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Mental and physical health this Halloween season for adults and parents/counselors

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posted on Oct, 12 2016 @ 09:02 PM
Many of us know, Halloween or October in general is a drinking and festive month...with the issues of Trump or Clinton being a currant focus of inappropriate behaviors...
I do wish for safe environments to discuss some of the poor habits/patterns in the world.. for discussions between parents and children or between trusted friends and or counselors...
i reached into a site i trust to check out what the psychologists are discussing currently...
i believe one can make a change from believing they need attention that can have ill effects overall and in turn anyone that has given attention that another finds offensive..can also make a change to be an upstanding respectful individual.

Sexual assault is any type of sexual contact or behavior without explicit consent. This includes attempted or completed contact of private areas (breasts, genitals, buttocks, upper inner thighs) of a person who doesn’t want it or is unable to consent to it due to young age, disability, or intoxication, etc. It may or may not involve use of authority or force including verbal threats, and can include rape, which is defined by penetration.
Sexual harassment includes degrading remarks, gestures, and jokes based on gender, being touched, grabbed, pinched, or brushed against in a sexual way, unwelcome sexual advances, and requesting sexual favors as part of employment decisions.
Sexually predatory behavior includes hunting for people to have sexual contact with, whether they can or do consent or not.


this my friends is not just about women and is a non-gender issue
i am working with a close friend, in the study of therapy, concerning many things such as this and he and myself discuss, Positive affirmations...
1.I worthy of being treated as a holy being body belongs to me
3.i have the right to speak up for what i like or for what offends me
these are three i came up with and as positive affirmations are, positive at some point a negative word will have to be used as in #3where offend is a negative word used in defending oneself, in a civil manner, words used.

All a parent would have to do is take into account as to how they would like their children treated, provided they are of sound mind, balanced and know what healthy love is...
where some find comfort and familiarity, others may not and the process of freeing oneself from the rat maze after getting the cheese several a secret only the mind , heart and spirit can unlock, (chew through...what not) once that barrior is broken...and freed from mental enslavement...the future path can one of joy and goodwill or the other path...getting back into the trap...
a site i found recently discussing an interesting book, thebestbrainpossible
so, happy October, thank you for reading my OP and be safe and well in mind body and spirit...

no need for anyone to open up here over such issues...i just felt like reminding dear people to be safe and joyful festive season..
i recommend if one can not communicate over these issues to write it down on paper, burn in safe place(barbique pit or fire place..) and collect cooled ashes into a jar to be emptied and released down stream/river..letting go of past issues...

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