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A rant about the wests so called democracy and so called democratic elections

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posted on Oct, 28 2016 @ 04:58 AM
I hope it is ok that i used parts of this rant as an comment in another thread before. But after reading it again, i thought it is a wonderful rant.

As a human i feel ashamed because of this POTUS elections theatre to fool the people! And ashamed of those candidates that terrorize us, via the MSM, since months. You can try as hard as you can, but you can´t avoid this theatre play to make the people think they have a choice.

Last night i watched a documentary of a german late night talkmaster(while gaming on my computer) that visited the USA to report about the time of the elections, and to give average people a voice. His first stop was Baltimore, and yes, he is white. He visited the Freddy Gray memorial mural and was invited by some afro americans to their homes. Asked what they think about the elections or if the even would care who becomes the next POTUS, the all had the same opinion that i have about "elections" of "rulers". They said that it doesn´t matter because this "rulers" don´t care about the (not rich and because of that powerful)majority of the people. Especially for black people in the USA, like in cities like Baltimore. And even the asked white US citizens(not billionaires) had almost the same opinion. It seems that people, doesn´t matter where they come from, are everywhere the same. If they get fooled or/and exploited, observed and all that "democratic" stuff for "our own, the peoples security", if they have to work 24/7 but to live in poverty and see politicians fool the people for the profits of the slave masters(and for their own profits, for sure), the people start to see and accept the reality.

Back to the wests "democratic elections", especially that Trump/Clinton smear campagne the last months:

Meanwhile it´s almost kind of terror to only hear the names Clinton or Trump, or the term US elections.
I don´t know if it is the same in other european nations like in germany, but here mass media reports in one week more about the POTUS election campagne than in twelve years about three german Bundeskanzler elections.
It´s almost like coming to ATS and seeing the flood of senseless POTUS threads.
Or does anybody really think that millions of Clinton/Trump smear-campagne-to-fool-the-people-threads would change anything?

Voters in the west, at least in germany, same as in the USA, are fooled.
You can elect a puppet that lends his face to the people behind the curtains, is doing the work for them. For the billionaires, for multinational acting corporations(tax dodgers), the military-industrial complex, the secret services, the banksters, the big money and not at least, for themselves, their own wealth.

But you can´t elect a candidate that works for the people, this times are long past.
The one who becomes POTUS, or in Germany Bundeskanzler, is chosen long before, from those invisible, from the real rulers behind the famous curtain.
Either the opinion of the voting masses will be influenced by their mass media, to make sure that their puppet is "elected by the people", but if that maybe isn´t enough, some "little mistakes and failures" happen while the elections. So that candidates with less voices will become POTUS, for example(hey there George W...).

We are entering a time that looks like somebody used 1984 as a blueprint.
And the peoples voting voices are less worth as peoples lifes are nowadays, some little dollars or euros an hour, till you die while working and wasting your own lifetime only for the profits of the slave masters.

And a POTUS or a Bundeskanzler or whatever "ruler" is nothing more than a puppet of the slave masters!

posted on Oct, 28 2016 @ 05:09 AM
There is more to Western democracy then the US Presidential elections. There is more to the American democracy that the election of their president.

Clearly, the Americans need to address some issues over their tedious and increasingly divisive presidential election process, including funding, but that's for them to sort out.

As a plus though, no other country scrutinises their president like they do in America, even if most is petty and puerile. In China you would be stuck in gaol for questioning their president, and in Russia you may end up being (er) run over by a car, by accident of course.

posted on Oct, 28 2016 @ 05:32 AM
a reply to: DerBeobachter

Sadly Americas election process is broken , and has always been so . How can you have a government for the people if all the people dont vote . Let me guess , its your constitutional right to not have to vote . If so you should amend it , and quickly . And need i add your election process is painfully slow and i really doubt it brings out the best that America can produce , current candidates are a case in point .

posted on Oct, 28 2016 @ 08:43 AM
The change of one letter says it all: democrazy.

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