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The Witch’s Prediction

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posted on Oct, 10 2016 @ 05:58 PM
Once upon a time in Australia, in Gympie to be precise, the city of Gold and the Ancient Pyramids of Thoth, a daughter was born to an accomplished witch of the highest ranks.

The daughter was extremely promising. She was conceived on a Beltane trip of her mother to celebrate the Night of Walpurgis, also called the night before May Day, halfway between spring equinox and summer solstice, on the Broken in Germany; then was born back in Australia 2mths premature, on a day halfway between autumn equinox and winter solstice, on the night before All Saints Day which is All Hallows' Eve.

A year later, when all witches like to celebrate Halloween, three notorious witches dedicated to the Order of St. Walpurga came flown in on their Birchwood Brooms to the ceremony of the girl’s dedication and names-giving which was going to be Hexxeh Anna. Each witch brought specially seeded ambitions as a gift to Hexxeh Anna.

The First Witch showered her with allure and viciousness.
The Second Witch gave her the ability to spell tricks and illusions upon anybody.
The Third Witch bestowed upon her the gift of foresight and predictions.

At a very young age already it was obvious how alluring the little witch could be. Once she knew a victim wrapped around her finger, she would have her vicious ways without remorse.

As she grew older only her very accomplished mother would do in lecturing Anna. She took her on many adventures executing her own skills at spells, tricking folks from any society, setting up traps and illusions people could never or hardly distinguish as such. Without exception she did this for her own benefit, needless to say she was a very wealthy witch. It is whispered, that her fortune was once a dragon’s, which she had transfixed.

The young student graduated soon with bravura. Her talent to literally blindfold any unsuspecting or even suspecting victim with a tricky fog of illusions made even her mother be extremely mindful when in her company. People trembled for their sanity and their very lives while she even scared the devil, so it is said.

The legends tell that even in her later years her allure had never diminished, not even over a thousand years, nor did her playful joy at being vicious never lost its edge. The legends even retell how she perfected a malicious mix of pulling sheer sticky illusions over peoples’ eyes with a wicked humour with which she predicted and foretold the future not only to individuals but also to the masses.

Many of those predictions are still alive today and still sitting uncomfortably with folks; you may have heard yourselves of this one in particular::

It was Anna Hexxeh who had bewitched a man’s judgment and made him proclaim, that a human being eats around 50 spiders in their sleep in their lifetime.

Scientist tried hard to discredit these facts by declaring, that a person would need to sleep on their back to swallow a spider. Further their mouth would need to be open and the spider would need to let itself down from exactly above their face. When a person sleeps on their back with their mouth open, they usually snore which would prevent them from swallowing. They also pointed out that the reflexes of a human would be to spit out a spider entering their mouth; nor is a spider attracted to enter a snoring human’s mouth.

However this may be, neither of the propositions could be proven right or wrong. Nor was ever a case taken into consideration and investigated, whereby little spiders like to hide amongst the folds of freshly washed and sun aired linen, then end up in bed and specifically like to enter little crevices like a gently opened mouth of a person who sleeps on their side.

At this stage, Anna Hexxeh thought she needed to reinforce her predictions about people swallowing unknowingly heaps of spiders during their life time.

She had an article published on her well liked facebook page “Tricks n Threats”, writing, that people were too often ignorant about spiders eaten at the table straight from their own kitchen. Not only do spiders stay undetected on salads fresh from the fields of farmers but also on salads wrapped in modern plastic packaging from today’s supermarkets. There are many green and black little spiders that have the ability to rescue themselves into niches and nooks of salad leaves, so she explained, and so were easily able to withstand even vigorous washing by water.

She even predicted, if a person washing salads by soaking them in a bowl of water, would not have at least two little salad spiders swim up onto the surface, said person would unwillingly be eating those.

She further mentioned in her article that people cannot count on hygienic packaging as promised by the food cartels, who are a conspiracy anyway, according to Anna. She also refers to housewives, maybe even househusbands, with stressed schedules, which would prevent them to wash and soak salads properly. Another big danger lurks at restaurants, she insists, where unattended kitchen-hands preparing salads often rush the steps of properly preparing a salad dish.

With all this in mind she predicts at least 1 spider will be eaten by a person per week.

Since salad consumption fell drastically that year, the farmer’s union spread wild rumours about her predictions they called “false”. But the fact remains, that the contrary was never proven.


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