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Assad: Israel no different than ISIS, Al-Qaida

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posted on Oct, 18 2016 @ 07:13 AM

"Anyone, any terrorist who holds a machinegun and started killing and destroying in Syria was supported by Israel, either indirectly through the logistical support on the frontier, or sometimes by direct intervention by Israel against Syria in different areas in Syria."

As Assad put it, Israel has adopted this so-called policy "because Israel is our enemy, because they occupy our lands, and they look at Syria as [an] enemy of course, and for them they think if they undermine the position of Syria and make it weaker as a whole, as [a] society, as [an] army, as [a] state, that will prevent Israel from moving toward the peace, and the price for peace is to give back the Golan Heights to Syria. So, for them, Syria will be busy with another issue now."

This seems to be evidence against the theory that the Syrian war is just about gas or oil pipelines. I haven't seen any proposed theory that claimed that Israel was going to gain from any potential oil or gas pipeline in Syria.

Assad's contention that Israel is behind much of the fighting in Syria may help explain why the U.S. cares about the situation so much. To me the Syrian war is like a giant jigsaw puzzle where new pieces keep being added all the time. Will we ever get a complete picture?

The news that Israel is supporting terrorists isn't surprising to me. Israel has been a terrorist organization for a long time in my opinion.
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posted on Oct, 18 2016 @ 07:58 AM
a reply to: Profusion

Look at it like this.. Israel and the US are the same entity. However, this can change in a blink of an eye as money/power is the root of all evils with these elite idiots.

he real reason, according to Abanmy, is to put pressure on Iran on her nuclear program, and on Russia to end her support for Bashar al-Assad in Syria.[2] When combined with the financial losses of Russian state natural gas sales to Ukraine and prospects of a US-instigated cutoff of the transit of Russian gas to the huge EU market this winter as EU stockpiles become low, the pressure on oil prices hits Moscow doubly. More than 50% of Russian state revenue comes from its export sales of oil and gas.

All our wars have been over resources. There are indeed countries who train and arm the "terrorists".

Today, the hope is that a collapse of Russian oil revenues, combined with select pin-prick sanctions designed by the US Treasury’s Office of Terrorism and Financial Intelligence will dramatically weaken Putin’s enormous domestic support and create conditions for his ultimate overthrow. It is doomed to fail for many reasons, not the least, because Putin’s Russia has taken major strategic steps together with China and other nations to lessen its dependence on the West. In fact the oil weapon is accelerating recent Russian moves to focus its economic power on national interests and lessen dependence on the Dollar system. If the dollar ceases being the currency of world trade, especially oil trade, the US Treasury faces financial catastrophe. For this reason, I call the Kerry-Abdullah oil war a very stupid tactic.

And from another site.. it seems pretty clear what is going on. I mean.. it makes perfect sense.

In fact 80 per cent of the gas that Russian state-controlled company Gazprom produces is sold to Europe, so maintaining this crucial market is very important. But Europe doesn’t like being so reliant on Russia for fuel and has been trying to reduce its dependence. It’s a move that is supported by the United States as it would weaken Russian influence over Europe. This has not gone down well with Russia, which uses its power over gas as political leverage and has a history of cutting off supply to countries during conflicts. It has even gone to war in Georgia and Ukraine to disrupt plans to export gas from other parts of the Middle East. 35e280b63a9afb74

Countries have a way of life and they do not want it disturbed. Putin has his own interests and so do the US/Israel.

posted on Oct, 18 2016 @ 08:04 AM

To better understand the war in Syria, remember the surge in natural gas discoveries in the Eastern Mediterranean starting in 2009. Israel, Cyprus, and Egypt have found large gas deposits, and offshore Lebanon has the potential for significant gas resources.Israel has the potential to export gas to Egypt, Jordan, the Palestinian Authority, and Turkey.(Israel and Turkey have discussed a pipeline to Turkey, but Cyprus has objected as it does not have diplomatic relations with Turkey.) If the pipeline from Iran to Syria it could create an energy hub in Syria, and could block Qatar gas sales to Europe at a time when Qatar’s gas exports to the U.S. have dropped to zero, largely due to increasing U.S. domestic production of natural gas. Thus Qatar would be limited to the Asian LNG market as it scrapped for the EU market with Iran, Iraq, Syria, and Russia. And the only thing that could make it worse is happening: Europe is forecast to take more than half of U.S. LNG exports by 2020.

And further reading from the link above.. Again.. makes perfect sense. Economies are on the line. We have 2 Superpowers fighting to remain a superpower.

If Turkey can control this territory, it will bolster the Qatari pipeline and ensure its own preeminence as the energy hub in southern Europe, where it would gather oil and natural gas from Russia, Central Asia, the Caspian, the Eastern Mediterranean, and the Middle East, and become less reliant on Russian gas, which accounted for over 50 percent of its imports in 2014. But Russia hasn’t been standing still: it has surrounded Turkey on three sides by occupying Crimea, sending more troops to Armenia, and deploying the S-400 air defense system to Syria, creating a no-fly zone, and maybe a “no-buy” zone for potential customers of Qatari gas.

posted on Oct, 18 2016 @ 09:41 AM

Israel, the 51st State wants the Syrian resources. Clinton has been wanting to get rid of Assad for 8 years now and hasn't been quiet about it. Of course Israel™ would benefit and that is "probably" why TheClintonCabal™ wants in there, because She works for the same TURDS that Nuttinbutayahoo works for...

I'd opine 'they' want that oil even more than 'they' like Palestinian land and We see how 'they' eat that up.

The ONLY 'saving grace' (pun intended) is the US doesn't have a state sanctioned religion™ to use in their defense of being offensive, that is probably why 'they' are bankrolling ISIS™. Israel™ gets to use religion even though occupying/declaring a 'homeland' is against The Torah.

I'm starting to think that the US et al. seek out countries where they can install a figurehead and then steal ALL the resources all the while selling a 'war' so companies like Haliburton™ can rake it in.

How is Iran getting along? How did the Shah work out? Look at Afghanistan, remember when We trained and armed them to fight the Soviets? See how the opium fields have grown and grown while folks everywhere fight either an opiate pain medication or heroin 'jones'.

Shalom Aleichem

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