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New podesta e-mail from Edgar Mitchell

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posted on Oct, 19 2016 @ 07:59 AM
New podesta e-mail from Edgar Mitchell with some more correspondence can be found in e-mail number 15052 on w i k i l e a k s.

An interesting section follows:

Fifty years ago Battelle, Brookings and RAND studies on UFOs convinced the > government to remove knowledge of the extraterrestrial presence from the > citizens of our country. These organizations advised with their best > information. However, today much, if not most, of the extraterrestrial > reality they examined is known by our citizens. These organizations' > resultant strategies and policies of 50 years ago no longer hold > credibility or benefit. Five decades of UFO information have dramatically shifted the public > awareness of an extraterrestrial presence. And yet, our government is > still operating from outdated beliefs and policies. These are detrimental > to trust in government transparency, science, religion, and responsible > citizenry embracing the next step in our country’s space travel and > research. > > > > Three disclosure issues are prominent: 1) planet sustainability via next > generation energies such as zero point energy, 2) galactic travel and > research undertaken as an advanced species aware of the extraterrestrial > presence, not as uninformed explorers who revert to colonialism and > destruction and 3) the example of a confident, engaged government who > respectfully regards the wisdom and intellect of its citizens as we move > into space.

posted on Oct, 19 2016 @ 08:17 AM
a reply to: Dr X

This one from Canada is also amusing:


Some parts i picked: ( I removed the name of the sender, because i'm not sure if that is allowed, but it is in the original email ) To: Date: 2015-11-14 04:20 Subject: American Best Interest Dear Mr. Podesta, My name is xxx, I am a Canadian citizen residing in Edmonton Alberta Canada. As a good neighbor and ally to the US, I was curious as to why NASA is feeding the Canadian Space Agency with wrong or misinformation regarding certain anomaly scenarios that are occurring.......

...... We might have weak intelligence, but we have ascertained that we are food, labor, and resource generators for the alien over lords. Our information came from your own DoD, casually and off the record by credible sources. Now we want to know if we are going to be dealt a hand at the table or will we be left out like last time? I represent a Canadian organization that doesn't exist that looks like DARPA, but works with the government to pursue positive growth business......

.... Our historical data is wrong, our timelines are wrong, and with all the information being withheld or lied about, we have a very bad feeling that the US is leading us into a trap.

...... What are their intentions? Are they hostile? Can we stop them if necessary? What deals were cut? If the US betrayed Canada's trust, or put itself forward at Canada's expense, we will not tolerate another Afghanistan situation. That was ten years of work wasted.

.....Our failed attempts at catching UFOs showed how weak we were. This is because we do not know what we are up against. We need more data. Plus, with the magnetic north pole moving towards the equator, we need help. If we can find allies that can help we would welcome it. Or in 20+ years we will all be dead anyway. Magnetic North now over Siberia. In ten years it will be over the black sea. In 20 years it will be over Indonesia. If the US cut a deal, now would be a good time to start calling in favors!

posted on Oct, 19 2016 @ 08:28 AM
The only thing I'm wary of, is, any one can send an email, with any kind of content. It doesn't mean it's so.

Especially that second email shared by EartOccupant.

I'd love confirmation that we know for a fact ET exist, or even that we have had communication with them.... but I'm skeptical, emails just aren't enough for me. Their release is however a step in the right direction if they hold any merit.


posted on Oct, 19 2016 @ 08:35 AM
a reply to: NerdGoddess

I agree, thats why i wrote: amusing.

I like those little pieces between all that election stuff : )
edit on 19-10-2016 by EartOccupant because: (no reason given)

posted on Oct, 19 2016 @ 08:49 AM
a reply to: Dr X

That is a clear and brief history and observation of where we are at in this looming evolution of knowledge and thought as we confront the existence, one way or another, of ETs far superior in all ways than humankind.

Of the typically intense battles and one-line denials and putdowns I continually see on ATS, it should be clear that to deny the concept of ETs and even them being here in the UFOs is a detriment to unhindered thinking. I'll just make one point as we in the US approach a milestone in our electoral process. Regardless of who wins, there are drastic changes to come in our lives and government as we further engage the ETs--and they engage us, even more so than has been done.

Everybody will become what we can deem as a "cosmic citizen" as the changes in the physical and thought make their way through the entire citizenry of the planet. As certain religions will fight the concept of ETs/UFOs to the death, there may surface from one of our political parties an anti-ET fraction. I urge you all to think deeply on that possibility and which side you should support.

Granted, our choices of character choices are pathetic.

posted on Oct, 19 2016 @ 08:52 AM

originally posted by: EartOccupant To: Date: 2015-11-14 04:20

Magnetic North now over Siberia

I did a thread on this a while back. Magnetic North still looks be quite far from Siberia

Pole Shift - Is Magnetic North in Siberia?
2016 North magnetic pole 86.4N 166.3W

posted on Oct, 19 2016 @ 09:02 AM

originally posted by: EartOccupant
a reply to: Dr X

This one from Canada is also amusing

How is any of this "amusing"? I think it's wonderful. We are about to escape this old and tired paradigm humanity has been stuck in for god knows how long. This is only the beginning.

posted on Oct, 19 2016 @ 09:15 AM
and this one To: Date: 2015-10-110 04:20 Subject: Aleins R Real
Dear Mr. Podesta, My name is Michael Messer, I know for a fact>that aliens are real..................> They land at night with> saucers> and they tell me to do things i don't want to do>............> The brain doctors make me take pills that tune out their > .....frequency beams so i can't hear their head talk......> I don't take my pills so i can hear them really better good right now......> Aleins are real, please say that.......>

Judging from the use of periods and >, i would say he probably knows what he is talking about. Oh and this one To: Date: 2015-12-110 06:30 Subject: Hey its me
BABE... i guess your not getting any of my email huh? ive been
tryign to email u so many times but this dam laptop is such a piece of
garbage and keeps freezing.. anyways how u been?

In case u dont know who this is its ME Adriana.. we used to chat a bit on facebook and then
I think u deleted me
haha.. anyways guess what... I got 2 things to
tell u.. both good news.. 1) im single now.. yup me and my bf broke up
about 3 months ago... and 2) guess where im moving? RIGHT EFFING NEAR
U.. lol... ur actually the only person im gonna know there.. well 3
cousins too but i cant chill with them lol..

I remember when we chatted u told me u thought i was cute and u wanted to chill so now we finally
can HAHA! im kinda scared to move.. im hoping this email addy is still
the one you use and u can chat with me ebfore i get there.. maybe even
help me move my **** in...are u still on facebook? i cudnt find ui was
soo confused...anyways im gonna need someone to show me the town and
take me out so u better be around bebe...

we only chatted a couple times but i remember thinking to myself i wanted to get ot know u
better when i was single..a nd i thoguth u were cute too but cudnt
tell u cause i wasnt single lol...ok so more info about me.. well im
23.. virgo.. love the outdoors and love to socialize, go out for
drinks, restaurants, movies etc.. travel.. i have a lil kitty named
BOO and i luv her to death... uhhh oh im a super horny gurl too but
every gurl is they just wont admit it. so ilove watching p0rn and all
that.. love sex etc blah blah blah...who doesnt..

I really hope we get a chance to chat for a bit either online or on the fone before i get
there enxt week.. i hope u remmeber me and still wanna chill and arent
married yet lol.. OH YA also.. i need to find a job when i get there..

do u have any hookups or know anybody hiring? id LOVE to work in a bar
or osmehting like that...really anythgin cause my current job is fun
and all.. and technically i CUD keep doign it but i want a change.. i
currently work from home and well thats cool but i need ot be out
meeting people.. oh wait. i dont think i ever actually told u what i
did? hmm shud i......???? ok WELLLL... and dont get all weirded out
on me.. i work on a webcam chat community site and i get paid to chat
with people and get naked HHAHA... BOMB right
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figure iim horny anyways why not get paid to chat with people and play
with myself heheh...anyways i hope u dont look down on that and NO
THATS NOT WHY IM CONTACTING U RELAX URSELF lol... i actually need help
once i move and i remembered u live there so im reaching i
said before this computer is a complete piece of CRAP and freezes NON
STOP.. ive tried ot send this email to u maybe 3 times already and im
hopign this time i can hit SEND before i run into trouble lol..

ANYWAYS.. heres the deal....every month natalie (my boss) gives each
of us 3 VIP codes to give out to whoever we want.. so with this code u
can lgoin to watch me at work for free and dont have to pay like
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if theres anyone else logged in when u sign in ill boot them out.. but
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really thingk we need to chat before i get there and make sure u evern
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INSTEAD OF LICK U IN THE BALLS WHEN IS EE U hahahahha...k babe im out
for now... chat ya soon.. kisses xoxo Adriana

posted on Oct, 19 2016 @ 09:17 AM
a reply to: TrueMessiah

It is amusing because it's there! Its amusing because it has nice claims

I'm all for disclosure, thats why i like these little snippets and posted it, not to make fun of, but to share, just as another little piece in the puzzle.

But the snippet itself, is indeed an email anyone can send, as Nerdgodess did say.

So, the best thing imo is not to make claims, but to do share these little pieces of information from around the net.

posted on Oct, 19 2016 @ 09:38 AM
a reply to: Lice000
Hey, Adriana sent me the exact same email. It's weird because Podesta doesn't even live in the same country as me so I don't know why she said that she is moving right near me.

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