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Dan Rolle... and his "insider" info on the NV Dems.

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posted on Sep, 29 2016 @ 03:00 PM
So this guy pops up on the front page of my youtube, I decided to take a look since I tend to get very emotional when people associated with socialists have dirt on socialists. Especially about the Clinton fraud / stolen election called it what ever you will

(Oh.. let me clear this out; I'm against Clinton and Trump. Since Sanders bend over backwards by now, the best alternative is Jill Stein. But I'd almost rather take Trump over Clinton from the plain fact that the Clintons are corrupt pieces of # dragging democrates through the dirt with her behaviour and what she stands for... atleast with Trump he's not pretending not to be a scumbag. Clinton... she's one big freaking show with zero regard for the average American)

So... Dan Rolle apparently wanted to run for Congress. He's pretty clear about being held back and outright states that Reid people sat him down and very specifically threatened him that if he ran for the Dems they would find his dirt and crush him with it.

Now since Dan was in the system, he was able to get some info and insight into how the whole machinery works behind the scene.
Dotting out conncetion within the democratic ranks, favors for positions etc.
He manages to connect Reid to Clinton, speculate about the whole Flores situation.... being endorsed by Reid, then lose, the endorsing Sanders only to prove herself a Clinton tool, then endorsing Clinton instead.

And he also goes into the Nevada scandal.

I seriously at this point in time CANNOT fathom.... why you the American people will stand and take it up the backside like you have with the caucusses and now the primaries. How can you let politicians run you over like that??!?

The Nevada scandal alone should put a big fat line under the FACT that democracy does not exist in the land of the United States anymore.
You litterally just sit down and go "oh... oh well, I'll just choose *insert lesser evil of your denomination here* instead".

How can you accept a system rigged out so carefully, that normal citizens cannot easily access voting stations?
How can you accept a system that so clearly dilutes the vote of the people into letting, by controlled conventions carefully chosen people, make decisions on your behalf?

I leave you with a couple of videos... you may already have seen them. If not, I hope they incite anger in you! The system needs to be taken down!

Th e (NON) violent Sanders supporters at the illegally shut down NV convention


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