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Simpsons predict future again..

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posted on Nov, 10 2016 @ 10:05 PM

originally posted by: ColdWisdom
a reply to: SomethingLingual

Ignore his post and go back and read mine.

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posted on Apr, 27 2017 @ 03:50 PM
And again...

Cyprus Hill are actually hooking up with the London Symphony Orchestra!! That was from 1996 when Homer joins a travelling rock concert in the episode, Homerpalooza.

Here are the tweets on BBC: Music News LIVE: Cypress Hill orchestrate classical hook-up.

(Hope that link works! Seems rather long)

posted on Apr, 27 2017 @ 04:05 PM
a reply to: Misterlondon

Try thinking about these odd occurrances of prophetic scenes captured.
The high strangeness involved with the missing 411 cases as presented
by David Paulides. How is that a seclular, atheistic, non paranormal, non
supernatural, no such thing as evil view of the world can prevail in anyone.
Oh wait tunnel vision, that's right, almost forgot. Not to mention all the
other wierd things going on.
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posted on Apr, 27 2017 @ 04:22 PM
Here are side-by-side presentations of The Simpsons getting the future right. And this does include the Trump as President!!

I personally like the "Guitar Hero" one! - 21 Times "The Simpsons" Bizarrely Predicted The Future.

posted on Apr, 27 2017 @ 06:29 PM
It isn't obvious but there is tons of injected material in every episode,
by the actors in tv show production. So it makes sense that those who
can manipulate, down to the individual, will know what their long-range
plans will be in time, a decade or two.


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