wherever you are.

The Clinton campaign, if they got my messages would have been happy to gobble them up but from an elitist perspective.

I'm having faith in you that you actually care to listen to the voice of people.

The MSM have completely lost the narrative. Stop reacting to them.

stay tuned..?


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posted on Nov, 30 2016 @ 02:23 AM
I think If you really want to hire Romney, and reign in the Neocons at the same time somehow.., then that's precisely what you should do and get on with it.

Is there anyone better. Romney might very well be a very good man, even if he thinks that Elohim from the center of our galaxy are the progenitors of Mankind and where we go when we die, if we are very fortunate, but who knows maybe anything's possible?!

If he can broker a Peace Settlement in the ME, even if it means splitting off a part of Syria for a protected safe zone by mutual agreement (with Russia, Iran and China) to solve the refugee crisis. If he can do that.

That should be your litmus test. Can the guy you hire for the position of Secretary of State, do the impossible.

If you think it's Romney, then hire him without delay, but, if he's too reserved, too stoic, too rigid and constrained to make that happen, then don't.

You need mission impossible superman in that role. Someone with a great deftness in matters of diplomacy, but even greater courage when it comes to standing up to forces of darkness and corruption.

Did he put salt on his food before tasting it, for example. : )

Best wishes,


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posted on Nov, 30 2016 @ 09:06 PM
Hi Donald (Mr. President),

An idea just occurred to me, about the MSM, and how you've managed to successfully troll them.

Figure out how to get banned from Twitter for all the right reasons, by say calling out Jack Dorsey (he's a creep btw) for something, but nothing that can be really deemed offensive.

If it goes as planned, they'll ban you, then try to reinstate you, which seems to reflect their pattern - then take everyone over to Gab, and blow a hole in twitter so BIG that they won't know what hit them.

Then, after you're in office, consider, as another poster has suggested, repealing elements of Bill Clinton's Telecommunications Act, to pave the way for greater media objectivity amid competition, while at the same time making your Presidency, the most transparent in decades, so as to get the last laugh, because we know that they are not greeting your Presidency with open arms let us say (the creepy MSM).

Oh the irony of it all!

Then again, you don't want a war between anti-Trump twitter people and pro-Trump Gab, that wouldn't be helpful.

Consider however, getting a registered and getting a verified official POTUS account on Gab and Gabbing your first Gab.. that would be funny, and amazing!

If you've heard of twittergate then there's also a very good reason actually to leave Twitter.

It would certainly make news and move one HECK of a lot of people from the twitter platform, so instead of getting banned from Twitter, you end up quitting Twitter before they ban you..

just thinking out loud.

What, can't you experiment with a new medium of mass communication in the digital age ie: why are they even making such a fuss about it in the first place..?! lol (trolled!)

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posted on Dec, 1 2016 @ 06:07 PM
Your mad dog general oversaw a massacre in Fallujah and said that killing people is fun..

You need a Sec Def who fully understands the multidimensional strategy of fighting terrorism, the bigger part of which is a mind-war to win hearts and minds and unwind and unravel the policy that has only served to radicalize swaths of Islam.

You cannot bomb or kill your way to a solution there. Don't we have enough data and history to look at by now?

He's someone that deals predominantly in a raw force of arms and killing.

He's the wrong guy to lead the Pentagon, imho.

What you need is a Civilian genius, not unlike Ash Carter, except someone who isn't in that circle of influence.

Someone who understands complexity and organizational dynamics relative to a complex landscape of ground and of ideas.

At the same time, they have to be respected - but it really ought to be a Civilian who understands the role and what's really required, which isn't a beefed up and more muscular military, but a more strategic one, as the existing Sec Def understands.

It's a transformation via the use of technology and intelligence and psychological operations that are directed properly and not diabolically, not raw killing power only.

Ask Ashton Carter who he think's his good twin might be, and milk him for every idea he's got before you send him home.. Ask for a 10,000 page assessment and report, as a type of audit and series of recommendations before leaving office.

No one understands it better at this time, so to just fire him and stick in a General who's a mad dog killer, I don't know about the judgement of that call... doesn't feel right to me and almost highlights my worst fears about what a Trump Presidency would be about and stand for.

Don't lose me, I just flipped over not too long ago, and while I certainly wouldn't go in the direction of Hillary and Podesta any more, what people like me, and Alex Jones thinks, that's the spirit of the heart and soul of the country speaking from those who've seen and heard enough to know and to have seen the historical lesson that we've been presented with and would be remiss to repeat or cling to as a point of reference.

It brings to mind the ghost of Bush/Cheney that move.

And that other guy, Munchin or whatever his name is, I think that was a strange choice for treasury, except maybe to the degree that he understands Ponzi schemes and would thus know how to unravel them and put a stop to them, not hatch more of them of another kind at another level. That was troubling.

Don't let them all ride in on your coattails Donald - be careful, learn about their circles of friends, and don't go for any of the wicked or the known enemies in the gate.

Work a referral off Ash Carter as part of his suggestions as the outgoing Sec Def.

You could even hire a Democrat, it wouldn't matter so long as the ideal and the principal they serve is entirely reasonable and which hasn't been undermined or distorted by a distorted will and set of preconceptions about the nature of the territory in theater or on the battlefield.

Restoring integrity to these arms of government and institutions ought to be the highest priority, even greater than fighting ISIS because we are pursuing that which transcends this "war" even after it's all over and a safe zone has been established in Syria to resolve the refugee crisis, while releasing from the "strategy of tension" relative to Russia, China, Iran (North Korea - has to be resolved ASAP) where the price of a lasting mutual prosperity will be a lasting mutual peace.

The resolution isn't a bloody one, which as a war can be prosecuted quickly and won when you're only left with 10,000 fighters because they've all been killed - it's everything else that goes along with that beginning with the end in mind.

A trigger happy General - that's not the best choice. I think you're looking for Ash Carter's twin and mirror image where if he were a twin, he was the evil one for everything that he's participated in all the way along dating back to his friendship with Philip D. Zelikow, the future chair of the 9/11 Commission.

best regards, but with mounting concern,


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posted on Dec, 2 2016 @ 12:26 AM
Keep your word and become greatest President since JFK. Increase your security or you'll end up like him. (i mean this in most sincere way possible)

Build that wall.
Bring back beautiful Russian Immigrants.
Peace with Russia for first time since Honnest Abe.
Deport illegals.
Destroy ISIS/Terrorism
Retreat our global military
Bring back our buisnesses
Abolish federal reserve
Increase minimum wage
Create a better healthcare that don't fine you for low income
Legalize marijuana and let tax pay school tuition
Bring a new non interest money system
Destroy/change the Media
Investigation of Pizza Gate
Go after loan fraud, payday advance scams and poor buisness practice
Destroy La Raza and BLM and make us Americans, proud, free nationalist of zero bias.
Work with Russia to dissolve Korean conflict
Bring about a new sovereign coalition with new Independant Europe and reestablish United Nations.

posted on Dec, 6 2016 @ 10:22 PM
Ok, so you did go with Mattis.

Fair enough. He reads and he knows his stuff and he allegedly has good character and the troops love him.

I just hope that he understands that you cannot just bomb your way to a solution of the problem of Islamist extremist terrorism, and that it's possible to actually radicalize in the process of prosecuting the war, so that every 10,000 fighters who are removed from the battlefield end up getting replaced with fresh recruits.

And there's only about 10,000, maybe 15-20,000 of them left anyway.

I just want you to think big picture, and about what people all over the world really want and need, which is a safe zone to meet Maslow's hierarchy of needs, simple as that.

What's really needed even after some boots on the ground to work to get the job done, is an army of clerics and scholars to preach a moderate Islam, and for this you will need the help and assistance of the entire Arab World and all those nations, who cannot be given to believe that you and your administration are Islamophobes or haters. There can be no anti-Islamic sentiment at the tip of the spearhead.

Instead, work to help the people of the region, help them gain access to better education and economic development, instead of just more death and destruction.

It's a fight as much to help, as to kill, moreso even, where you must begin with the end in mind from the beginning.

Once ISIS is rolled back out of Iraq, you have to secure those borders, and then create a safe zone in Syria, to resolve the immigration crisis and generate the basis of a framework of a middle east peace deal, maybe even via a land for peace settlement, that will provide, from a portion of Syria, a new domain for Palestinians and for Arabic peoples to immigrate to, as a safe place for them to live and raise children.

The Russians, the Iranians, and the Chinese, they all know this - that it can't go on the way it's been going and that the price for a lasting and sustained mutual prosperity in the context of a global village simply MUST involve a lasting PEACE. Land for peace only works up to a point. Peace and prosperity is the reward for peace. It's the domain of human existence, to live in unmolested peace.

Israel also has an interest in settling the problems of the ME before the whole thing spirals out of control and the tinderbox goes up in flames, which is where it was headed.

They are all BIG problems, but they are human problems, and for every human problem there is a human solution.

Eventually Henry Ford got his new impossible engine block and Thomas Edison invented the lightbulb.

Everyone wants the same thing.

That's the key.

The focus isn't on the killing, but on the restoration of a safe and civil society where people can live life.

The endgame is an even bigger one that the opening battle, and it must run, those programs, simultaneously with the physical warfare itself.

It's multidimensional - a full spectrum problem, and as much a war for the hearts and minds of the people and the watching world as it is for anything else.

So while meeting the enemy head on - don't forget to envelop him all around the edges with something that's formative and functional, and thus very different from the current paradigms and set of policies, which obviously didn't really work to generate a more settled and a safer world for one and all.

The problem is one of policy and a lack of imagination and boldness and action.

There's always a golden key or a way to thread the eye in the needle and find the simplicity on the far side of complexity.

I think that the policy makers were just messing around in the mud and the fog of it all with every side playing every other side against the middle in a proxy war.

It takes real leadership to cut through all that crap and arrive at a plan and an endgame.

Defeating ISIS in Iraq and Syria is a no brainer. It's what comes after and in parallel with that that really matters.

Secure the domains, and cut off a part of Syria by mutual agreement for a safe zone to solve both the refugee crisis, and the Israeli Palestinian problem both at the same time, by killing all birds with the same stone, and it's all interwoven together, as if it's the navel of the whole world, right there.

Anything is possible when people put their minds to a vision and a plan that's in their own enlightened mutual best interest, or what I call a collaborative mutuality of existence.

It's also the basis for a global civility in the context of an appropriate international framework which has mutual respect for national particularism. More like a family, than some sort of "global governance" by a bunch of know nothing, do nothing elitists who like to talk a good game but end up doing little more than that.

This is all bottom up stuff based on safety and economic well being, and mutual respect and admiration.

I think you have the right fundamental central theme, Mr. Trump, but that, for this new vision and platform for policy that's formative, functional, imaginative and ingenuitive - you've got to get the right people together on the same page, who share a vision and mission that's very particular in terms of the outcomes that it is committed to, which must include mutuality and love for people to be free of the rule of a bunch of murderous thugs under a black banner.

If it's well thought out enough and righteous enough, then it's worth committing forces and operations to quickly and decisively winning, and turning a quagmire into a global triumph in a war that should never have been fought in the first place, but that now must be fought again and quickly decided, to shape the kind of world that we all want to live into, Christian, Jew and Arab alike.

It's possible, that's all I'm saying, that future lasting peace and prosperity. Anything is possible, including the possibility that you'll come across this thread on ATS.



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posted on Dec, 7 2016 @ 09:16 PM

originally posted by: AnkhMorpork
On Infrastructure

Here's a thought..

Create an American Infrastructure Bank through which to run P3s (public, private partnerships).

With investments from all over the world, including China, the Saudi's, the Europeans, the Russians, that 500 Billion in infrastructure spending could be translated into Trillions and Trillions of dollars.

Whatever assets they contribute for their stake, just be sure to structure it as a long term lease, whereby, although they get their money back a few times over, they never own, and their interest or stake should have a sunset clause built into it, in order so that the American people come to inherit the new assets, whether they be major bridges and toll roads, high speed rail and new commuter rail technologies like Hyperloop, airport hubs and expansions, etc.

Clinton's idea of an energy infrastructure and electrical upgrade is also a good one, to help begin to facilitate the eventual retooling of civilization in favor of long term, sustainable and renewable energy independence.

The USA needs a world class 21st century "moon shot" level infrastructure program.

Then you can also begin the process of helping to solve the inner city problem by decreasing population density, as people leave the inner city to new development hubs along these high-speed corridors. Then it's a lot easier to begin to revitalize the inner cities.

The movement of people and goods, services and ideas and the development of human intellectual capital ought to be number one priority, imho.

He could even cross the isle and borrow from Clinton's platform regarding things like Apprentiship programs and making higher education more accessible and affordable.

I think that Trump should move to the middle to really govern, and stop listening exclusively to the alt right for direction and instruction, even if that helped get him there, now that he made it.

You want to really govern for everyone, and that takes the willingness to compromise. It's not about evening scores or anything like that which is a total waste of energy and usually contains some seed of blowback imbedded somewhere within itself, as Hillary Clinton just learned the hard way.

Bump post.


Public Private Partnerships (you know of course).

Run through a new American Infrastructure Bank for P3's, and you ought to be able to take that .5 trillion and turn it into at LEAST 10 TRILLION for a 21st American Infrastructure.

Hello Saudi Arabia. We don't need your oil any more - wanna invest all your wealth in something that will guarantee you a return on your investment for the next 30 years? No you can't OWN it, it belongs to the American people and the deal will sunset in X years, but, we are prepared, if you act now, to also give you the maintenance contract as well....?! No? Ok, bu bye, gotta run.. I have a very important call with China.

They all know damn well that the US economy is STILL the engine that drives the global economy, so why not get in on the action?

It's a no brainer.

Bingo bango, 10 Trillion for Infrastructure, including high speed rail, major toll bridges and toll roads, all of which generates new and real lasting wealth, airport and community hubs outside major urban areas, inner city revitalization, affordable housing, with rent controls.

And if you can get 10, you can get twice that much once everyone sees what's really going on.

Doesn't mean that the American people cannot invest in it themselves either.. and get a small slice of their own country.

Then, within 10 years, down goes the debt, down down down to a balanced budget amendment.

Then kill the Fed, and start printing the gold backed money, and out go the bankers, but not without securing their wealth for at least two generations..

Oh the possibilities.

Bannon knows what he's talking about re: roaring 30's and the opportunity to govern for 50 years.

And it's a good thing too, because the far left turns out to have met, in the background, and at the upper echelons, with the left hand path, and Soros is in on it too. Collectivism - the enemy.

It's not like you're in the grip of deadlock in the midst of some great struggle when the master or the "strong man" of the other side is already bound and double bound.

This doesn't mean that there isn't a place for "Progressive Liberal Democrat" in another form altogether different and distinct from that which the likes of Nancy Pelosi offers (she still has her restaurant to fall back on) or that Obama talks and talks about, while looking cool.

But they and the MSM are dead in the water now, because they do not understand what's RELEVANT or pragmatic or even helpful to the cause of the light of individual liberty.

"I ask for mercy, not sacrifice."

No more black ops. Give us authentic security.

Economic justice and security, and authenticity or truth. What is REAL.

They don't even have a clue, and have altogether lost the narrative, when here we all dodged the bullet and were given a reprieve as if from God almighty.

Don't blow it.

This is why I suggest a new type of "war room", with 100's of major to do items on the walls, along with every resource that everyone could possibly need to actually perform the "impossible" not unlike Henry Ford putting all his best engineers and designers in a room and telling them to produce the big block engine that they themselves said was impossible, until they solved it.

That's what I'd want to have atop one of those big buildings near the White House - like your new hotel. Block off a floor of it, the top floor.

Make that your command center.

With the right people and the right plan and philosophy - nothing is impossible. For every human problem there is a human solution.

My next post, before I share about "The 5 C's of Life Transformation" as the mechanism of the dissemination of Civility, my next post is going to be all about health and wellness, because we need to keep you alive for 10 years or more.

And that's actually my specialty. I'm like an alchemist of the superfood supersmoothie as a daily supplement. Regular food just doesn't cut it, doesn't mean you can't have it, but it's nutritionally insufficient to sustain an older man.

Stay tuned, and I'll show you how to reverse your physical age by a full 20 years or more. Trust me. You got it for us, we've got your back too.

Best regards,


posted on Dec, 8 2016 @ 01:31 AM
P.S. For anyone who might still be following this thread from time to time or making a contribution or suggestion with the idea in mind that your thoughts are being read by Donald Trump himself, just be aware that it's a new world now and that indeed anything IS possible, including the possibility that we really do have a voice that matters and that's heard, where we can push it out there and get it seen by the right eyes who can pass it along, with only maybe 4 stages of separation.

Every now and again, when a way opens or if I can think of a new way to communicate or open a channel of communication to President Elect Donald J. Trump - off goes the link for this thread, like a message in a bottle, sent this way and that across Cyberspace, each time with the full intent and expectation that it will find it's way to the intended recipient.

So if he hasn't got it yet, he will eventually one way or another.

If you feel this could be of value, then please, figure out a way to get our message to the intended recipient, to open a channel of communication, even if it's one way because Donald Trump would be afraid of the optics in the MSM of doing an AMA at Above Top Secret, or something like that.

But punking them and trolling them like that is precisely the type of thing that he enjoys doing.

After all, why can't Donald Trump interview with Alex Jones or even have an Info Wars or Project Veritas Reporter in the pressroom?

It doesn't mean he has to agree 100% with anyone he speaks with, right?

If Wolf Blitzer is interviewing someone, that doesn't mean that they have to see eye to eye (assuming Wolf has a soul and is a real person).

That's where their reaction of guilty by association falls apart.

So Donald, we'll see how this thread develops, but you're welcome to sign up at ATS and chime in, or do an AMA. I think they should put in a request, ATS should.

It would be pretty funny to see the MSM go stark raving mad just because you did an AMA at a "conspiracy" website.

Those damn CIA bastards weaponized the term "conspiracy theorist", and it's about time that people ought to be able to freely express themselves wherever they wish and we have the whole range of people here from all over the world with every possible differing viewpoint.

Posts could even be moderated so you don't get bombarded with crazy nonsense. Just a thought..

Screw Reddit and Twitter.

But a forum with well over 100,000 members, and millions of page views - why not?

Screw the MSM.

posted on Dec, 9 2016 @ 12:24 AM
Re: Health and wellness.

I don't have the time at the moment to run through my superfood supersmoothie recipe, and you can obviously hire a nutritionist to make them for you.

But as a start, what I'd suggest is to get a whole whack of all the very best supplements, and take about 20 of them twice a day.

Do that and work up a sweat every morning, getting a solid 4 hours of sleep a night and one hour during the day (worth 4 more hours of sleep at night).

Just 10 minutes sweating/day, working up to interval training.

And take a baby aspirin every night.

Then, as your appetite shifts away from carbs and grains or processed or fast food, you'll want foods that balance your PH levels (fruits and veggies and low fat protein), which is the measure of optimal health.

Clean out those arteries. One month, two months max, and you'll totally notice the difference, like getting a new lease on life.

You don't see too many 77 year old obese men who don't exercise and who don't eat very well. Just say'n..

Best regards,


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posted on Dec, 11 2016 @ 06:02 PM
For God's sake, please don't pick Perry for anything. The man's an airhead sociopath.

Please don't pick him. Please don't. He's not a good man, not made of the good stuff or part of the right cloth.

You'll start getting close to losing me if you pick him.

posted on Dec, 11 2016 @ 07:22 PM
Rex Tillerson - good choice!

He can do that deal with the Saudis and the Iranians and the Iraqis to place all their future oil wealth straight into American 21st Century Infrastructure, while the Chinese trip over themselves to get in on the action.

He's an independent man also, like Trump.

Great choice - and he fought the Rockefellers and won. That's something. He knows the inside angles on those old bastards, all over the world. He knows where all the rat holes are, as much as the oil wells.

Sometimes I wonder if you might not be listening to some of the ideas offered herein..

Best regards,


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