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The Inspirational Kerrie Broe

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posted on Oct, 20 2016 @ 07:54 AM
I have been looking for information about whether or not viruses actually do exist, because I have studied the work of Stefan Lanka, and I've read about the alternative to germ theory, which is based largely on the history of the work of Pasteur vs. Bechamp.

I also have been researching German New Medicine.

And the limitations of the electron microscope, as well as the history of the work of Royal Raymond Rife, and powerful microscopes by a German company, Grayfield Optical Inc.

Anyway, I found the website, where I read the page "Germ Theory of Disease Causation," which is packed with information.

I always want to know who is behind a website. I always want to see them on YouTube. There are videos on their website, and through that tab on the site, I discovered this video of Kerrie Broe giving us a tour of her organic garden in Florida.

Kerrie Broe is an organic chef.

I wanted to share this because I find it absolutely inspirational.

I see also that she has an active Facebook page about her restaurant Medicine Wheel Deli and Cafe.


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