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Multiverse Mandela Effect & CERN Paradigm Shift

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posted on Oct, 18 2016 @ 01:14 AM
Hello everyone,

I recently made a thread about doppelgänger experiences but within the last few days I have been researching the Mandela Effect. I have to say, I have been reeling as I integrate the likelihood of this theory's truth. For the last seven years after a Kundalini Awakening I have been having extraordinary experiences regarding ESP, the paranormal, and dreams that seemed more true than not. Some time ago I began to suspect that my dreams were more than just symbolic, and once I understood that I have been remote viewing and having OBEs plugging in some of these dreams to multiverse theory has expanded my understanding of not only dreams but nature itself.

Some of the dreams I have had show scenarios of martial law, outbreaks of vicious diseases attacking entire populations (perhaps like Ebola?), EMP attacks and others. That being said, I have seen many beautiful realms as well... perhaps off planet and extra-dimensional. Some dreams so beautiful they would be deemed fantasy realms, and sometimes containing mythological beings with whom I interact, where I feel safe and happy as opposed to scared. I have been puzzled over the realistic elements of these otherwise surreal dreams, but remain troubled by those that have a strong feeling of truth to them and seem like they could happen. I have a few psychic friends who have confirmed that some of my dreams are OBEs, and with quantum physics supporting multiverse I believe for sure now that I have traveled to divergent realms as well as higher dimensions and seen some tragic situations as well as the opposite. That isn't to say some are symbolic and maybe not a reality of some kind, but I did spend most of my life unaware that so many dreams could have been experiences.

I was watching a video on Youtube where someone experiencing the Mandela Effect mentioned a lot of the same things happening to him that I have just described. I have begun to wonder if theories about CERN are true, and if so, that might explain why I am more and more frequently drifting into other dimensions when I sleep in addition to the doppelgänger experiences I've had over many years that confirm multiverse without a doubt for me. Has CERN corroded the fabric of this dimension, making it easier to slip in and out of others? Has our reality already shifted from one to another?

Anime like Steins;Gate and shows like Stranger Things seem to really be tapping into it, as if our collective unconscious is trying to draw our attention to potential danger. Films like Donnie Darko even seemed to have a grasp of Mandela Effect with all the characters waking at the end, remembering their lives in the Tangent Universe, and games like Chrono Trigger/Cross as well. And now, after assimilating my experiences with Mandela Effect and CERN theories, I am experiencing a paradigm shift that is truly blowing my mind. Multiverse is an inescapable reality to me now. I confess that I love the excitement of it, and hope that we are shifting and rapidly ascending toward a better, healthier planet.

I would love to hear thoughts on these engrossing topics.

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posted on Oct, 18 2016 @ 01:58 AM
a reply to: Blumenkranz

I've had many similar dreams to the ones you've had. I agree, it is an extremely exciting prospect that we are moving into a more pleasant experiential nexus. I'm not sure CERN has much to do with it, though. It may just be that there are cycles of time where great shifts happen, and we happen to be in the transitory period between cycles.

But I suppose we'll know more in time.

posted on Oct, 18 2016 @ 01:09 PM
a reply to: Epsilon5

Good to know I'm not alone. I honestly didn't even view those dreams as AU until recently and it's just been blowing my mind. But yeah, I also feel that whatever is happening is exciting and I'm trying not to see things negatively. As I become aware of the infinite nature of the universe, I'm filled with an even greater sense of awe than I've ever had before. I sure hope we're shifting toward a better reality. I love that word "nexus" that you used.
Let's see what time holds for us.

posted on Oct, 31 2016 @ 09:27 PM
yeah totally known that dreams were more then "dreams" and other realities for a while now...what i want to know is why we come back to this particular reality time and time again. Its like why can we not electively stay in other realms longer? it makes you think

posted on Nov, 7 2016 @ 07:12 PM
a reply to: dreamlotus1111

I wonder sometimes now if this experience, in this collective reality, is something I wake up from in another dimension. And if so, would what I remember in my dreams be experienced in that dimension as an equally vivid reality. And if so, would I remember this dimension in that reality as a hazy dream?

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