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Killing police

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posted on Oct, 4 2016 @ 03:35 AM
When I told a lawyer that the Dutch police do kill people, I was carhed 76 euroś for speaking 2 minutes.
3 weeks later i showed him ;
He just smiled and told me I still had to pay him for trying to prevent the above.

Just recieving money for never showing up.

Itś one corrupt club, no devided powers over here.

Judges and police as well the layers are in bed with eachother.

The man was never cuffed, just killed by the Dutch police.

And if you tell, you will be charged for it!

The police of today is just the same as the robbing knights of the lords castle in medieval times.

Make the rulers will, law, by force and torture.

People never change.

The cross is only used indoors these days.

Only headshots and hanging man are shown.

And killers are called terrorists these days.

The real killers are the cops themselves.

Poor guy, I have not been able able to safe him.

At least I tried, by telling a layer.

Got charged 76 euroś for it.

For walking 6 six staiars up and down.

My story took no 2 minutes to tell.

It's all money for those crocked layers.

They are not going to prevent a murder, that's the business the live from from of.

Stupid my, thought to do good and prevent a murder.

Had to pay 76 euroś and the guy was killed anyway.

This goes on, all over in in Europe.

Just cuff the the guy and do your job.

What use is there in killing people people?

This comes only in the local news, 20 miles further in the regoin and nobody can know.

The police does never kill, only have excidents.

I was not there, but know for sure they broke his neck, cause they tried to brake my neck too.

No handcufs, that's no fun, for them.

Inflict as much pain as they can, and scare as much they can.

My neck had to carry my own weight and of two cops.

Luckely my galow broke down of the weight.

A amature makeshift galow.

I was lucky, this guy was not so lucky.

Try to tell someone will cost you.

You just can say these things and are warned infront, nobody will believe a word you say anyway.

But they do kill, they all do do kill.

And coppers who tell, will see their family hurt or get radiated with a open sliced magnetron oven.

Making your skin turn red trough stone walls!

Hoping it will turn in to cancer.

Agh I am so sorry your son got cancer...
Yeah right, then don use slized open magnetron ovens for your torture games.

Behind 4 stone walls you can feel the heat and get radiated as long as they wish for.

Hugo Chavez from venuzuela has been radiated so he got cancer.

If a ordinary microwave can penetrade 4 stone walls, the cancer apparatus can be 4 rooms away.

Ordinary microwave ovens, just sliced open at one half.

To get to the the old and sick, those who do not work better die.

You have bring in money, not cost money!

I have seen the open slised microwave ovens with my own eyes.

My big mouth has resulted in intimidation of secret service members in their black range rovers, keeping their sunglases on even if it rains cats and dogs.

Poisening my food.

And leaving goodies on your couch.

Like Killroy was here...

So if you had any doubts, now they are gone.

Presents don fall on my couch from the sky.

Stupid my thought to catch them on my cellphone.

So the basterds took my cellphone away, not once, not twice but three times.

You don shut up?

You wil get arrested on false charges so you can tumble from the stairs wile your hands are cuffed on your back.

Thrown of the stairs by the Ditch police.

Saying did you trip?

No you pushed me of the stairs you jerk.

In my world we try to save lives, but that's a naive thouhgt.

Police are killers and only the worse get promoted.

Honest police who wil do do such things will never get a promotion.

The evil police is bullying the honest cops out of the corps.

Let them gard an open window for 6 hours in wind and rain, while collegues are warm and smiling.

New cops learn quick, play along or get out.

Of the 10 big cases 9 were were all flasly convicted.

The Dutch Justice system is dead.

There is no justice in the Netherlands anymore.

The good are in jail and the criminals wear uniforms.

Yesterday Kim Khardasian was robbed by man dressed as police!

They are police !

I know it.

When I had a burglary I called the cops.

I had to leave my own house so the police could search for evidence.

When I wanted to take the gold with me that was hidden and not found by the burglars, the police complained.

Why take the gold, don't you trust the police?

We better leave right away, if thatś the case.

So I leftr the gold in my house.

Once outside I did no trust the cops and went back inside.

I did not want to leave my house and my gold.

Wel the were done anyway and said a good thing all the gold still WWAASS THERE !!!

And the cop closed the door, I jumped to my goldbox .

All the gold , gone, robbed by the Dutch police.

Shutt up your smart mouth you smart ass.

Real crimanal treid to steal my gold but the police took it all.

Having a ball making funny faces to me!

Thatś where I work for?

Do I pay tax for that?

So now these days I do not work, and try to steal as much back from this criminal state of the Netherlands as I can.

My whole pension savings stolen by the criminal police of the Netherlands.

Calling me a smart mouth, a liar that never tells the truth.

Little did I know that the Judges and Lawyers are forced to play along.

The Dutch justice system is sick to the bone.

With their cancer giving half slised open magentron ovens.

What;s is it going to be, a lot of money and play along or sees your kids or wife see dying from cancer.

Oh they feel so sorry for you that you have lost your kid to cancer.

Leaving? quit the police force?

Be quit or be dead!

No third option !

And they do make a copy from your signature from your id-card and driving licences.

To paste it under the most ridiculous confessions you have ever seen.

Confessing crimes while you have a full proof alibi.

The police knows to use copy paste, so watch out.

You have confessed to murder!

The general atourney will lift the confession if only your alibi is solid.

Then they call it it a sepot.

A sepot while I had suposely confessed to the crime.

And still they maintain innocense.

District atorny, the lawyers, the police and judges all know how corrupt to the bone the justice is in the Netherlands.

Covered bij their blackmailed pedophile blackmailed minister, a open satanist.

Number 1 the minister, number 2 and number three all had to resign.

Leaving the the cops in charge.

All are blackmailed with pedophilia.

And they put it themselfs on your pc , no problem.

They have they judges blackmailed so you are screwed anyhow.

You just cant win this battle.

Complaining by the king, and you will be diners and roasted alive.

Tortured and killed.

Even the police is scared to death for their own colleagues.

The evil is to big, all politicians and the royals are involved.

A secret inquisition.

Killers are they, just like they were always.

Where are the good old Roman times?

I rather have the German Gestapo then then the Dutch Police.

From the gestapo you knew you was going to die.

I have been kidnapped for 6 days by the Dutch police.

They toke my bike, and gave me only my keys back.

When i Returend they claimed I never was on the police-station.

Dirty liars

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posted on Oct, 4 2016 @ 03:43 AM
a reply to: Wasta

I love the Dutch just read this thread
I lived in Eindhoven for a year in 2000 my interactions with the cops were cool I really thought they as the Dutch people are are very friendly and laid back.
Never forget being in a "cafe" and two cops came in put there guns on the bar and lit up, me sat there consumer of much tea that day freaking out I had a game of pool with them and they bought me a Looza.
I guess you have some bad police there but I don't get it are you saying microwaves are really bad for us? I have never trusted them tbh.
Oh you are right they are their to solve crime mostly not stop it it is the laws (mostly the punishment lol) that stop crime amongst crime prevention strategies.
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posted on Oct, 4 2016 @ 04:31 AM
a reply to: Wasta The police in all EU is the same. It's just more organized in western Europe. The fact is that mafia exist must because of the police, which protects it from not very stable people like some of us. Mafia within the mafia. And the banksters are the corleones...

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posted on Oct, 4 2016 @ 05:15 AM
a reply to: TheKnightofDoom

In Sneek I past a bar, where a knowledge of me was just coming out of, so he took me back inside.
But the bartender did not wish to give him alcohol.
He is a very big body builder and a little loud.
The barman got scared and calle dthe cops.
He said to be afraid he might get drunk.
The police came with a dog and let the dog charge.
So the dog hang in his back.
Right at that moment his father came in looking for him.
He told the police to get the dog of his son.
The cops said if you are such a brave man , do it youserf.

So the father stept in and slit the troath of the dog.
In a secind of 12 the dog was dead.

The cop pulled jis gun and start to shoot his father.
Only because the other cops jumped on the shooting cop, the man got only one shot in the leg.

He had to go before the judge in court.

The Judge said, Mister, you are have been very lucky.

The father replied I am the one who is Lucky? No Judge the cop was lucky.
How do you mean, that sir replied the judge.
Just as I say it is, not I but the cop is lucky to have survived.

The cop was not convicted.
It was his favourite dog and her really loved the dog.

Shooting an man point blanc, and shot to kill.

Thatś the Dutch police!

All the way, typical Dutch police

Never saw a cop shoot to kill in cold blood before.

¨If you are a brave man, you take the dog of your son yourself !

Big mouth with a gun, little heart.

And I had to contain my old friend.

What a scene ...

Killing cops all over.

# weaks no weapon thatś was the punisment for shooting to kill.
In his back !!!
Got shot under his ass by a 9 mill from a Walther pk5.
If the other cop had not pushed the arm down of the shooting cop, the man was surely shot dead, infront of his sons eyes.
A 300 pound bodybuilder.

I saw him lift a man witrh onehand put him against the wall a feet from the floor.
His other hand was beating the man.
I hung with my my whole body on his beating arm, but got liftted up only the get some pome from his beating fist.

I felt like a ragg-doll, if I was not there at all.

If the father was shot only a headshot would have taken him out.
I am sure he would have absorbed the whole mag and still revenged his dead dad.

Babe , babe babe.
Like in a Hollylwood scene.

The guy was not drunk in the first place.
The father did what any father would have done.

The cops let the dog charge and let the dog hang in his back, just above his hip.
The dog would not let go and the cops liked the scene.

Sneek a farmers village in the North.
Crazy killers cops over here, for real.

This was 20 years ago and things have become worse.
Cops in private coplain to me and confes that the police has become bad, very bad.

The worse cases are just send to an other part of the country.

If cops admit that there are realy bad and evil cops to me, something is very wrong.
I am not there friend.

I lay traps for them.
a piece of pliewood with very long nails, placed on the walikng path.
And if the miis the nails I call them back , shouting they are Gestapo.

Yep , pavlov effect and they do return , just to step right on tyhe nails.
Trough the bones of their feet, so they can stand or walk.

I will be tortured anyway, so better do something back.
They tried to kill me several times.

Cops have news cuffs now, but I could brake the old ones.
I lifted 500 kg in those days, so was not a weak man.
I am 50 now, so a little older and easy going.

But I still hate cops, any cop.
stealing and torture me for no reason at all.

We speak Frisian here and I refuse to speak Dutch to them.
Dirty occupiers of my frisian fatherland.
And they refuse to learn our language, so I do not understand them when I am asked for Id.
What seze jo?, What seist?

Its like arabic for them.
If you answer one question you will be answereing still their questions an hour later.

Ain got time for their games.

First learn my language.

They can speak Chinese or Russian or Arabibic, or Dutch, if itś not Frisian I do noet understand a word.

Cops complaining to me that the police has bad and evil cops these days.
Tell me about about it.

They turtured me so I went to sleep screaming after 9 or 10 days.
But had a bad sleap, someone was screaming wlile I slept.
It was myself.

My limit is permanent damage.
I break their bones now to, just the same as I let them walk in long nails.

They have nothing to do in my garden, now they now there could be spikes waiting to impale them, they respect my property.

Kill me, no problem, just shoot.

But they never come with 3 cars or 6 cops.

I had molotiv coctails waiting and throw them just as easy in their cars as they torturen me.

# off, dirty occupying Dutch police-force.

The gestapo is even nicer and they liked to try to speak Frisian.

Teeven eand the minister had to go, just as their pedo friend Demmink.

Screwing kids and telling us free Frisian how to obey the law.

We are bloody vikings too and just don bend our knees.

We rather die standing up.

Most of them know they have to speak my langauge, just like chinese does not bring you far with the french police.

A Chinese cop in france has to speak French and cant demand of the French to speak Chinese.

There are still enough Frisian people who do not speak Dutch.

I do speak Dutch but it s not my native tongue, so screw the police.

posted on Oct, 4 2016 @ 09:03 AM
a reply to: Wasta

# em

Same crap every where I go they're all the same. The "good ones" are guilty as accomplice for keeping silent or being so ignorant that they are just too stupid to see the corruption, it's one or the other.

"Just a bad apple"

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posted on Oct, 4 2016 @ 09:22 AM
I think the fundamental problem here, and it is true across the globe, is that civilians do not understand how the police operate and why they do what they do.

You should educate yourselves instead of making uninformed judgments about a profession you clearly don't understand.

posted on Oct, 4 2016 @ 09:33 AM
Can't read this.

All the spacing

drives me mad.

posted on Oct, 4 2016 @ 09:45 AM
a reply to: Wasta

do not seek refuge to the U.S. your head will explode upon arrival.

posted on Oct, 4 2016 @ 09:46 AM

originally posted by: Wasta
a reply to: TheKnightofDoom

We are bloody vikings too and just don bend our knees.

posted on Oct, 4 2016 @ 10:56 AM
a reply to: Obsrvr

I was a MP myself in 1985, 86 and 87, so was police myself.

We acted by rules, protocol, called consignes.
Everytrhing by the book, as it should be.

No general who could me gave an order.

If my consignes said no, and the general said yes, was I the one with the gun and last word.

To many times I have ordered not to carry out a stupid order from a colonel or something.

¨Do you know who I am !?! ¨, those types.

To bad colonel, but my order goes above yours and the major is going to do as I tell him no matter what order you give him.

He knows the rules to and if he thinks I should do different, he should change the rules from prtocol.

If I say stop, and a General says, no, ride on, I am the one in charge.
And I know i am backed by law.
Everybody knows knows to obey the orders of the police above his commander.

I an well aware what police is, for I was it myself for 3 years.

The higher the rank, the cooler it is to be in the right.

I could not go wrong.

Always play by the book, and you are save.

It's precise that were the troubles comes from.

Not playing by the rules.

Therefore is the police.

A policeman has to play by the book.
If a police breaks in my house, I shoot him just the same.
To many fake policeman wear uniforms.

You arrest people by the book, not by breaking in their home.
Uniform or not, I do shoot to kill too in my own home, and they know it that they are dead if they try.
I have been torturend and illigal kidnapped.

They are rules and cops who do play by the rules are no real cops and good to shoot.
Call me crazy, but they know they are for me on my property.

They should shoot me from outside.

I am no Kim Kardasisian who lets rip off 10 millions of jewels by the police.
If I get robbed at gunpoint by the plice, I pretend to have have no weapon, and shoot all dead, and take my belongings back.
Stupid Kim Khardasian is 10 million dollar lighter.
A robber is a robber police or not, i shoot hem ice cold in their backs.

I have zipguns everywhere, just in case.

I have been robbed in my own home in broad daylight.

A small girl riged at my door, bur when I opened the door, there were three armed man.

When they left I thougt i could shoot them all now, if i was prepared.
So now i am prepared.

I can refill empty shells and make my own bullets.
And a zipgun is cheap, just two hollow tubes, a washer and a beebee.

Got about 40 in my house now.

There is no use in confiscating every hollow tube.
In a hour I have made new ones.

Got Crossbows too, with double bows where ther shoulod be just one bow.
Twice as strong.
Those arrows fly trow 22 mm plywood like butter.
The lose the tail on wood, but fly through any human naturally.

7,62 fmj, or tracers or ordinary lead coppercoated.
I make my own 9mm bullets and can refill empty shells.
I used t shoot at the range in order to have a gun legally.

But 7,62 is not allowed anyhow.
No permit possible for that kind calibre .
So I by those online, from abroad.

The police is tired of taking those bullets away.

Each time they search me they keep the bullets, but never make a case from it.

I have them empty too and can make a honest mistake.

The only thing that worries me is a possible fire.
So I have to keep track of those zip-guns.
Don want a dead fire-fighter on my conscience.

The police have stolen my gold once before, the next one gets a bullet.
No mercy on me I no mercy on them.

We live by the rule a tooth for a tooth and a eye for an eye.
I can not let me rob blind every time a cop feels like it.
The have guns too, so do I.
They can shoot, so can I.

And any other who puts a knive at my thorat can rob me.
I just play along, but he will not get far.

I am at home, so I can wait to the point I feel safe and out of range for a pistol and shoot him at 100 meters in the back of his head.

Not for the money he robs, but for theatening me with to kill me.
I do not play threatening, I shoot to kill.

I cant go for my gun when a gun is pointed at me, so have to wait to the point he is turning around.

He will never know what hit him.
Just make the lights go out.

A nice death.
For a robber.
Others get cancers and suffer for months before they die.

It comes with the job of robbing.

It works the same anywhere around the world.

You cant getr robbed every day.
Law or no law, those robbers have weapons too.
Without a weapon I will get robbed over and over again.

That has to stop by any means.

You cant let anybody steal you food every day.
It maybe 3 dollars each time, but after 30 dys without food, anybody wil defend his food.
Even a dog defends his food.

Just a natural thing to do.

If somone is hungry he shoulod ask and I will share my food, but do not take it against my will.

You will die for those lousy 3 dollar.

I just do not like to look in a barrel.

But I dont shoot quick.
If a big man beats me up, like last year, I just take a iron tube and beat the daylights out of him.

The pipe was bended on a lot of places.

Man, I tell you, I feels just great to beat a big guy who just has punched me trough my own home.

The police told me not to play judge for myself.
I may defend myself but not take revenge.

Thats a stupid law I always forget and are getting away with it.
They never do it again.

The last one even started to cry.
While he rang my bel and punched as soon as I opened the door strait in the face.
Once dizzy he had the advatage.

But he tought he had won, the stupid.
I went outside after him and told him I had called the cops.
He came again and then I beated him with a iron pipe.

Big guy started to cry.
Big in length, but small at heart.
I am small but have a lions heart.

I have never gave my wallet, even with a knive at my throath.
If they stab, they stab, but I do not give my wallet.

I have been kicked down , close to knock out, but the wallet they have to find themselves.

People who have easy lives have easy answers.

If you get robbeb and beaten. you are going to try to prevent it it from happening again.
If it does happens again, I did not took the right measurements.

posted on Oct, 4 2016 @ 10:58 AM
a reply to: angeldoll

Got a old 15 inch screen and a bad eyesight

posted on Oct, 4 2016 @ 01:20 PM
I'm not a Juggalo or even a fan of the strange I.C.P. music group but DAMN do I love their song titled Piggy Pie...

posted on Oct, 4 2016 @ 01:28 PM
Guess we could gofundu
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posted on Oct, 4 2016 @ 04:03 PM

originally posted by: Obsrvr
I think the fundamental problem here, and it is true across the globe, is that civilians do not understand how the police operate and why they do what they do.

You should educate yourselves instead of making uninformed judgments about a profession you clearly don't understand.

Well then there something I'll teach you from my LEO days: the corruption is in every PD,daily murders by cops are covered up,theft by cops is also covered up,and if it shows up in the news that is the edited version you are reading 90% of time regarding news involving cops. I'll just say I've seen enough in my former LEO career to never trust another LEO.
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posted on Oct, 4 2016 @ 05:08 PM
a reply to: Illumimasontruth

I am sold !
Babe babe, I needed that one.

Have you more tips?
Love that song, already

In 1987 some friends got a message an neighbouring town had organise a raid on our town.

We had rumours a 30 hooligans would turn our city upside down.
I was pure by incident on the place when beer bottles came flying in on the second floor.
The fire-escape was closed and just one way down.

We stepped downstairs to see where the bottles were coming from
We saw 20 man close by, and a 30 other in-front a other café.
We had a Drug problem those days with Rohypnol, a drug that can make you do scary things.

So girls started to cry, being sure a few of us would die.

Super relaxed go 2 of my friends to the 20 hooligans, and sat their ass on a car and started to smile.
They lighted a cigarette (reefer) took couple of smokes, they nought at each-other and slide each to a end of the hood and grabbed something from under the car.
Those 2 - one with a baseball-bat, the other with the other with a crowbar.

I forget, they started when a police-car came and the cops pulled the car in the reverse gear and drove away backwards as if they would do in forward cheese.
No help from the cops,.
Man o man those two started to swing their weapons like crazy.
To see so many knees bend in 90 degrees in the opposite wrong direction just turns your stomach, how the crowbar would stuck in skulls, and he had to break the skull, eye-sockets to get the crowbar out again for the next swing.
People got smashed so bad, i could see their feet at head-level so you could walk under them

Girls screaming, the other 30 came try to rescue their friend from those two on Rohypnol on a rampage

Then we saw 300 other hooligans.
They went after the one with the one with the crowbar, who steps around the corner where a stranger was just starting his motorcycle.
The biker said the guy had to # off, but saw 300 hooligans in a murder mood, so gave gas big time, lifting his front wheel, and my friend gave the 300 hooligans the finger
Now the baseball-bat was next, I got beaten for standing with them.
Had no idea what was coming.
My eyes became troubled from the cuts in my eyebrow, we made it back to defend the stairs.
The hooligans had something, but I could not see what, i thought to see a gun, so i pulled mine.
they pointed at the bat-man, I had my gun pointing at his head.
I see a huge puff, and I sneeze my knuckles white, ...but the sound of the blast did not came.
It was a ff can of maze he sprayed, cs gas tear-gas stuff.
I had almost pulled a bullet in his head, for spraying maze.
The damn blood in my eyes made me see bad
But the police was informed, from every corner came police and the 300 hooligans had other things on their mind.
Right there I took a oath not to carry ever again.
It would have haunted me for ever.

The two got arrested and were punished by the judge for standing up against 300 man, while the police left the scene scared for there own lives
So you have to to accept beer bottles against your head in my town.
There is no justice at all.
It's scam.

They fill empty jails with innocent people.
Just to have a job and get paid.
90% is wrongly convicted.

They do something , but they do not know what they are doing.
I have been convicted for a crime I cant have commit because I was jailed in one town, and doing a crime in an other at the same time.

The proof I was doing time with all the papers did not help me.
They had copy pasted a signature from my id-car under a false confession.

Everything official and papers of many cops
No, the judge said you have signed a confession and even your lawyer said you did it. so you were not in jail and all your papers are fake.

That is how justice is in the Netherlands.
Convicted by a 22 year # that calls herself a judge.
Your own lawyer would not just make a deceleration to earn 300 Euro if she did not have met you by the cops on the other station.

No ee, she would not want just 300 euro for doing nothing,
she gets it every day, so doesn't need it.
Nobody would take the risk to fraud the daylights out of the justice system.
I tell you, she does make false declarations earning many hours every day, she does not work for.

Its normal here to be let out of jail so you can commit a crime in a other town, go back the the first jail to end again in the second jail.

I was jailed on two police-station at the same time.
They had signed confessions.
I have proof I wrote e email at home.

So I leave keys laying around so people can come in my house an now my gmail password.
It has to be because you confessed on a police-station to a crime and your lawyer has been paid 300 Euro.

Easy money , is easy money.
The police and lawyers are so corrupt and in bed with each-other in this massive fraud game to fill jails and keep the justice department running with a fake row of faked crimes.

They make things up, and everybody has a good job.
Who cares if there was no crime at all.
To many jails are closing.

I am just used to make some money for these sorry asses.
Police and justice in high crime mode.
I did not know, but some of us were prepared.
Total nuts, two men beating up 50 hooligans.
The scene where the crowbar was stacked, and put just enough force to brake his eye-socket.

I saw people planking on six foot in the air, just by a hit of a baseball.
And the cops said (full sham they could do nothing and were sorry to have left the scene.
I was cop to, a military one, but damned, you have the guns.
You have to stand your ground.
Die for it if needed.
Don be a cop when you are scared for unarmed people, while you have the a gun.

I told , you we have no police, only fother muckers.
I was no civilian, so not under jurisdiction of the cops.

The fact I was immune, and the cops could do nothing against me, came to haunt me back when I became a civilian again.

Scared cops then, try to act tough now, but they are just bad and evil.
The sorry asses put me in jail just to feed me laxative and whispered in my ear you will # in your pence tomorrow.

After you kicked the # out of my in the shower, with 6 cops, so the blood could be washed away?
Pulling their sleeves op so no blood would make their sleeves dirty.

End still telling me I will # my pence?
A overdose of laxative..

Even my landlord told me he gave approval to the police to break down the door whenever the police wanted to, no warrant needed.
If you want to smash the door to get him, just do it, don worry I pay for the damage.

The police just denied the claim they smashed my door.
So my door is smashed and never not repaired , had to pay the damage myself.
I put now even the time in my signature, because even the date in my signature is copy paste under a growing list of false confessions.
So the judge has a job and gets paid, the police has something to do, the lawyer is making making money, while non of it happens and is true.
So far has it become that I have a signature with time and date in it so copy and paste is no longer an option.

But they still find people who will confess to a false claim that I have beat the up.
They scare little people and they have a job to lose, so they sign whatever the police wants them to sign.
You saw this man stealing this and that no?

Think a few hours about it.
And 6 hours , with a angry boss, they say yes, I saw him do the crime.
And the whole circus is stared again.
It is a scam!
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posted on Oct, 6 2016 @ 12:27 PM
a reply to: TheKnightofDoom

I guess you have some bad police there but I don't get it are you saying microwaves are really bad for us?

I have no idea, only if one side has been cut out with an angle grinder.
Just a scare tactic, so you want to leave, say anything to get away from those evil people.

If they turn up the heat, you do wonder.

It's not the point if it can do harm or not, it's freaking torture.
Mind torture just by showing such a device.
To scare you, so you will confess, to a fake crime.

Would you take the chance?

Confess and end up paying 500 euro or getting the radiation treatment.

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