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2016 deaths day: Mexican celebration to Eternal Love remembering their beloved Legend: Juan Gabriel

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posted on Nov, 3 2016 @ 06:26 PM
The Peace of God to all that belong to the Light,
Dear Readers,

We have seen by this week the celebration of the dead people day, a unique holiday that represents important element of the cultural patrimony of the Mexican Folklore and by extension also of the Mexican American one.

This is a very Mexican celebration, it is also among the eldest ones of the national culture, it is deeply sentimental and certainly religious, but can be traced back 3000 years, so it is well before the country became christened.

Please check:

The day of death today is an example of family values, it represents a homage of the alive people to the dead beloved ones, the ones that have already passed away.

In that sense this celebration is the ultimate demonstration of love for somebody, like the one described in "Eternal love" the topic of the so famous composition that this year has been sang everywhere, the unforgettable work of Master Juan Gabriel ( 1950- 2016) .

Please check:

Juan Gabriel was the greatest of the Mexican Musicians ever , the most prolific of all the composers ever born in that country, with about more than 2000 songs, that died just two months ago .

The song became world famous in the beautiful voice of the Spanish pop star the also already dead Rocio Durcal:

Juan Gabriel composed this so beautiful song inspired for the love he felt for his mother, who died in the city of Acapulco on the year 1974, in spite of the fact that she abandoned him in an orphanage when he was just in between two to three years old.

Please check:

The Death day is also a unique way to remember our mortality, how fragile is the human condition, but knowing the death can not kill the essence of a human person.

Please check:

This thread is an homage to the Divo of Ciudad Juarez, Juan Gabriel, but also to the most compelling of the Traditions that Mexico has given to the World: the beautiful and deep spiritual meditation of the eternity of Love, the most noble of the human emotions.

Please read:

Claro Quiero dedicar esta canción con mucho amor y respeto
/ Of course, I want to offer you this song with Love and respect,
Más que una canción es una oración de amor que quiero dedicar
/ More than a song is a Love prayer I want to offer
Como siempre, con el mismo amor, cariño y respeto
/ with all my best regards and respect
A todas las mamás que esta noche me han venido a visitar
/ To all mothers this night that have come
Sobre todo para aquellas que estén un poquito más lejos de mí
/ Mainly to the ones that are far
Tú eres la tristeza de mis ojos
/ Your are the sadness of my eyes
Que lloran en silencio por tu amor
/ that cry in silence for your love
Me miro en el espejo y veo en mi rostro
/ I check me in the mirror and see my face
El tiempo que he sufrido por tu adiós
/ the time that I have suffered for your departure
Obligo a que te olvide el pensamiento
/ I try to force my mind to forget you
Pues, siempre estoy pensando en el ayer
/ Since always I am thinking in Yesterday
Prefiero estar dormido que despierto
/ I prefer to be slept than awake
De tanto que me duele que no estés
/ of all the pain I feel of your absence
Como quisiera, ay Que tú vivieras
/ How I would wish that you still be alive
Que tus ojitos jamás se hubieran
/ That your eyes never had
Cerrado nunca y estar mirándolos
/ closed and still able to see them
Amor eterno E inolvidable
/ Eternal Love and Unforgetable one
Tarde o temprano yo voy a estar contigo
/ Soon or Later I will with you
Para seguir, amándonos
/ To continue loving each one the other
Yo he sufrido mucho por tu ausencia
/ I have suffered so much for your absence
Desde ese día hasta hoy, no soy feliz
/ since that day to now I am not happy,
Y aunque tengo tranquila mi conciencia
/ Although I have my consciousness calm
Yo sé que pude haber yo hecho más por ti
/ I know I could do more for you that I did
Oscura soledad estoy viviendo yo
/ Darle solitude I am living
La misma soledad de tu sepulcro, mamá
/ The same solitude of your tomb, Mama
Y es que tú eres, es que tú eres el amor de cual yo tengo
/ since you are, you are the love of with I have
El más triste recuerdo de Acapulco
/ the saddest remembrance of Acapulco
Pero como quisiera, ay
/ How I wish, How
Que tú vivieras
/ That you would be still alive
Que tus ojitos jamás se hubieran
/ Than your eyes never had closed
Cerrado nunca y estar mirándolos
/ never closed and still be able to see them
Amor eterno E inolvidable
/ Eternal Love and Unforgetable one
Tarde o temprano estaré contigo
/ Soon or later I will be with you
Para seguir, amándonos
/ to continue loving each one the other
Amor eterno Eterno
/ Eternal Love, eternal
Amor eterno Eterno
Ojos que hayan derramado tantas lágrimas por penas De dolor
/ Eyes than had cried so many tears for pain sufferings
De amor de tantas despedidas y despenas
/ of Love, of so many good byes and sadnesses
Soledad, eso es todo lo que tengo ahora y tus recuerdos
/ Solitude , that is what I have and your remembrances
Que hacen más triste la angustia de vivir pensando como siempre en ti
/ That make even more sad the anguish of to live thinking always in you
Ojos que te vieron tanto y que no han vuelto a verte hasta el sol de hoy
/ Eyes that saw you so much and that are unable to see you again today
Tristes de tanto extrañarte
/ So sad of so much miss you
Y de tanto esperarte desde aquel adiós
/ and of so much waiting for you since that good bye
Soledad, eso es todo lo que tengo ahora, y eso es todo lo que tengo ahora y tus recuerdos
Que hacen más triste la angustia de vivir pensando como siempre, para siempre y por siempre en ti
Amor eterno Eterno Amor eterno Eterno
amor amor, amor, amor, amor, amor, amor, amor, amor, amor eterno


Thanks for your attention,

The Angel of Lightness
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posted on Nov, 12 2016 @ 08:33 AM
This song from Juan Gabriel is really well written and beautiful, it's really radiating beautiful feelings. Good vibes :-)

I've never seen how El día de los muertos looks like in Mexico (I've only seen documentaries actually). I personally feel a little awkward when people celebrate death in joy with colored skulls, happy demonstrations on the street and all, but I can somehow understand their point of view even if it clearly doesn't belong to my culture. Especially when it celebrates something as noble as (unconditional ?) Love ;-)

posted on Nov, 14 2016 @ 07:18 PM
a reply to: SolomonKayne

Yes Dear SolomonKayne,

Many times foreign traditions are a little difficult to be understood fully from our mentality, specially with this one that coincides almost in the calendar with the Halloween, but contains a dramatically different meaning.

Halloween is really a celebration of a pagan holiday that had to do with everything but probably nothing with respect to unconditional love, it represents instead a kind of satire of our fears and also of witchery or sorcery.

To try to show how life can transcend through the power of love the so rigid barrier that death imposes is perhaps something that makes this Mexican festival very look like the Egyptian ancient ones that we know existed at some point related to the death of notable leaders or figures, two civilizations that also share other interesting parallelisms, like the fascination for pyramids as energetic centers of adoration and also of burial.

Thanks for your comment.

The Angel of Lightness

posted on Nov, 15 2016 @ 11:32 AM
Well the ancient Celtic celebration of Samhain, which resulted in today's Halloween, was a celebration of the day when the frontier between our world and the astral world (immaterial world of the dead, of gods and demons etc) was the thinnest, and so it represented a period of transition between the two "halves" of the year (lighter half to darker half). Thus it didn't celebrate unconditional love, but I'm sure it had a deep mystic connotation to those people, like the Egyptian rite of the dead.

I also like the Chinese and Indian view of death... As part of a cycle, not a nihilistic end of everything. Something like a gateway, not a wall on which the "car of our lives" would crash.

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