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Slipping Between Versions of Reality

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posted on Oct, 11 2016 @ 09:28 PM
Full disclosure:

I have had my fair share of paranormal experiences. I have had my fair share of psychiatric medications which failed to make them go away. My health is in good shape. I am a pagan, but it's in the sense that I was raised that way and go through the motions like a fair number of Christians. I consider myself skeptical, due entirely to the experiences that I have had; in my experience, most people claiming paranormal phenomena are psychotic or lying. I disbelieve new age woo. I have, however, had enough experiences with paranormal phenomena and occult dealings that I believe that some things are indeed very real. It is with this mindset that I begin my story, as I have wasted enough time with prefaces.

It began in August of 2015, the beginning of the school year. At the ripe age of thirty, I had decided to pursue a degree in physics. In order to reach my school by the most efficient route, I had to drive down a highway for approximately eight miles, then make a turn onto a road I'll pretend is called Antelope Rd. From Antelope, I would ideally make a turn onto Jefferson. My GPS told me so, a quarter of a mile away, that my turn on Jefferson was approaching. I prepared to turn right. I approached where Jefferson should have, but it was not there. In its place was Forest St. I glanced at my GPS, which has shut off. I glanced at the mustachioed caricature of an Italian man on the front of the ice cream and beef shop across the intersection. I continued driving, baffled but hoping to run into Jefferson. I pulled into a seedy parking lot next to a seedier parking lot and fiddled with my phone until Google Maps worked again. It directed me to my school, and I was only ten minutes late to my very first college class. Great job.

The strangeness, however, did not end there. Antelope disappeared, turning into Highway 289, which vexed me for weeks. My husband insisted that it was my womanly driving, so I dared not mention it to him, but it kept happening. And every time I got lost, the next intersection down the road was Forest St. After weeks, the roads agreed with Google upon their locations, or so it seemed to me, and I believed myself out of danger. I could not have been more wrong.

In a more amusing but equally unsettling episode, I drew a picture of a Minion for my mom, because she despises the little yellow cretins. I waved it around in front of her face and did my best Minion voice, and she cursed me in words unrepeatable. In a rare moment of mercy, I took the drawing away. "I know! I'll put him in the trash where he belongs." My mother chuckled and implored me to continue with my plan. I walked down the hallway towards the kitchen, folding the piece of paper hotdog style before crumpling it up, placing my foot on the lever to the trash, and dropping it in. A few minutes later, I went to bother my mom about something else, and saw the minion tacked upon the mantelpiece, never folded, never crumpled, pristine as it was before I decided it needed to die. "I threw that motherf***er in the motherf***ing trash, mom. What the f*** are you trying to pull on me?" (She was well aware of the terror the incidents with Forest St. had induced in me.) She looked at me, shocked, truly shocked. "Honey, you tacked that Minion up to remind me that the Minions will always love me, no matter how much I hate them. Your words, Narrator." I told her what I remembered. I told her, Forest St. Wasn't done with me. I watched for it, seeing it almost daily, sometimes an intersection transposed entirely, sometimes just a name, but Forest St. followed me, and nobody else noticed.

I had gone to Buffalo Grove to pick up and drop off a friend of mine for a day of wandering forest preserves and other tomfoolery. On the way home from dropping him off, I saw the sign for the John Deere dealership which marked the road which lead me home. I pulled into the turning lane, only to have it abruptly turn into ditch. As the car fought to creep into the center, where a series of metal fenceposts would have put a quick end to my car. I managed to keep to the right and emerged onto the road, narrowly missing the guy in front of me. I circled back and found the real turnoff, my heart racing. Whatever this was, it had to stop, because it was going to kill me. And it did stop, or it seemed to, at long last. I concluded that the routes had somehow been shifted, as if I had fallen into a place where those roads traversed those locations, and then abruptly shifted back as soon as it would mess up my day.

But as the months passed, strange people greeted me as if they knew me. I thought nothing of it; I was in the music business, drank a lot, smoked a lot, and met a lot of people. But it kept happening, and with people who had no business at a show geared to the 18-24 crowd. It culminated at a party in July at my mother-in-law's friend's house. She and three of her friends encircled me and began chatting about how good it was to have us all together again. 'All together again?' I had seen pictures of these women, wondered at their personalities, and one in specific I thought looked like a good friend to have. But there was no again in the equation. I hid my lack of knowledge of these women, even evading my ignorance of their names, and made a b-line towards my husband. I told him what happened. "Narrator, are you f***ing kidding me? You shopped for your wedding dress with them." I argued that no, I had gone with my mom and (at the time) my future mother-in-law. We went into a grand total of five stores before I had selected my dress and shoes, and my m-i-l remarked that it was the most efficient wedding shopping she'd ever witnessed.

Somewhere along the way, I concluded that I was slipping in time or space or dimensions or something. Like, instead of living in the world where I went shopping with my mom and mother-in-law, I now live in the universe where I went shopping with my mom, my mother-in-law, and three of my mother-in-law's friends. (And the one I thought looked nice was dear to me.) I feel cheated right now. I have discussed it with my psychiatrist, and he was as confused as I was. I have discussed it with my psychologists, and they were as baffled as I was. But what is worst, and I am telling you that this is quite possibly the most unsettling sensation I have ever felt, is wondering when I might shift again, and how far I may drift when I do. Would I drift to a universe where my mom and husband have no idea that this has been happening to me? Or someplace where I have a completely different life? It is disconcerting and I wish I could find some answer.

I am far from an inexperienced occultist, but this is far beyond anything that I have ever meddled with. If it's a supernatural phenomena, then there seems to be little I can do to fight it. If it's done on purpose, I don't even want to know who or what has that kind of power. It is a disturbing predicament, to be sure. I will answer any reasonable questions pertaining to this matter. Thank you for your consideration.

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Edit no 2, a list of incidents
1. All the madness with Forest St. 20-30 incidents
2. The minion
3. People I don't know who know me and provided stories about things I did 30-40
4. Most recently, I have discovered that I came from a reality in which Will Smith lacked a stache in Independence Day
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posted on Oct, 11 2016 @ 09:52 PM
You mentioned you are a pagan? The spirits are telling me it has something to do with your personal deities. If you don't mind elaborating on that I would be very interested. This is not a joke i', an eclectic pagan myself.

posted on Oct, 11 2016 @ 10:07 PM
a reply to: drking427

I believe in Odin. I've known him as my god for a long time. However, I have had zero evidence towards my religious leanings having anything to do with my predicament. Because of character limits and an aversion to revealing too much of my identity, I have neglected the meat and bones of my occult leanings; I have achieved a lot in my life about which I would loathe myself to brag. I have had scuffles with various organizations and creatures whose names will not be uttered by my lips or my fingers, but even they are too weak to cause a person to slip from one dimension to another. As much as I love him, Odin can't do that either.

I also hate to say it, but for the past three years I have been intentionally off the spooky radar. As far as people who observe such things are concerned, I died a few years ago. I have had no occult dealings, I have remained silent. There is no reason for the strangeness to chase me down.
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Also, I am posting here to see if others have had similar experiences. I discovered the Berenstein/Berenstain Bears thing a few months ago and had a good chuckle, because I'm definitely from universe E. I remember, even as a child, despising the way the "e" looked in Berenstein, a young typography snob. Furthermore, any occult explanations will come up against an occultist with twenty years of experience in the very, very chilling. If I think something is nonsense, I will say so. I consider myself a Thelemite who got tired of the enforced bs and took my own route of ceremonial magick. I have been studying and practicing since age ten. That is as much background and as much of a request as I can hammer out into a paragraph. Cheers.
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posted on Oct, 11 2016 @ 10:15 PM
That's very interesting, I know # can get spooky but you can't really run from the spirits. They have a way of catching up with you eventually. There are shifts in the dimensions every day, i've seen it in front of my eyes. I'm a doctor of this kind of thing. I've traveled through dimensions...the drugs help with that without most people realizing.

posted on Oct, 11 2016 @ 10:20 PM
a reply to: drking427

You don't understand. Really, you don't. I have hidden myself well, physically and energetically. The top secret societies and my occult comrades in arms, some of the best on earth, can't pick up on my energetic signature, so I highly doubt anybody's spirit guide could. Thank you very much for your concern and kind words, but this is slightly above your pay grade. I'm seeking professional opinions right now.

edit to add: i come here only out of desperation, as my aforementioned comrades in arms have run out of ideas, too.
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posted on Oct, 11 2016 @ 10:23 PM
Unless you have separated from spirit you will always be connected. I'm sorry I couldn't help

posted on Oct, 11 2016 @ 10:25 PM
a reply to: drking427

There will be others who have not strayed beyond your aid as I have. Be well and fortune find you on your way.

posted on Oct, 11 2016 @ 10:56 PM
I do not think you are going to find the help you need here...

posted on Oct, 11 2016 @ 11:14 PM
a reply to: apoc36


Here's another sentence for the Terms of Service.

posted on Oct, 12 2016 @ 12:51 AM
a reply to: swords

If I were to read your story; and simply from the angle that is is precisely that, just a story, I would love it for no other reason than that it is one of the most beautifully written things I have ever read. I didn't want it to end, actually. However, I can understand how much you do. And for what it's worth, I believe you.

I, too, have had...and continue to have...a rather unsettling number of bizarre things happening to me, on a fairly routine basis since the beginning of the year. I say unsettling because I've always had copious amounts of strangeness woven into the fabric of my life, and after a while it just becomes almost commonplace. However, it's been anything but that over the past several months, and shows no sign of abating any time soon. Some highlights of note include:

* Two strange cats suddenly showed up and started living on my patio as if they've known us their whole lives, sitting in our laps and everything...and also act as if they know several of our friends and family members. And oddest of all, both of my dogs greeted them the first time as if they were all old friends from way back.

* My neighbor, whom I've been speaking to on a daily basis for about a year now, has on several occasions acted as if she's never seen me before in her entire life when I've waved at her or said hello. The first time it happened, it was at night, and I was baffled but chalked it up to the poor lighting in the parking lot. The four other times it's been in broad daylight, with witnesses, and one day she actually commented on how friendly my dog was to her...she didn't have a clue it was because she pets him and plays with him pretty much every day of his life.

* My long-haired tortie cat, Persephone, is a genetic chimera. She absorbed a twin in utero, so she's got two different distinct patterns to her coat. Well...I should say had, because now her coat changes patterns and colors at least twice a week. Everyone notices it, and it happens so often that when people come over, they go check to see what Persi has decided to look like this time around. She's a weird little thing anyway, so it's just become one of her quirks.

* Trees have completely changed position; permanently, it would seem, on the property where we live. Other neighbors have mentioned it, so it's not just us. We live on a lake and there are a large number of ducks and geese and hybrid offspring, but on a number of occasions when I'm walking the dogs in the early morning, I've seen some birds that I cannot identify walking around out there. And by that I mean that no web search had anything like them anywhere that I could find. Creepy looking creatures that look like different birds all pasted together. They even move strangely.

* I also have people approach me whom I do not know, yet they seem to know me. This has happened quite a few times. At first I tried to explain that they'd gotten me confused with someone else or something, but that just complicated an already weird situation, so now if it happens I just go with it. I'm waiting for one of them to suddenly appear and be pissed off at me...that should be an adventure.

* Two weeks ago, we left to go grocery shopping one afternoon. I personally brought both dogs in from the patio and locked the glass door and pulled the blinds. I then gave each dog a cookie before we left. We came back about an hour later and put away the groceries, and I started to cook dinner. No one went out to the patio.

After I got the sauce simmering, we headed out to the patio. Opened the vertical blinds, unlocked the glass door and raised the security bar, opened the door and stepped out...and, lying there on the dog bed completely passed out, was my mastiff, Butch. We looked back and forth from him to each other several times, in complete shock. He was not on that patio when we left. Period. No doubt about it. He took his cookie and went with his sister into the bedroom to lie down. And he cannot teleport, to my knowledge, so how did he get out there? I may never have the answer to that.

There are other things, but those are some of the weirder ones. I'm not sure what is going on but I just try to look at it with humor as much as possible. I don't allow any of it to affect my daily life in any significant way, although I continue to actively seek an explanation. However, your situation is not a laughing matter by contrast, particularly regarding the driving incidents.

I'm afraid that all I can offer you is commiseration in the fact that I am also experiencing the bizarre fairly regularly myself. I have no idea of how to stop it because I cannot even understand why it's happening in the first place. I wish I had some answers for sounds like you're really struggling with this. Please be careful.

posted on Oct, 12 2016 @ 02:46 AM
I was once a pagan like you..

Until i took an arrow to the knee.

I know that's going to get a chuckle or two.. but i'm rather serious, the meme just fits so well.
you'll keep getting messed with if you don't break your bindings.. right now your bound to mischief/chaos.. and that's what will manifest.. i know it's warm and fuzzy, and they make you feel loved.. but those you commune with are not our friends, it's all one big trap.

They feed of your breaking mind, the energy rush you exert when events are noticed is a beacon, a lighthouse and they are the moths, when they are done they break you and move to the next target.. and there are an abundance of targets (food) in these times.

Not easy to hear.. but it's the solid truth.
Been there.. bought the T-shirt.. hell, i bought out the factory.
Good luck.

posted on Oct, 12 2016 @ 05:45 AM
According to some scientists, life is a film where there are millions of alternate realities all running parallel to each other in real-time.

Most of the time, people's spirits swap meat-suits via alternate realities once a second. The reality that your spirit jumps into depends upon how your spirit feels.

99% of the time, the swap is so un-noticable that the person does not take notice. However, jumping into an alternate reality where a street name changes is dramatic.

The fallen angels created multiple alternate realities as a 'safe exit' from God who is now terminating all fake realities one by one. This is why crazy events are happening now as the little gods are fleeing to this real physical world because its the only one that God will leave standing.

Soon aliens will show themselves and hope to mingle with humans after God erases their alternate reality.

posted on Oct, 12 2016 @ 07:43 AM
a reply to: tigertatzen

I can say it certainly feels less awk-weird being not alone in this. I wonder if we're from the same part of reality! I must also add that it makes it easier over time, the strangeness being, as you said, interwoven in life's fabric. It's when things get really normal that I start to panic.

I have begun to call the phenomenon "cross-dimensional drift", because it seems to be the most accurate way to describe it and doesn't exactly share the title of an episode of Regular Show. As I mentioned, I more than dabble in occultism. I was primarily something of a renegade Thelemite, taking the religion, attitude, and what worked of the ritual and tossing the hierarchy to the dogs just as it deserved. I have not been active, but being a passive occultist can get quite a few things done. I know, truly, that I have shifted dimensions. In my meditations, I have felt the difference between realities, and I know, certainly, the symptoms. They are as described by you and me.

Were you from Will Smith with No Mustache in Independence Day, or Will Smith with that Stupid Little Mustache in Independence Day?

posted on Oct, 12 2016 @ 07:49 AM
Sorry for Double Posting like a NOOB
a reply to: Xarian6

No. I see that you feel religiously obliged to attempt to bring a stray sheep back to the herd, but dear one I am not a sheep, for I am a wolf with a path entirely my own. Thank you for your concern for my spiritual well-being, but the ol' chakras are functioning within normal parameters and my etheric vehicle is purring like a kitten.

posted on Oct, 12 2016 @ 07:56 AM
a reply to: Rapha
I like your description of what it looks like, as it is accurate by my experience.

From my understanding of both esotericism and physics, the totality of creation consists of multiple threads of reality branching off from each other over and over and over, overlaid upon each other, and eventually ending, some spanning longer than I could count in years. I saw it in a meditation once. I like to sculpt it as a tree whose branches circle around and grow into its roots; even though it is visually an incorrect representation, its natural symbolism and physical shape evoke the correct emotional response in the viewer. The realities which exist do so not because of diabolical influence (of which there is none by the common definition) but because it is the simple nature of the cosmos in which we dwell. I hope that aids you in whatever it is your purpose may be in these matters.

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posted on Oct, 12 2016 @ 08:47 AM
a reply to: swords

I died a few years ago.

You bought something back with you, unintentionally?

posted on Oct, 12 2016 @ 08:56 AM
a reply to: TheConstruKctionofLight

No, I utilised a near-death experience to make it seem, spiritually, that I had passed on from this earth, as a ruse. I did die once for real, but everything was too scared to come back with me.

posted on Oct, 12 2016 @ 10:45 AM
Reality slips all the time, mostly in small ways we don't even notice. Example, A fact which suddenly changes with new meaning; a word we spelled all of our lives suddenly lost or gained another letter. All things fluctuate, I think we see that in nature very plainly. Though I have noticed as I have become an old man and the brain slows, the occurrence of these changes are less observable. Since you are a pagan, I would, if I were you, try and live this life as long as you can. Observe, learn, and don't be afraid of taking new ideas and trying them to see if they might be true. It's clear to me that the many philosophy this word teaches has elements a truth in it all of them,when combined and sifted, a real truth can be obtained. I have feared though that forces greater then ourselves can manipulate reality and in fact move us from one world to the next. A world so close in nature to where we came from, that we can hardly discern it. Why? So that they can control or manipulate and outcome in each dimension of their choosing. If so, well there is nothing we can do about it, so we just live life the best we can.
In my years I have seen things which bring me to this conclusion, yet I know there is a single greater truth, I have found it, and to believe it a person must find it on their own as they journey through this life experience. Otherwise it may not be believed. Meditate, learn to control your thoughts and make them serve you. Take some time and hold a single image in your mind for extended periods of time. Fast, but do not hurt your body by doing so.....but learn control over self. Don't use mind altering drugs, because the cost to your physical mind is greater then any lessons you might learn. They cause mental images through the death of mind and eventually drugs exact a great price. This of course does not include medications which we might need if our mind or nervous system needs adjustment because of environmental or genetic factors. Sometimes we must use the tools of medicine and or herbs,in order to find balance, Frankincense and Myrrh.
One sure way to find balance, is to serve others and forget ourselves...but that is a truth we as individuals have to conclude. Most of all don't get frustriaghted during the changes of dimensions, keep a diary and note what has changed. Also, the unknown friends, ask questions and find if they are just part of the change or something else. But greet them as friends, even if they are not friendly. Also, I am awful with writing, so I hope you can glean what I am trying to say in this response.

a reply to: swords

posted on Oct, 12 2016 @ 12:00 PM
There are many beings that can interact with time and space. Our reality is not what it seems, it is for all intents and purposes an illusion. Please don'the be offended but If I were in your position I would start looking into psychological issues, it sounds to me like you could be having memory issues that are more mundane. But, there ARE things that could
Do this, but my question would be why? I have had some intiresting experiences with entities that can bend space, and do some pretty crazy stuff but it became quite apparent as to WHY this being or beings would want me to experience what I did, let'stand it answered some pretty serious questions for me. But if your case is 100% supernatural than WTF?

posted on Oct, 12 2016 @ 12:10 PM
a reply to: swords

I have been...and continue to be...somewhat dubious about the idea of dimension shifts, specifically with regard to the "Mandela effect". That particular phenomenon does not feel natural or random to me. It is a construct...and I mean that empirically; if the mechanism behind it is in fact of a quantum nature, then it is deliberately being done.

However, I am not opposed to a theory in which such a construct does in fact involve crossing dimensions to effect permanent changes to our reality, and where such manipulation is causing fluctuations elsewhere in our world. Like throwing a rock into the center of a calm pond...concentric ripples push outward into the rest of the water, disturbing everything along their paths, underneath, where no one can see it happening from the surface.

I have thought about this possibility quite a bit in recent weeks, more so since you made this thread. I am a practicing Witch myself, and have been for the majority of my adult life. The spooky, the strange, the impossible...they are old friends of mine. So, I have begun to accept the new differences as another one. If I push the fear aside, it really is quite an amazing thing to experience. Like an endless puzzle.

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