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A Theory of Emanation

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posted on Oct, 16 2016 @ 10:33 PM
What do I mean by emanation? Well, in a sense, is the big bang not an emanation from an original singularity? if it is, then we exist as an "emanation" of the original condensed point of the origin.

I feel emanation is the basic metaphor for the being of all that is - and this being, strangely, has a synchronic and diachronic nature: it is simultaneous beyond time and in time, which we see and experience every moment that we live.

How is it in time? Well, the big bang is the outward expansion and expression of the singularity, generating space-time, creating all the elements of the universe through a dynamical conglomeration and explosion, and then a relaxation. Between different temperatures - or different intensities of particle attraction and repulsions - planets coalesced with the densest and heaviest particularities forming the core and the lighter elements sequentially finding themselves without, with gaseous elements - and even an empty space with nothing at all - a vacuum.

Yet on specifically situated planets, the elements can relax. What does that mean? Venus is too hot - Mars too cold. Earth just right? Yes, precisely. Chemical conditions on Earth are able to attain a subtly of inter-inclusivity that cannot happen on mars or venus, which too cold (slow reactions) or too hot (too fast, too explosive). Life actually requires conditions between these two states, to foster "far from equilibrium" behavior.

When matter relaxes itself beyond a certain threshold, life emerges. This principle: matter creates life through an increasingly nuanced relaxation of chemical stresses has immense philosophical, psychological, social and political implications for the world that have yet to be explored; but make no mistake, this principle will form the backbone of the future spirituality on planet Earth. It is, in effect, the Human mind seeing its deepest of emotional needs in the heart of the self-regulatory process of living matter. What happens "above" is reflected in the smallest of scales "below". The human mind living with other human needs seeks to "relax" itself by living in mutual care, trust and respect, just as the molecules which make up their bodies seek the paths of least resistance in their functionality.


I've recently read a most amazing book - Gerald Pollacks "The Fourth Phase of Water" - which has completely transformed how I understand the living process as a Human. In short, H20 can appear as ice (solid), liquid (water), and gas (vapor), but it has another phase, or shape, that resembles the helix structure of ice (solid) but has the liquid versatility of water. This is the liquid crystaline state of water, which forms when water molecules make contact with a certain material. Water molecules are so dexterously composed that a surface material (like nafion) can cause the formation of a structural latticework where water molecules form groups that maintain a 3:2 hydrogen/oxygen ratio, which renders the usual neutrality of water into a -1 negative charge, and hence, creates a polarity in water between the "crystaline" water touching the surface and the "bulk-water" away from it, which carries the protons (hydronium ions).

This crystaline function of water has been pursued as the holy grail by biophysicists who believe that water is the matrix - the patterning structure - which determines the movements of various molecular processes happening within a body. Indeed, one can almost make out a male-female dynamic here, with the matrix - the water - as the enveloping element, about which the molecules (male) operate n the self-construction of a creature.

As mentioned above, we are synchronic and diachronic creatures. Diachronic is straight-forward: we exist in time, and so have a beginning, a middle and an end. Our physicality simultaneuously determines our psychology - what we experience phenomenologically occurs through the dynamical propensities and potentialities of a brain with 86 billion neurons, 69 in the cerebellum, 16 in the cortex, an about 800 million in the midbrain and brainstem. We are a massive biochemical powerhouse that manifests remarkable coherency; yet might this coherency be more basic than the structure we manifest? That is, doesn't our consciousness have an 'in-forming' function upon the physicality of our bodies?

And again, I am reminded of the biblical myth of adam and eve, which I know to be a metaphor for the ego and its feeling body. If, as many believe, archetypal forces - represented fractally in the emergence and development of a historically contingent world - are real, and occur within the dynamics of our experienced phenomenology, is there perhaps a relationship - an ontological one, continuously ongoing, between the dynamics of our physical being and the emergence and generation of a physical body from a core of potential energy that, in some strange way, precedes even the biodynamical and diachronic logic of the body? I mean, we contain in principle the phase shifts of physical existence: we matter adapted not merely to time, but to the conditions at the beginning. Are we not, then, in some essentially, diachronically "extended" from the beginning, housing within ourselves earlier forms - like our reptilian brain - and within our cells, the logic of "respiration" - of needing oxygen, or even further, at the core of creation, just before the big-bang event, when an imbalance and asymmetry occurred, and caused the very emergence of the universe.

How do we interpret the above in terms of seeing it somehow encoded into our experience? Oftentimes when I hear about the NDE, and particularly the "tunnel" that leads to a great light, I think of the events related to our creation: from the explosion of the sun. Are we not star dust, made from the material ejected from an ancient explosion, yet containing within it the secret of its happening? Chardin was right: what matters is not size, but organization. Complexity is more meaningful, and therefore, more scientifically significant, than our relative cosmic petiteness.

Is possible that the universe is somehow essentially "for" the creatures - all creatures - each at their own level, but more essentially, for the higher level creatures which see and know themselves, and so become needing to explain and understand all the confusion and disorientation it can feel - to sooth itself of its worries, to immerse itself into exploration and discover the secret behind its being? In a certain sense, even the dynamics of the lower beings - so regulated by ecological dynamics - can be seen to be "living metaphors" for creatures with consciousness; not abnegating or possessing the power to discredit in its value, of course; but still speaking to a history which speaks a theology - literally, the higher-minded creatures cannot help but reflexively see the universe - through us - speaking a progression; and so, can one fault the progressive political urge, for seeing in reality, and within its own spiritual experience, a sense that we need to push forward, we need to unite into something greater, and not fear that it will be bad for us?

Indeed, we live in the most alienated - and self-alienated era in Human history. Grey aliens are a neat-metaphor for this; everyone experiences themselves as isolated and differentiated; we assume a false identity and false needs; were bewildered by our own sense of relation - hampered by fear of negative judgemen
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posted on Oct, 16 2016 @ 10:35 PM
from others, yet doesn't such a fear itself presuppose a need? If the Human needs the other for its structural and functional wholeness, than what is this fear but a dissociated recognition of what your brain-mind cannot unknow: it knows it needs others, yet its blasted-center-of-awareness is deluded about what it needs.

False needs yields a false awareness. Phenomenology becomes a satire of itself - the self enacted, convenient and "good" for the context it lives within - always optimal to the condition it can attain - but it still doesn't know or properly represent how it functions. Interpersonal relations are damaged; social structures and infrastructures are damaged. The latter potentiates the former, leading to the generation of individuals who cannot help but manifest the damage of the cultural structures that scaffold upon the development of individual brain-minds.

The archetypes are embodied and embedded - they are processes in us and outside of us - so it'll take an understanding of inside and outside to control the way and manner we become self-organized by situations we do not attend to.

What I forget to mention above was a very interesting experiment showing how intelligent a medium water can be. When two beakers of water were held side-to-side, one with DNA double helix molecules, the other just simple water, and shone an infrared light at 270 nm through the DNA filled beaker into the beaker without DNA, they discovered that when they put DNA in the second beaker, the DNA self-organized towards the form of the DNA molecules in the first beaker, indicating that infrared light that passed through the DNA molecules-in-water of the first beaker had communicated the way the DNA-Water matrix changed the light, and so, was able to "in-form" how the water of the second beaker self-organized.

Basically, the light carried information, and communicated it to the water in the second beaker, which was retained in the structure of the water molecules to shape the structuring sequence of the DNA molecules later put inside of it.

Evidently, water is the matrix which contains electromagnetic information - specifically being sensitive to infrared radiation, but responsive to most. The question then presents itself: does the water which makes up 99% of the molecules of our body, and 70% of our raw weight, structure the way and manner our electromagnetic fields - itself under the control of our awareness of self - physically exist?
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posted on Oct, 16 2016 @ 10:46 PM
Yes yes.



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