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May has visions...uncle Ming strives to get story straight

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posted on Oct, 10 2016 @ 03:43 PM
Mr. Ming lee tchui found little May with a fellow from a distant land...her speaking still a catastrophie..."calm down may, try to breath...gather your self up and tell me who this fellow is.."
May tried to smile.."Mai found love and i seen his marraige in a vision...i need to find reasons for my life..." May was nearing a severe fit..
... folks wondered if medicine would help..
Uncle Ming told everyone she was experiencing shock..and not to touch her..."May are you sure mai is getting married?"

May and her thoughts of getting even overtook her being and she looked at the fellow who only wished to carry her book bag.."This my new love and he is going to marry he not a better catch than Mai..i find him go tell Mai and his love we are so happy for him and they are invited to our wedding.."
the fellow was very confused as May couldn't even stand to hold his hand and did as she was told to by the voices in the visions she recievd...
the next day she told her dear helper, "listen, don't ever make me hold your hand again...or your gonna get knocked out by my dear Mai.."
the fellow spoke.."i thought you and Mai were over with..?"
"he is my love..his new wife is very lucky, i will get you, fellow for making me hold you hand... and Mai will be to blame.."
the fellow could'n't believe the dirty tricks May had up her sleaves...

Uncle Ming was so heart broken finding his house where Mai and May stayed he could'nt speak...Mai had left the home after May threw her fit and as the
uncle stood there figuring on repairs..May and her fellow walked up to the house, "Uncle you see what Mai has done? he ruined everything and my friend here can fix these damages.."
The Uncle just favored little May not sure what to believe and with his loving and kind heart spoke to the silly pair.."I am so glad that the truth is out and Mai will have to be punished for what has happened here."
"Thank you Uncle for knowing to believe in what i say.."
May was so happy and her new friend was happy to have work on the beautiful house and yet he was terrified of ever meeting the other twin, Mai...and May assured him that Mai was getting punished at the church having to write chants over and over...
"i'm so glad you are my new best friend, i will show you my collections.."
This is my radio, it plays my favorite song...May and her new friend listened together...

the two drank beverages...lit incense and smiled and laughed together...

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posted on Oct, 10 2016 @ 06:45 PM
Your stream of conscientiousness work rivals Joyce at times and this is one of these times.

Ulysses changed my life.
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posted on Oct, 11 2016 @ 02:58 PM
a reply to: olaru12 Thanks? not sure who Joyce is if you find time maybe you let me know? thanks..


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