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God Questions and Answers

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posted on Oct, 18 2016 @ 06:04 PM
Namaste, everyone.

In the past, I have written two articles on Enlightenment and Ascension, respectively, in the Philosophy and Metaphysics forum. Those two articles were outside of many people's perspective and understanding, especially the common man & woman (those without any religion), Christians, Muslims, Mormons, Jehovah's Witnesses, Scientologists, and so forth. I would like to give you all a question and answer session to bring the Kingdom of Heaven to an easier and direct way. I know there are so many questions lingering in the collective mindset of people throughout the world about life itself, even my brothers and sisters who don't believe in God. For those who still want to read those threads I wrote back in 2013 to go deeper into the mysteries of God, you can do so here: and

Again, I am not attempting to teach any kind of doctrine or dogma. I am simply providing common truths and answers to the many everyday enigma, such as life and death, salvation, religion, spirituality, God, Earth, afterlife, history, and many other topics. I don't expect you to believe what I have to say, but at least it will open your mind and heart to discover your own answers. We all have an inner teacher who is God Himself. But the problem is that most of us go on with our lives without paying any attention to the Divine Spirit of God within each and everyone of us. God does teach us in very subtle ways. However, as you become more spiritual, you will see and hear greater truths and wisdom from our Father in Heaven as you evolve into a person with higher consciousness.

With that introduction, let's begin the Q&A session. If you want me to expand on any topics, just post in the thread, and I'll be glad to elaborate on it. Thanks for stopping by and reading. I hope you all find life more interesting and enjoyable after this session. Namaste--God meets God.

Table of Contents

1. Life and Death
2. Heaven and Hell
3. God and Satan
4. Reincarnation and Incarnation
5. Religion and Spirituality
6. Sin and Salvation
7. Ghosts and Dark Beings

Life and Death

1. Why was I born into this world?

The short answer is that God is a Perfect Being. He wanted to experience imperfection. In order to do that, God had to create an imperfect world with people who could experience this imperfection and send back this experience to God. In the above articles I mentioned, I go into great detail on how God goes through the physical life simultaneously as we go through life.

God also wanted to create beings who has the potential to grow into something similar to God Himself but with his or her own personality, intelligence, and style.

2. Why do I have to suffer so much through life?

Life is duality, meaning it has positive and negative aspects. You live in an imperfect world. If you have day time, you must also have night time. Thus, good and evil, light and darkness. The place where God resides, there is no duality. When you suffer, it is for "The Glory of God." This is the direct quote from Master Jesus. What this quote meant is that as you suffer, God experiences the same thing at the same time. Because as I said, God is inside of you all along. You can learn through spiritual studies to slow down the suffering, until one day, you live on Earth with no sorrow any longer, even while people around you still do.

Planet Earth is also part of the Lucifer Rebellion, and therefore we are much further away from God (spiritually) than other planets. We are disconnected from other places in the Universe, meaning we don't get news broadcast from other parts of the Galaxy, for example. One more reason why people suffer on this planet is its youth. With roughly 3 billion years of history (only 1 billion of it with life), we are still very young as a planet. The planet must evolve further for you to see its glorious future.

3. Why do we have to die?

Life is a school. You go up through various grades and levels. Once you are done with one grade, you must go to the next one. Death is one way for you to finish Kindergarten and then go the First Grade (afterlife). Don't fight death, let it go through naturally. It's part of life. You can go to the next life without death. But that may require great spiritual discipline on your part. That kind of information is covered in the two articles mentioned in my introduction. Refer back to them if you want to study more about life and death.

4. What happens after death?

There are 3 main things that will happen to you after death. Each person's afterlife will be different because we are all different. But it will happen very similar to each other.

I. You go into a deep sleep. Some people will not see, feel, touch, nor know anything after death. It's like going to sleep with no dreams. This is what happens when you were not resurrected, thereby you did not get a new body and awaiting for a later time to awaken to make a choice. I will talk more about this in a later Q&A below.

II. You get resurrected with a new body. This body is similar to your physical body but less dense and more Etheric. This means it contains more light swirling within and outside of your body. Yes, you do have a halo. It's just light glowing every part of your body, including your head. This is the same body that Master Jesus had when he resurrected 2,000 years ago. After a brief orientation by the local leader, you will be given a place to live. You are not quite in Heaven just yet, but certainly a Paradise. I will cover more about this in the Heaven & Hell section down below.

III. You get resurrected with a new body but will be transported to a place what people call Heaven. Heaven is just a name created by mankind assigned to a place that is more perfect than this world. I did say, "more perfect," which means it's not exactly perfect yet.

5. But aren't you forgetting Hell? You only mentioned 3 things that can happen after death.

There are only 3 things that can happen to you after death, period. There is no Hell.

posted on Oct, 18 2016 @ 06:06 PM
a reply to: ctophil

Heaven and Hell

6. Hell seems real to me. What about all those near-death experiences where people see fiery damnation, torment, demons, and all sorts of darkness?

Near-death experiences are not death itself. What happens during those experiences is whatever your state of consciousness is at that moment, you will see exactly the imagery created from your subconscious. In the afterlife, thoughts can be manifested in mere seconds. It will become your reality if you're not careful. That's why you should train in this life so that you won't get lost in the next. Every Hell-based dream or vision you ever had, it is a result of your current state of mind. Hell is just an illusion created by your mind. Your mind is very powerful if used properly or improperly for evil purposes.

7. What about Heaven?

Yes, it's real. But the truth is not similar to what people think it is. First of all, most people don't go directly to Heaven after death, even if you're a Christian, Muslim, or Jew. A huge majority of people go to, let's call it, the Lower Paradise. It's a beautiful, peaceful, and a wonderful place gleaming with things to do. You could also call it the middle 4th Dimension if it fits your understanding a lot better. It's not Heaven but certainly very close to it. The Lower Paradise is what people experience in their near-death episodes. The 5th Dimension belongs to the First True Heaven.

8. How come most people don't go directly to Heaven?

The Heavenly Worlds require a greater sense of spiritual discipline, love, peace, and wisdom to reside there. They are worlds meant for people who have greater knowledge and wisdom through their walk with God in this life and beyond. Your Light Body (the body given to you through resurrection after death) will also have many other senses that is capable of the sights and sounds of Heaven. If, for example, you arrive on Heaven without the Light Body, you will be blind and deaf. From the Lower Paradise, you will eventually learn and grow through the local schools. Eventually, you can go to Heaven.

9. So what happens to me if I've been a thief and murderer most of my life? Shouldn't I belong in Hell, which you say doesn't exist literally?

God doesn't operate like that. Committing crime and evil don't change God's Love for you. Even if you have a small flicker somewhere in your Heart that you believe in God, you will get a new body through resurrection and will be in the Lower Paradise. You will get the same opportunity of your journey back to God like everybody else. Remember when the thief who got crucified on the cross with Master Jesus? The Master said, "Today, you will be with me in Paradise."

10. What about the people who go into the deep sleep you talked about earlier?

Those are people who outright rebelled against God during their lifetime on Earth. You may know God exists, but you have chosen to kill, loot, maim, in the name of God. There is a difference between killing for your selfish needs and killing because you believe God told you to do so. Or use God's name for your selfishness. If you really believe in God, then you wouldn't do any harm to anybody else. You will go into a deep sleep for choosing the "dark side" over God all your life. For example, you would rather follow Lucifer's path of rebellion than the Love for God.

You may sleep for thousands of years until the time of judgement. To the sleeper, they will not have any recollection of a time lapse. The last thing they remembered was death. The Heavenly Judges will put many people on court at the same time, not individually. At that time, you can make a choice to continue your rebellious course or start your journey back to God. If you still choose your ways over God's, your Soul and Personality will merge back to God like you never existed. There is no suffering.

11. Okay, so I go to the Lower Paradise, then what?

The local government in that area will give you an orientation of sorts to welcome you to the new world. You will be accompanied by your Guardian Angel to give you a tour of Lower Paradise. Yes, you live, play, and work with Angels there. Their job is to help you get situated and act as your guides. The afterlife looks a lot like Earth. There are still plantlife, animals, buildings, restaurants, libraries, bookstores, shopping areas, schools, parks, forests, universities, and so forth. But everything looks, smells, and sounds so beautiful and delicious. You will still be eating and drinking but bathrooms no longer exist, since you don't need it. You also sleep and dream like on Earth. You will be given a house to live in. And you can furnish, rebuild, and expand your house in any way you see fit. Just let your authorities know.

There is no money involved. Everybody there have different abilities that they share with each other. Yes, there are still lawyers. But these lawyers are righteous and will use the Laws of God this time around. The same applies to judges. Doctors no longer exist because no one gets sick nor die. There are scientists to study so many more interesting things in Lower Paradise. Scientists here are different though. They study science to glorify God--to obtain more knowledge of God's Universes.

Shopping and eating are still very abundant, as well as going to school for future work in God's Universes and to increase your understanding of the spiritual world. Everybody in the Lower Paradise are Vegan. Their new bodies are capable of energy absorption from fruits & vegetables without the need for extra protein and nutrients like our physical bodies, similar to Adam & Eve back in the day. Some people there don't eat at all, since they have learned to rely on Prana or Chi (God's Light Energy) without anything else. No one gets sick nor dies in Lower Paradise.

Men and Women still have romantic relationships but can not have children. These relationships are no longer sexual-based, but are more like the Angels where they work together with Love, Respect, and Admiration for each other.

12. Alright, Lower Paradise sounds like a nice place. How long will it take for me to get to Heaven?

It's different for everybody. Some may take many years, while others may take only days to go through all the worlds of Lower Paradise. It all depends on how much "catching up" you have to do from lack of training, studying, and spiritual schooling you did while on Earth. There's no hurry. But God's Will calls for you to finish school quickly and grow up to be an excellent person in all things Spirit.

13. You mentioned, "worlds," in Lower Paradise. How many worlds are there?

There are 7 worlds in Lower Paradise. You go from one world to another as you progress through the schools of learning. You literally have to attend school in order to proceed through the next levels of existence. Just like on Earth, you will have classmates and lifemates.

posted on Oct, 18 2016 @ 06:12 PM
a reply to: ctophil

14. Do I still remember who I am in Lower Paradise?

Yes, you keep all your memory from Earth. Although, as you stay longer in Lower Paradise, you don't really care anymore about the non-spiritual things, such as what was your career, how much money you made, or where you lived. However, what you learned about God and spiritual subjects will remain with you as great treasures of wisdom to use in future worlds. Your personality as an individual will remain exactly the same. However, you will learn to get rid of your negative actions and thoughts as you progress.

15. What if I still want to meet my family, friends, and loved ones in the afterlife?

You sure can. In the first world you come to, you are allowed to meet anyone from your previous life--mother, father, son, daughter, uncle, friends, etc. But after you visit the 2nd World, that's no longer an option. You do realize at that point is that it was a previous life, and what is much more important is your future life towards Heaven.

16. I'm afraid I might fail the classes in Lower Paradise and never get to Heaven. Is that a possibility?

No, everybody graduates in their own time. There's still a slight possiblity that you choose to not follow God's path anymore for some reason. If that happens, then you will return to God as though you never existed. That is extremely rare because once you have more knowledge of the higher Spiritual Worlds, it's so hard not to move forward.

17. What is Heaven like once I get there?

Heaven is just plain gorgeous. The people are lovely and so beautiful. In Heaven, the more spiritual a person happens to be, the more beautiful they get. It's a reflection of their inner self. It's like the wind and water are singing a song just for you. Again, it's very similar to Earth, but about 77 times better. You become such a capable human being at that moment. Although you learn to fly, see for very long distances, hear sounds you've never heard before, seen colors not available on Earth, cities that are amazing to behold, and so much more in Lower Paradise alone, in Heaven things get weirder but more incredible. There are huge Universities available for you to attend. You meet all kinds of people from around the Universe, even wonderful Angels like the Cherubim, Seraphim, and Sanobim. There are teachers from even higher worlds to come and train you. And the interesting thing is that you can get a glimpse of Heaven while studying in Lower Paradise.

18. You've mentioned the First Heaven before. Are there worlds beyond Heaven?

Yes, there are a total of 7 "Heavens." This may sound like a doctrine from Mormonism or something, but the truth is the truth. God's Universes are just profoundly huge. You can go beyond the 7 Heavens, but I'll let you study that for yourself in this world or next.

19. If I'm an Atheist, will I get resurrected to Lower Paradise?

Yes, because you wouldn't have become an Atheist without some exposure to God in your life. You can't be an Atheist unless you've heard about God and then decided to not believe in Him. It doesn't matter what you say or think, somewhere deep in your subconscious, there is a belief in a Higher Being. Just look around you. Did an accident create everything you see? God has great love for us all. Even the tiniest flicker of belief somewhere is enough for you to receive the gift of eternal life. I will have more about eternal life in a Q&A topic below.

20. Is there still evil in Lower Paradise?

Yes, as long as you are in the world of Time and Space, you will have evil. Only the place where God resides doesn't have evil. But it gets much less as you move forward toward God. Again, evil is not a creation of God, but a creation of imperfection. We have free will. And as we all know, free will can cause evil due to ignorance, pride, and/or selfishness.

God and Satan

21. Who is God?

God is a person. He did not have a beginning nor an end. God is not a created being like you and me. God created many, many beings throughout the Universes to establish a vast place of experience to implement what is not God--imperfection. We call Him Father because He is a Creator. But He is not the only One. God also manifested Himself into the feminine aspect, the Mother and also a third manifestation known as The Son. These 3 personifications of God are literal persons and work together to create the beginning of worlds we know and care about. There are more manifestations of God, but this information is good enough for a Q&A session.

22. Why does God allow suffering on Earth?

Please refer back to question # 2 in the Life and Death topic. But to further elaborate, God doesn't intervene with what's going on with planets like Earth. He gives that to His Sons and Daughters like Master Jesus, Father Melchizedek, and Master Quan Yin. Even then, they are not allowed to intervene at all unless the planet is threatened with total destruction , or Earth is in a totally dark age where we have reverted back to the times of Adam and Eve spiritually. We have free will to choose good or evil.

23. Does God talk to people?

God doesn't really talk per say, but communicate with us in subtle ways through the Divine Spirit of God (or the Higher Self in some disciplines) in all of us. The Divine Spirit is a fragment of God that He has given us in order to teach us the path to righteousness. He will talk to you personally in dreams or visions, but only if you have devoted your life to the Kingdom of Heaven. God knows your beginning, middle, ending, and foreseeable future before you were conceived.

24. Does God have a name?

Yes, but no human tongue can pronounce it. Like God Himself, His name is boundless and is not stuck in a language that exist on Earth. At this point in time, it's best to call Him Father, since it's an easier title that we can relate to in human terms. You will learn more personal titles and names for God as you progress through your career as a spiritual being.

25. I thought God's name is Yahweh or Jehovah?

Yahweh was a name assigned to God by the ancient world. At that time, God became more personalized so we had to give Him a name. In fact, it originated from Yod Heh Vav Heh in Hebrew, but was then transliterated to Yahweh. Yod Heh Vav Heh equals the 4 elements in nature. Each letter representing Wind, Water, Earth, and Fire. Jehovah is simply a Greek transliteration. It is not God's name but more like a name made up for Him.

26. Does God hear our prayers?

Yes, He hears all prayers and answers all of them. However, God answers them in His time and way. He could answer prayers in our lifetime or in the next life. It doesn't have to be within our time frame. Remember that God doesn't operate in our tiny little world. He operates in a much, much larger picture.

27. Who is Satan?

Satan is simply a person who is 2nd-in-command to Lucifer in the rebellion long ago. He is not the opposite of God many believe. He is a higher being who decided that Lucifer knew more about commanding God's Universes than God Himself.

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posted on Oct, 18 2016 @ 06:12 PM
a reply to: ctophil

28. Is Satan still around and can he really still tempt mankind to do evil?

Yes, he is still around. People give him too much credit though. Human hearts certainly have much evil if not tamed properly. Satan doesn't have to do anything for people to kill each other. Most of the bad things happening around the world has to do with people's evil tendencies, not Satan nor the Devil.

29. Can you call upon Satan to do your evil work?

Yes, but why do you want to do that? It is no different than rebellion against God. I don't recommend it at all.

30. How powerful is Satan? Can he go against God?

Satan can't even go against Master Jesus.

31. Is Satan and the Devil the same person?

No, they are different individuals. They have the same agenda though, and both work for Lucifer.

posted on Oct, 18 2016 @ 06:13 PM
a reply to: ctophil

Reincarnation and Incarnation

32. Buddhism, Hinduism, and Jainism said that we must reincarnate over and over back to Earth until we achieve Enlightenment and then Ascension. Is this true?

It is true that we incarnate into different spheres like Earth in our progressing life towards God. We do not return to Earth no matter what. So in a sense, you should use incarnation instead of reincarnation. Because we are not returning to anywhere. There are times when higher beings on some planets that would reincarnate again on a planet to teach people higher consciousness. But that is the only time it happens. As regular humans, no one comes back after a lifetime on Earth.

33. What happens to babies and kids who die early in life? Don't they get reincarnated due to not experiencing much in life?

No, they do not. They also get resurrected into the Lower Paradise, but a different world than adults do. There they are taken care of by Angels until they grow up to adulthood. When you die and get resurrected, you keep your same age and body appearance as before. Kids grow older to age 16 and adults grow younger to age 33. If you died younger than 33 but older than 16, you will grow older to 33. You can change your age and appearance after learning how to do so later on. You can even change your sex; but that is only an outer appearance. You remain unchanged within if you are a man or a woman.

34. What does Incarnation really mean?

It means your Soul and Personality that came from God get incarnated into a body with form. Your body is a vehicle. And in each world, you get a vehicle that was made for that specific terrain.

35. After I die on Earth and get resurrected again in the Lower Paradise, will I die again to go up in the worlds?

No, there is only one physical death. There is a second death for those who goes to the deep sleep and then still chooses to rebel against God. There is no pain in the second death, just disappearance of your consciousness forever.

36. So did I exist before being born on Earth?

You existed as a thoughtform within God's mind. You did not have an actual Soul and Personality yet at that time. But you did exist.

37. If there is no reincarnation, how come people can do past-life regressions?

The Divine Spirit of God (Higher Self, Fragment of God) that is in every person sometimes goes into more than one person in different lifetimes. When this Spirit of God goes into a person, He records the entire lifetime experience. Because of being in multiple lifetimes, it may seem like you were different people in past lives. You weren't these people, but God were. The Spirit of God will show you the imagery so to speak of these past lives if given the opportunity so that you may learn something from these lives.

38. What about Karma? Doesn't reincarnation explain why we have Karma with all the suffering?

I already explained suffering in question # 2 in the Life and Death topic. As for Karma, it is merely an Eastern version of Sin, which I will explain later in another topic.

39. How can you explain the amazing talented kids who can play the piano at age 5 without any prior training? Isn't that reincarnation?

No it is not reincarnation. As I said before, your Divine Spirit of God from within has experience from other lives and can transfer talents, knowledge, information, skills, memories, and even thought patterns from previous lives. The kid's personality can also have its own talents built in already given to him or her by God.

posted on Oct, 18 2016 @ 06:13 PM
a reply to: ctophil

Religion and Spirituality

40. What is the best religion?

There is no best religion. All religions have some truth in them. However, like all things on Earth, there are good and bad things about everything.

41. What is the difference between Religion and Spirituality?

They both work together in some respects. Religion is more like an organized set of belief systems in common with a group of people, while Spirituality is an individual's journey back to Spirit, which is God.

42. What if I don't want to be in a religion? Can I still get resurrected into the Lower Paradise?

Yes, anybody can get a new body during the resurrection after death if they simply believe in God. It doesn't have to be great faith or anything, just a simple belief like a little 4 year old will do it.

43. So is Christianity wrong when they say that Master Jesus is the only way to Heaven?

They are only partially correct. Believing in Master Jesus can also get you to Lower Paradise. The Master has the authority to ask God for a person's eternal life. It's the same if you believe in the Master Jesus or Father God. You can live in a far away tribe somewhere in the Amazon and still get eternal life due to your belief in a higher being.

44. What about my sins? How can I get resurrected with all of my sins?

As soon as you believe that God is merciful and have faith that He will give you eternal life, all your sins are wiped out. Contrary to what Christians believe, Master Jesus did not die for your sins. He died because people killed him. As long as you continue to stay on the path in your faith in God, you are no longer a sinner. It's as though you've never sinned. God doesn't place such an incredible importance on sin and karma like we do. He focuses on your faith instead.

45. How long should I stay in a religion?

It's up to you. I recommend you go into a religion to learn the best parts of it. You can tell what is good by just seeing if the doctrines produce faith for God (good fruits) or fear/judgement/hell (bad fruits). Though I prefer personally not to join any religion, but only learn from their mistakes.

46. Is the Bible, Koran, or Talmud the Word of God?

No, they are not Words of God. They are words written by man with some inspiration for God. They are not infallible nor perfect. Those books are very inspirational though, and you should read them with an open mind and heart. Keep asking God for the truth.

47. Is it right to pray to dead people like in Catholicism and Buddhism?

No, you shouldn't do that. People who have died can not answer your prayers anyways, even if they are called a "saint." They don't have the authority to ask God to answer prayers.

48. Who should I pray to then?

Pray to God, our Heavenly Father. Master Jesus can answer your prayers to. But he too must ask God before answering you.

49. Who do I worship besides God?

You should only worship God and no one else.

posted on Oct, 18 2016 @ 06:14 PM
a reply to: ctophil

Sin and Salvation

50. Can I still get resurrected after death if I keep sinning the rest of my life?

You shouldn't be sinning after your started your love and faith in God. Sin actually means rebellion against God. And when you rebel, you do bad things to others because you simply don't care if it is against God's Will or not. The same applies to Karma--an eastern version of Sin. God will forget your mistakes because of your faith as though you never sinned. But yes, you will get resurrected after death for simply believing in God. Because you love God, instead of doing bad things, do the Will of God, because He is your Father.

51. Can the blood of Master Jesus clean my sins?

Master Jesus has the authority to forgive sins. So again, your mere faith in God or the Master will wipe your sins clean. It has nothing to do with the Master's blood. Sacrificial blood, either metaphorically or not, is an old tradition based on ancient rites of pleasing the gods through sacrificing animals and even humans. It's a barbaric tradition.

52. Did Master Jesus live a sinless life?

Yes he did.

53. What is the difference among Salvation, Resurrection, and Ascension?

Salvation is the gift of God that grants you eternal life. You don't have to do anything to earn this gift. Your belief in a higher being, God, Higher Self, Divine Spirit of Heaven, or Father is all that matters. God will give you this gift after you die, or in some cases, translated. The gift grants you a new body and life through resurrection. After that, you will have eternal life to go through the many different worlds to reach God one day.

Everybody goes through the process of Ascension as you gain knowledge, experience, and wisdom about God. You go from one world to another, one level to the next, and one life to another. But there is a way to escape death altogether and never experience death itself. Some folks call it Ascension, while others may call it Translation. For example, Elijah from the Bible was translated and never died. You can do the same if you focus on God for the rest of your life. You can read the two articles mentioned in my introduction in this thread for more details.

54. Do people in the afterlife sin?

Not really, you may hear people do evil here and there because there is still selfishness. But it is very rare that anybody sin in the Lower Paradise area. Remember sin is an act of rebellion against God.

55. Do I have to pay for my sins or karma in the afterlife?

No, if you made it through the resurrection (not going into a deep sleep), then you are home free. But the fact that you are still worried about your sins mean there is much catching up to do with other students about the spiritual path.

56. Do I have to pay for my sins or karma in this life?

No, there is no judgement nor punishment in any life. If you are still suffering in life, it is because your faith isn't strong enough and there is much to do before you master life itself.

posted on Oct, 18 2016 @ 06:15 PM
a reply to: ctophil

Ghosts and Dark Beings

57. Are ghosts real?

In a way, yes. They are, however, not your dearly departed. Sometimes they may act or sound like your loved ones who just passed away, but they are not. They are actually sons and daughters of the beings who came here from the Lucifer Rebellion.

58. If they're not people who just died, how come they sometimes look and sound like my loved ones?

Ghosts, demons, and dark Beings are at times very malevolent and mischievous. They can transform themselves into anyone or anything they want to. They can read your mind, manipulate physical objects with their minds, and go through walls due to their less dense bodies. If not careful, they can manipulate your mind as well and will affect your psyche in a negative way.

They are not always evil. Sometimes they are just lonely and need some attention from us. And I will explain why they are lonely in just a minute. They can be playful and can also love children. You shouldn't even call these people ghosts nor dark beings. They are not spirits either, since they have bodies similar to the Light Bodies you get from the Lower Paradise World. Those are negative terms. But in our society, it's difficult for people to understand any other terminology due to our limited vocabulary for "paranormal" things. Just like human beings, these people can be both good and evil.

59. Where did these beings come from then? Why are they still here with us?

There are millions of them still on Earth at this time period. Again, they have a variation of the Light Body I talked about earlier. It's not quite Light Bodies, but a hybrid of sorts. These bodies allow for long lifespans, from hundreds to thousands of years, but do not have immortality. Plus, they also don't get sick, can't get wet, almost invincible physically, have great mind powers, and incredible strength. If you want to place a better term for these beings, they are demi-gods, since they are offsprings of mighty beings that came to our planet as far back as 200,000 years ago.

Throughout the ages, there have been a few episodes of Heavenly beings who came here to try to enlighten mankind with higher knowledge and wisdom from God. But because of the Lucifer Rebellion, they became rebellious and wanted to corrupt their DNA with the lower class of people such as humans. Back then, we were far less evolved. So having sexual relations with us would spawn half breeds. These so called demi-gods can only live on Earth and can not ascend to the higher worlds until they die and get resurrected like us. A majority of them live along side with us. But similar to humans, they can be evil and invade our lives in dangerous ways. They are super beings of lore. Because of the duality nature of this world, some of them will help you or try to kill you. It's just part of life.

Either way, they are still our brothers and sisters. We must treat them with respect and love. When they pass away, they have the same choice of following God's Will or the dark side. They can enjoy the great journey of returning to God just like us.

60. Is it okay to talk to these mysterious demi-gods?

Sure, they may be causing demonic activities in your house, but with no fear, they will go away. Remember they can read your minds. Most importantly though, God is your shield. True believers are not afraid of anything, and these demi-gods can not harm you, just have faith in God. I, personally, have much experience in the matter.

They can be lonely at times because human beings can't see them. Demi-gods have special abilities to appear before us, but the appearance can be hazy or nebulous. If they had full Light Bodies, then they can appear in full body form just like us. Unfortunately they are only hybrids. Being half breeds, they can become vindictive of their lives, and therefore can be a vengeful bunch. The nice ones can appear to you in glorious form similar to an Angel, but still lack the beauty and luster.
Be kind to them, for they are in a similar boat as human beings.

61. If these apparitions and specters are not dead people, how come mediums can communicate with them?

They are not communicating with dead people. Some mischievous beings are masquerading like departed loved ones as I said before. A lot of the mediums out there are trying to make money, similar to psychics. There are no communications going on with fake mediums.

62. Let me get this straight. Once you die, there is no way you become a lost soul wandering aimlessly?

That is correct.

63. Then why do all these people write books and have TV shows about channeling and meeting dead people in the "astral plane?"

They are either seeing false dreams and visions, or they are trying to make money by making up stuff. They can also be channeling the dark demi-gods who are acting like dead people.

64. But can the dead communicate with those still on Earth?

No, if they are still in the Lower Paradise, they don't have the authority to speak with people still alive. If you happen to see your loved one(s) in a dream, it is your emotional psyche that is showing you the image; or again, a transformed demi-god acting like someone you know.

With that being said, people who have ascended to Heaven can communicate with us like any of the Masters (Jesus, Buddha, Quan Yin) and Angels.

65. The Devil and Demons are not from Hell?

No, if you read the above Q&As, Hell is not real. The Devil and his minions don't live in a fiery or freezing place. They can go anywhere in the vicinity of planets within the rebellion area which accounts for hundreds of planets.

posted on Oct, 18 2016 @ 06:15 PM
a reply to: ctophil

66. What about UFOs? Are they the same demi-gods?

No, the folks in space crafts are from other planets and weren't born here like the demi-gods.

67. Are aliens flying UFOs evil?

No, a majority of them are friendly. Even if they are selfish or greedy, they have not done anything to us. It is against God's Laws for invading other planets. This has never happened on any planet in the Universe. Don't believe everything you hear about aliens. So don't worry about some alien invasion in the future. It's not going to happen.

68. What about suicide victims? Aren't they lost souls that could become ghosts?

No, suicide victims get the same benefit of eternal life like all of us. Again, all you need is a little faith in your heart somewhere is enough for God's gift. God multiplies your faith tenfold in every situation.

69. Can these demi-gods kill you?

Yes, but only if you let them. A willing victim means that you have chosen death. Have faith in God—your Guardian Angel will save you if it’s not your time.

70. Can you get possessed by these beings?

Yes if you allow them to do so. Most people go through life like we are the only ones alive in the Universe. Your faith is very, very important. Always ask for God’s protection from the Angels. Since Master Jesus’ arrival on Earth 2,00 years ago, these half breeds can no longer possess people unless you give them the opportunity to do so by doing deeds and having thoughts that are evil in nature.

Some people even try to ask to be possessed, which is a no-no. Remember that the vast majority of possession cases these days are people who have great emotional distress and have psychological issues, not actual possession.

To be clear, these beings don’t actually possess you but literally take over your mind with their own psyche. So when you use the term, possession, it may be a bit confusing. It’s better to use the term, Mind Control. They can’t really “possess” you since they are not Spirit. They have actual bodies.

71. Do those exorcisms of people and places actually work?

Yes, but only temporarily. Most of the time the exorcism techniques don’t work at all. The best technique is to have inner faith yourself that God will ask your visitors to leave you alone.

Peace be with you all.

posted on Oct, 18 2016 @ 06:16 PM
You sure you're not LDS?

posted on Oct, 18 2016 @ 06:19 PM
Hay OP i don't have the time to read all of your thread just now but will try later.

posted on Oct, 18 2016 @ 06:19 PM
a reply to: ctophil

I have created a PDF version of this thread if anybody wants to download it for future reference. Here it is:

posted on Oct, 18 2016 @ 06:35 PM
I am going to have to respectfully disagree with everything in this OP.

posted on Oct, 18 2016 @ 06:38 PM
a reply to: ctophil

Wow man, great thread.
Normally I am not into religious talk.. but you made me read all of it
The afterlife sounds like a beautiful place.

Oh, thanks for the pdf that is a keeper

And question:
Where/how did you get all the answers for this ?
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posted on Oct, 18 2016 @ 07:09 PM
That's a lot of stuff. What exactly qualifies you to opine on these subjects? Why should anyone pay attention to what you have said? What is your background? TIA

posted on Oct, 18 2016 @ 07:42 PM

originally posted by: ctophil
4. What happens after death?

There are 3 main things that will happen to you after death. Each person's afterlife will be different because we are all different. But it will happen very similar to each other.

I. You go into a deep sleep. Some people will not see, feel, touch, nor know anything after death. It's like going to sleep with no dreams. This is what happens when you were not resurrected, thereby you did not get a new body and awaiting for a later time to awaken to make a choice. I will talk more about this in a later Q&A below.

II. You get resurrected with a new body...

Ok, the question is ; "How do you Know?"
You rattle on endlessly about things of which you have no experience.
Knowledge = experience.
You claim all sorts of 'knowledge' and I don't see or hear the experience.
That makes it speculation, or worse, 'belief'.

I'm glad all your 'answers' work for you...

posted on Oct, 19 2016 @ 01:36 PM

originally posted by: Spacespider
a reply to: ctophil

Wow man, great thread.
Normally I am not into religious talk.. but you made me read all of it
The afterlife sounds like a beautiful place.

Oh, thanks for the pdf that is a keeper

And question:
Where/how did you get all the answers for this ?

Namaste, friend. Thanks for reading. May some of the information will help you awaken your inner teacher, which is God Himself.

I used to be a Christian myself and was baptized in a church. But for the longest time, I continually questioned religion and its doctrines. However, no one could really answer me. God started to slowly awaken me. Because of my quest for great knowledge and wisdom, I read the entire Bible, studied almost every religion, and read every book I could get my hands on. Due to this quest, God began to give me dreams and visions. In these visions, I saw the Lower Paradise that I described in the Q&A. Soon, I also saw Heaven itself. I met Angels who taught me things, as well as sung to me beautiful, beautiful songs I can't begin to describe in this public thread. I saw many things, both powerful and magical. Even the beloved Master Jesus made his appearance. And finally, Father God also unlocked some astounding mysteries to me.

There are two very important things in life: the Love for God and the Love for Man. This is what I learned. And at this moment, I want nothing else but for my brothers and sisters to know about this "Kingdom of Heaven" Master Jesus kept talking about. I want all of us to reach his or her full potential in every way.

May Love and Peace be with you.

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posted on Nov, 14 2016 @ 05:59 PM
a reply to: ctophil

Greetings and Salutations-

Could One opine that fluoride in the drinking supply would be a 'non-positive' as it relates to each Self's connection to The Divine?

Om Bava Shaviya Om

posted on Nov, 14 2016 @ 09:52 PM

originally posted by: ctophil
The short answer is that God is a Perfect Being. He wanted to experience imperfection. In order to do that, God had to create an imperfect world with people who could experience this imperfection and send back this experience to God.

I read your whole post. As a constellation of thought, a system of thinking, your mythology may be complete and accurate enough to provide you the meaning you are looking for as context for living your life. As a mythology around God it was just okay for me. I appreciate the amount of time and thought you put into the many facets making up your mythology around God. I certainly do not disrespect your way of thinking.

My view on God is not as ornate as yours and more in line with a more traditional deist way of thinking.

But I do want to comment on one thing you said which has been something I've been resonating with lately. The idea that people exist so that they can "send back this experience to God."

I would word it a little a differently. God is an omnipotent being. So God is capable of experiencing every possible experience within every possible moment. The nature of being omnipotent is really interesting to think about. An omnipotent God is not bounded by the laws of physics. An omnipotent God is not bounded by the laws of logic. An omnipotent God can be two things at once at the same time. Omnipotence is a really strange way of being. An omnipotent God can be both male and female at the same time. Logical consistency is not a requirement since an omnipotent God coexists in every possible space-time dimension all a the same time. In being everywhere at once an omnipotent God can be both personal and impersonal at the same time.

The idea of sending back experiences to God is an interesting one. There are two ideas why our omnipotent God would be interested in collecting our experiences. The first is the idea that being omnipotent one eventual becomes bored. Since we are finite beings, we become God's way of experiencing the thrill of having limitations by vicariously experiencing our sufferings and joys. The second reason would be the idea that an omnipotent means God is compelled to experience every possible way of being. So in sharing our experiences we are God's way of making sure all the check boxes of every possible experience get realized.

So here is the idea I've been resonated with lately. Based on God's omnipotence, are there any finite experiences we are having that would be more valuable to God than any others? Are all the finite experiences we have in serving God equal in value? Or are there some experiences we are having that an omnipotent God would value higher compared to others? My current thinking is experiences that give us the most joy are the ones that are most worth having. And those would also be the very ones most pleasing for God to share in His existence.

You seem to believe in an anthropomorphic type God. Another way of thinking about God is a pantheistic type God. Of course, and omnipotent God being can be both types at the same time. There's really interesting ideas to think about with a pantheistic type God based on the current theoretical models for the Universe when you combine ideas from multi-verse string theory with the many worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics. When you take into account these two ideas you come to interesting conclusions with regards to good, evil, salvation, and eternal bliss.

posted on Nov, 16 2016 @ 06:23 PM
a reply to: dfnj2015

Namaste, friend. You are correct in many of your ideas. God is definitely both personal and impersonal. The reason why I presented the personal side of God is to show that you can have a relationship with Him just like your human father. There are many manifestations of God throughout the multi-verse, and as you ascend and go inward (God is inward not up), you will encounter those levels of personal relationships with God. Because as you evolve into a higher levels of being, you will be similar to those levels of Divinity, thereby you can have
personal relationships.

Of course at this level, there are many aspects of God that are impersonal. Just the perfection of creation itself through Sacred Geometry is enough to go beyond most human beings understandings and perception of God. But I assure you that God is also very personal and has all aspects of human emotions as you and me. But there is a difference between perfected emotions and imperfected emotions. And we are all working on each day how to perfect our e-motions or Energy in Motion.

So here is the idea I've been resonated with lately. Based on God's omnipotence, are there any finite experiences we are having that would be more valuable to God than any others? Are all the finite experiences we have in serving God equal in value? Or are there some experiences we are having that an omnipotent God would value higher compared to others? My current thinking is experiences that give us the most joy are the ones that are most worth having. And those would also be the very ones most pleasing for God to share in His existence.

God has no respect for anything in existence. All experiences, good or bad, white or black, or even things in between such as Neutral (between good and bad) are viewed as part of a finite existence and are equal in value. As human beings, we only see the little picture. We place value on performance, attributes, and judge what's good, bad, or neutral. But in God's eyes, it's just another aspect of life--something to be learned, to experience, and to grow. God sees this tiny Universe as another playground for the overall expansion of a larger spectrum of life. For example, if you look at the many colors of a rainbow, you don't judge which colors are prettier or more lively than others. You see it as a single object with colors to complement each other to form a glorious image. We human beings are the same way. Regardless of our way of living life, we actually only balance and complement each other to form a glorious image of God. This is the way God sees us.

However, after we are finished with our experiences in this lower world, we are to learn from our earlier lessons and then move on to the next level of evolution. We are all on very similar paths but also very different, since we have different capabilities, personalities, and style of forthcoming Divinity. God is creating fantastic worlds upon worlds of uniqueness, creativity, beauty, overwhelming yet simple to a little child, and with even surreal intelligence hidden behind all corners. And thus, we are fragments of God's own creative mind.

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