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posted on Oct, 9 2016 @ 07:35 AM
The shadowy figure walked into a room, no one was nearby nor even close.. The silence this room brought with it means that it is a sacred place from the beginning of time.. In the center of the room was a flower, a beautiful flower perfect in all its shape and glory.. The shadowy figure came closer to the center of the room, and tunes could be heard.. Different, pulsating but calming..
The shadowy figure was told;" This is not your world", but he believed it was.. He knew a secret only those who share his blood knew and could understand..
But yet the shadowy figure walked the maze like he has walked it a million times before, maybe it was a divine intervention, maybe someone was guiding him.. Or maybe just maybe, he has walked this path in another lifetime..
He looked at the flower, and said;" Giver of life, it is you " A drop fell from one of the pedals, he gently grasped the drop and let one of his senses feel the drop.. His eyes turned white, and became one with the universe..
Everything from the beginning of time surged through out his mind, he screamed in pain.. ;" IT IS TO MUCH!!! "
But it didnt stop, until he heard a voice that said," Welcome home "


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