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Hot Mics and Leaked Tape Part VII Hits Keep Coming

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posted on Oct, 8 2016 @ 04:38 PM
Said he didn't treat his goldfish any differently than he treats his wives or girlfriends -
Caught on the Hot Mic!!
Oh yeah

D- So I like to just walk in on them while they're you know, not wearing any clothes, you know -

M- But, they are goldfish, right? they don't wear clot-

D- (interrupting) yeah yeah yeah I know but look listen, believe me, I just walk right in - beautiful, it's a beautiful thing
you know, because being a celebrity you know, I get the best when I go to the pet store to get things for my fish - goldfish - you know they are really beautiful - tremendous colors, and the gold, the gold , the gold uh, they call them goldfish you know for a reason.

M- Yes. Ok.

D- So I you know treat these fish better than - you know I saw a program the other night about these fish mongers living in a fish monger village somewhere over in china - and you know I love china, they , I have, they buy my buildings and I just love them, I have tremendous respect for - anyways believe me - i thought my god my goldfish live better lives than these fish mongers - anyways, just tremendous tremendous respect for china.

M- Ok.

D. But yeah, sure you know, there have been times. there have been times, oh boy have there been times, let me, I can tell you, somedays I would just walk in and scoop them up with the net, and you know I have the greatest little net, well it's small, but it cost me almost 2 million dollars, long story anyway- ok - so it apparently belonged to King Tutenkamin or kamen or whatever his name is you know the egyptian guy-king you know that one.
Anyways, I would just scoop them up and just carry them around the house and maybe go swimming with them in the pool - I know they can't handle being out of the water and the saltwater pool will kill them but you know I can do these things because I am a celebrity-

M- well, any sadistic person could do that, you don't have to be a celery-

D-whats that? (interrupting). Have you ever been to Dubai? No? Let me tell you those guys have goldfish like you would not believe, believe me.

Shocking ! ! ! !

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