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Paint your life

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posted on Nov, 1 2016 @ 12:33 PM
Paint your life on a canvas, and tell me what it looks like.. The colors, the scenery, how it makes you feel, even smell.. And underneath on a golden plaque and use a few word that describes it all..

If you would have asked me to show me my painting, maybe two decades ago, i would gladly showed you a canvas of colorful rainbows,a fairy -tale full of children, a house, and in the center a single lady, with an iron strong will and she would probably wear an armor..

In this painting, maybe i was the fair maiden? the one in distress? Maybe i was the one who was calling? A boy who needed help?

My painting surely looked like a imaginary fairy- tale, most likely cause she took the pain and created a world of nothing but love and joy.
But slowly as the days and years passed by i learned to paint on my own. I wanted to show a masterpiece that i created by my very own hands, and to say ;" I learned how to use the right tools " And then on a day close to x-mas eve i showed it to her and the golden plaque underneath where it said with only two simple words

"Growing old"

She realized behind the scene, i created my own world, a world that was not just hers and six months later we departed..

I carried that painting with me for many years, i showed it to everyone who came near and hoped someone one day would say;" I can live in that dream ". Yet no one did, and i dont blame them..
I put aside the painting for a while, and went on my very own soul embarking journey.. You could even quote Captain Kirk;"

Earth: The only frontier
These are the voyages of a madman. Its 5 year mission
To explore strange new cultures, To listen out people and experience differences and to boldly go where people dont usually go.

I learned about life, what happiness is, joy, a search but most of all.. Its a journey, and when i got home, i painted again..on top of the painting i did so many years ago.. And now it was a simple beautiful sunset, with a silhouette of a man walking towards it.. and now when i show my painting and underneath the golden plaque, it just reads;" Happy "

posted on Nov, 1 2016 @ 02:01 PM
I just wanted to explain this simple piece of words, i wrote a parable about young love and the hopes and dreams you put into it in society.. About self discovery of who you are not what you were raised to be, that the world offers much more outside the confined space a society offers if you just look over the horizon..

The right tools is no more than common sense and obligation..

The parable of growing old, is that people tend to see themselves growing old with someone, when they cant even know what happens tomorrow, instead enjoy the day with someone you like..

The parable of the Frontier is that they went on a journey of unknown discovery and found themselves instead, and on one i know is sane in their head..

Biggest problem there is today, people use their subjective experience and a conclusion which someone else wrote in a book.. This world is not made of books its real, you can believe that you know what someone else is thinking.. When in fact no one knows, what anyone else thinks or believes..

The parables are there mostly cause well, people have a weird imagination.. Writing them is simple and maybe makes you question, even a bit of critical thinking.. Do i believe everything i see and hear.. What does my gut feeling say..

Our imagination makes pictures, it paints vivid images.. It can plan 50 years ahead, or look back 30 years in the past..But still it makes pictures..

I wanted to hear what your ideal picture in your imagination looks like? Everything else is just a fantasy..

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posted on Nov, 1 2016 @ 02:02 PM
a reply to: tikbalang

Not trying to be insensitive but that sounds like the plot to a really good book or movie. (sans kirk)

Somewhere before the end, though, she should paint her painting and realize that you two were just at different times in your lives - that, inevitability, we all share the same painting.

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