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No one got hurt

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posted on Oct, 10 2016 @ 04:00 PM
A naked man came out running from the woods, when a truck almost hit him. The truck stopped and came out, he looked friendly," Are you hurt? " The trucker asked.. The naked man looked at him and said;" No, i just got lost, well sorta, i ran from a snake... A big snake! "
The truck driver looked at him top to toe, he didnt seem hurt, just a little bit confused.. " You sure you dont need any help? You just encountered a very big snake?" The naked man looked at the trucker and said;" If you think this snake was the worst i ever came across naked in the woods, well, you cant be very often one with nature, can you? "
The truck driver asked;" Do you need a lift ". The naked man said;" No, thank you.. Im gonna go back into the woods, again, you dont need to worry."
So the naked man ran along north on the road, the truck driver watched him disappear into the woods.. But just before he vanished into thin air, he thought he saw the naked man turn into a bear..
It was late, so the truck driver most likely just saw a vision..

But a hand came up and looked like a bears paw, waving a friendly - Good bye..


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