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I told you all so well before the election as I did for UK BREXIT

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posted on Nov, 9 2016 @ 02:36 AM
Why so many people couldn't see this coming as they couldn't the UK BREXIT astounds me.

Today the world is a much safer place than it was yesterday.

Congrats to the US on electing a maverick who will make friends, jobs, address immigration and avoid unnecessary conflicts!

A chap in the UK put 200,000 GBP on TRUMP to win.

It's not rocket science. Politicians have to listen to peoples concerns and what is important to them and then commit to act!

With BREXIT and now TRUMP there is much optimism!

To TRUMPOTUS the TRUMPINATOR dont forget to wear your BPJ everyday and maybe a kind of helmet too!

We live in interesting times!!! Will we also get some disclosure on other matters?
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