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The summer of Solstice [SEWC]

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posted on Sep, 29 2016 @ 01:35 PM

What's your name, I ask her in a crowded discotheque standing next to her at the bar. She’s drinking a martini. Not stirred or blended I ask her when she's turning towards Me and looking a bit sad from her eyes.
Then she answers “ what did you say “ her eyebrows fronted and her mouth slightly oblique pulling.

Thinking with a short eye spasm to the upper left for being such a fool, answering somewhat louder as before .“ Not stirred or blended, you know like James Bond, but not like, because of your not, eh whatever what's your name that's what I want to ask in the first place? “ I drop my joke and try to start a conversation with her.

Not because I love females because she’s not a regular woman, No she’s so hot, not even that, she's amazing a kind I've never seen before, and I want to know her better.
No, not better I’m going to marry this absolutely ass class chick!
Could this be love at first sight ?, I swear if Johnnie sees this he’s going to kill Me and throw me in the dumpster and take off with her, telling Martin and Joey that I died from a heart attack looking at her naked body.
Then she answers “ my name is Solstice “ zipping from her martini and me looking at her lips that are full and red like snow white her long hair hanging from aside.Showing off that beautiful neck and way down as my eyes glide to follow the length of her brown, dark straight hair up until the end.

Just a quick peek what's down there then as fast as I can look her in the eyes, to be not such a pervert only wanting her for something else.
When I see her right eyes I’m a total loss, thinking “ OMG” Her eyes are bluish green with what seems a yellow spark around her pupils, but flashes off after I rub my eyes from not believing what I just saw? But, my imagination sometimes appears to take a walk with me.
Then I answer “ Solstice, Which I've never heard of a unique name you’ve got there? “
Solstice answers “ well thank you for that and sweet of you to say, and how can I call you ? “ she answers back to me.
Names, names as I start to find my name running a search through my mind” what, no, how should I call myself? Jim, Billy, no Mark, no that’s stupid eh Cmon say it” “ “Call me Sam , my real name that is, of course, it is haha, how are you doing miss ?” I reach out my hand as she also shows her beautiful hands and shakes mine.

Solstice answers “what “ she's shortly confused by my last answer about my name but nodding a bit and rolls her eyes and answers “ Boys” and goes on” Not so great Sam “ As I widened my eyes and baffled by her response pulling back my neck somewhat saying “ How come? “
I swear that I saw some sadness before started this conversation, so this confirms my early signs I saw in her eyes.
As I quickly anticipate the answer “ Tell me what's wrong, maybe I can lift you up out of the bad feeling you’ve got, I'm a spirit lifter something better than a bodybuilder, like brainpower you know? “

A little smile shows from her face, and I smile back at her pointing the finger at her smile saying “see that’s what I mean “
Solstice answers “ never mind, can you get me out of here? “ I say,“ sure where would you like to go? “
Solstice” Just outside away from the noise “ As we move through the dancing crowd, and many other men staring her go by.Some leaving some gestures if she wants to dance .she ignores them and pushes some of them aside and follows her way straight to the exit, and Me walking in front of her, sometimes checking if she’s ok.

When we arrive outside the Chinese Laundry, in Sydney where I’m with my best friends on winter vacation because we want to celebrate Christmas differently this year. Not with snow but chilling in the hot sands of Sydney just a day before Chrismas.
Knowing I maybe would celebrate this Chrismas with a very, very beautiful and extraordinary lady called “Solstice. I'm still walking with an enormous grin on my mouth looking at all the guys who I pass along the way, Me leading her out of here “yes” I think when I'm with Solstice a name of one in a billion and I've got the first glance from her.

I slowly lead her away from the busy nightlife we’re about to escape into the night of Sydney enormous and impressive and my evening can't fail me anymore heading for the beach.

I ask her “ everything OK now? “
Solstice” Yeah much better, I'm not used to be in crowded places “
Sam“ What do you mean, never going to a pub or dancing in a place like where we just have met? “

I’m now seeing her beautiful body wrapped in a stunning golden dress with what seems to look like a diamond fiber coating and a very naked long stretched back that stops at eh, well you know guys what I mean! With high-heeled pumps, she graciously seems to walk.
I try to figure out what she made off and ask about her family because looking at her I guess she’s almost my age like twenty-five or so? But, probably with her boyfriend or on a family vacation? I girl like her can't be single. As this thought runs through Me and just ruined my other thoughts about her, I wait until she starts to answer my question.

Solstice “ No I'm alone Me, alone by myself “ Me happy saying “ Okay, I understand you’ve had a bad tiMeback from where you caMefrom and wanted some fun out here, am I close? “

Solstice shaking her head in an affirmative way, and somehow confirms my answer but says” Not entirely true but close “
I don’t want to go to deep on it, not making this an uncomfortable conversation, so I answer “ You look like my age, I'm twenty-eight and born in December twelve, and you? “

Solstice “ smiles and says “ I'm two “
Confused as I look but quickly starting to laugh saying “ you're kidding me right? “
Solstice looks serious for a minute, leaving somewhat strange looking at her and says with a smile “ You're right, I am twenty-five “
As I smile back at her, tells it all that I’m falling in love with this girl, I can see that she likes Me too.
Then I say “ you’re breathtaking and kind of unique to me.I mean that your name sounds so unusual “
Solstice laughing “ So it's my name that's special now? “
Me“ Noo, no, not only you name like everything, I I like to know you better not only here but across the borders too until the end of the world I would follow if you let me?”

Solstice launching saying “ Mee, and I find you cute too and thanks for helping me out of my misery, bad feeling I mean.”
We talked for hours on the beach, mainly about my life with my friends and family and how she’s so interested in what I do and how I live my life at home.I suddenly remember not asking about hers and say” But, tell me about your life, I love to know how you live and about your friends and family? “

A quietness falls for like a minute, or two and I see her looking up at the night sky searching for something, then she says” They are not here as you define as here and now.
Strangely as I look with questioning eyes Saying” Oh I'm sorry, didn’t mean to, I didn’t know “
Solstice looking curiously back at Me with questioning eyes, but then widened her eyes like she understood what I meant saying “
Oh yeah, yeah it's terrible I miss them so much, but I live with my uncle now and with my best friend, Nox “
That’s weird, no I mean new name I never heard before, but okay hope I will meet her one day too.

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posted on Sep, 29 2016 @ 01:39 PM
After awhile when we are starting te get tired and silent moments seem to interval regularly I tell her that I have to go back to the hotel where my friends are waiting for me to end the evening with bottles of beer, and that I lost them when going outside the discotheque , and that I missed like twenty-seven messages on my phone from them ,
she answers “ don’t go, please”
Sam” But ‘I've got to go back where else can we go ? “ suddenly I got this idea “ you can come to my place with my friends we have a spare room, and they are fun guys to party with, they are really helpful? “

Solstice “ I think you like my idea better? “
again baffled by her answer and what she’s going to say, and I say“ What’s your idea then? “ I eagerly want to know with almost knowing eyes.

Solstice” I’ve got a penthouse room in a hotel nearby that’s nice?”
Not thinking twice I decide to go with her and start to text messaging my friends that I’m going with a girl I just met, going to sleep over at her place to see them in the morning.
My cell phone starts to buzz off continuously and I know what's in there I laugh at her, another twenty messages appear on my screen with all kinds of guy crap inside.
As she smiles back at Mee suddenly grabs my hand and pulls me on the night sky beach with a billion of a lifetime full of stars to follow us around the city heading for her hotel suite.

Six months of love

Meanwhile, we ended our vacation, but it didn’t end for Solstice and me. No, we settled ourselves in my hometown in Amsterdam. Rented a small apartment just enough for two to live in with a view of the harbor and small streets filled with little stores we both liked and she had to buy her wardrobe together just like woman do. She then had the most fantastic view of how to wear and combine fashion in a unique way; it surprised me that yellow red and gold things always were her favorites.

As the months passed and spring almost ended and I've shown her almost everything around my city, and we had some great moments on the beach, Making love wasn't anything I've ever experienced before so warm and tender, she also showed mysterious little things like she was soSomemagician.

Then she said that she practiced a closed magician class. Things she didn’t want to show me, but couldn’t always hide them, she then smiled at me and lowered her eyebrows and blinked her beautiful long eyelashes. In the beginning, I believed her and also wanted to learn those neat tricks, like when I gave her an incredible big bunch of roses, but the roses died after two days.

I said, “What a bastard he sold me frozen roses the don’t last as long as those coming directly from the auction.”
Solstice “ Let me show you another neat trick I’ve learned at that school.”

She then glided softly with her fingertips alongside the roses and the edges of the leaves; I could see an electrical charge coming from her fingers and the flowers that were hanging and almost a brown reddish color started to get washed again and were standing straight up, even better than before.

With my mouth open and eyes as big as pineapples I walked to the flowers inspecting them thoroughly if it was, in fact, a trick at all.
After she molded stuff inside walls with her hands and could use gravity as a toy when cooking dinner my first doubts about her started to form.

So this is it you start to know someone and finally you discover things, secrets that they hide from you. Something that a man could hurt from. And it's better not to tell than, to be honest in a relationship.

I’ve started to become jealous about something I didn’t know if it was true.Well, if you got a woman like that, you can't have her for yourself seems to be the problem here.
One day she came home late from shopping, and I could see her from my window down the street talking with allot of guys who all enjoyed her talking at them.

Then I could hear the door down unlock and hearing her coming inside our little house as she had to walk two stairs up before she finally went into the living room.

I had a lousy day at work and already irritated I waited for her and told myself not to go berserk on her.
Then see the doorknob turn around, but it's completely red glowing as she touched it, another of her weird tricks silently whispering “Whoa Houdini in bikinis “ No reaction and she walked into the room with a look on her face as if she could read my thoughts.

And says “ No it's not true what you think “ I just like to know your kind “
Sam “ Our kind, what are you talking about, how do you know what I supposed to think ?”
Solstice “ I just know “
Sam “ What am I thinking now ?” I started to get nervous and thoughts came over me of her be working for a government agency and being one of the fantastic four that knows something about me I didn’t even know at this point and could be holding back for her ?”
Solstice “ I'm not working for any agency “

Then I started to be afraid that the girl before me wasn’t the woman I thought to know that well after all those months we were together.
I nervously step back away from her and tripped over my computer power cord as the laptop fell on the ground. Pieces of broken plastic and the battery were scattering all over the place, and a broken screen did the last job to throw away my expensive laptop, on it a program I was working on about our weather and all the weather changes that the last couple of years were going on in the world.

My occupation as a meteorologist and amateur astronomer made me make a significant discovery I was working on at my job. Working on a project for so long, and my conclusion about this could bring me further, and a job by Mr. Sandman offered at a space company. A dream I wanted for so long.

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posted on Sep, 29 2016 @ 01:46 PM
I discovered that the interaction between our star and the weather had significant clues .and that our planet and other planets in the solar system our sun and other stars seem to communicate through waves and solar winds.

As if the planets and stars itself were alive somehow like trees appear to be not indicating to communicate but communicate through means not known by man and maybe are very alive.
I discovered that our earth was dying under our feet because of our sun that is rapidly starting to be heading for a supernova, something in the vicinity caused the sun so eject all its mass quickly.

The mass ejection was sending out a message to every planet in our system to be alarmed that the end was near.
“ Thank you now; you have ruined everything I've worked for soo damn hard with all your tricks and dark mysteries.
I can understand that I’m not of your interest anymore after five months, but I don’t mind you’re not my property, and if you don’t want to tell me that’s fine with me.”

Solstice is raising voice for the first time and looking irritated “ I chose you, Me, only You! “ Now looking at her face I could see an entirely different person as I fell in love with, a desperate woman wanting to say something but couldn't, just because we wouldn't understand.

Your theory seems to fit, and you’re close to the discovery of your findings of the weather and the correlation between the stars and planets that thrive our universe.
I noticed her clenched fists, something she again wanted to hide. I then walked over to her, looking at her face and she staring at me with sadness in her eyes, and Me also looking sad at her then saying “ Who are you, I don’t know you anymore, at least not the woman I met in Sydney?”

When I look at her clenched fists, she tightly holds them together.Then she turns them around I grabbed her wrists wanting to say punching me wouldn't make things any better. Then she said “ look Me, look at my hands “ She slowly unfolded her hands and the lines inside her hands were all lit up, like cracks in rocks following every lifeline on her hands.
Photons pour out of them like hundreds of little photonic sparks.Then Solstice closes her hands nervously with tears and uncomfortably laugh at me with beautiful eyes and mouth and says “ I'm leaking, and I'm almost done here, It's almost over “
came completely devastating and amazed at the saying “ what, what is over soon, what’s happening here” I eagerly want to know now!

Solstice “You’re right I'm not a magician on a course I’m something you would leave as soon you knew?”
still holding her hands and standing very close to her not wanting to let her go saying” Try me I’ve been in tougher scrapes than this.”

She “ Believes it, you don’t !“
She starts to tell her part of the story and who she is I let her go for awhile and sat my ass on the couch with my both hands in my hair still wondering when this nightmare ends, looking her in the eyes as she goes on with her story.
It seems that Solstice didn’t get her name by chance, She is the solstice of our planet and comes twice a year. She told Me that the earth is our mother and the sun is her father she’s not human nor anything like we ever seen, illusion forms her body, she’s what some describe a superluminous entity and projects an outer layer in any kind or size she wants.
Yes, she’s female don’t ask Me how but she says she is. She also got a brother called equinox and also walked the earth twice a year as both walk every solar cycle and all other planetary bodies planets and moons at the same time and sometimes in variable times a year.

It all makes clear why she said she had a friend called Nox.

She doesn’t say when she’s going back and begs Me to stay for a little while and cries in my arms to please hold her, and I still caress her like before.
As I keep her to with mixed feelings, I say “ You can stay here, but I can't promise that I can feel the same as before when we were still smeared.
She understands and the beds she asks? “ well, I can split them in two for the upcoming nights.”
In the end, we both lying separated in our beds one foot apart I say “ So you're a star eh.”
Solstice” actually not yet only when the father goes on supernova I've got the opportunity to become one, but that will be in about four billion years I guess “
Me saying“ but how do you know our language so well?”

Solstice” don’t you think walking around ever year for billions of years I don’t follow your evolution Me? “
She tells me that she helped many historical figures to their thrones and started battles with them to change the future. Always for Earth to survive and to go on not to be destroyed by us. She told me her powers were beyond my understanding and that she can destroy worlds in a blink of an eye.

Me saying “ how stupid for me to ask that question never mind.”
Solstice smiles and says “ I understand “

Later that night and other nights pass. I ask to allot about the universe and other star systems, and planets and Came to know that you can see our sun as a living thing. She told me that other stars are their uncles and distant relatives, not to compare as on earth but more as a comparison of how our society and human structures, clans and families work.
It’s like a mirror of space that’s reflected on earth.
I slowly start to love and trust her again, and she gives me the feeling that she really loves Me like we humans love each other.

She has a lonely life or if you could give it a name like that. She's really impressed how gentle, loving beings we are, and that’s why she always came back at earth. To feel that love especially in the summer she could feel that love multiplying from us.


posted on Sep, 29 2016 @ 01:50 PM
Loving you one more time

One evening We looked at each other for hours not saying anything, I was observing and studying her, and she also looked at me sometimes smiled even laugh about my thoughts of her.
Solstice “ I know you still want me, I know you still love Me.“
Silence filled the room.
And I seriously looked her in the eye for a minute or five. then start to say” You’re right I'm helpless, and I'm sad that I can't find a way to overcome myself to touch you, but another part me longs you in my arms so bad.”

Solstice” Then come to promise that I won't hurt you “
So I lay with her that night again we had such great sex she literally let the sparks fill the room like it was on fire and the roof did catch fire that night as the fire department had to rush out to extinguish the fire.
We had such fun that night standing on the sidewalk laughing all the tiMesurrounded by cranky firemen telling us that we could be dead fooling around with candlesticks and sex.

She conquered me back like I conquered her at Sydney. But she also enchanted me with her powers. Later that morning two weeks after the roof fire, I almost forgot my broken laptop that I had saved in a cardboard box.
Sadly placing it on the table to look if I could save anything. Solstice and my friends just came into the room. She had been going with Joey, Martin, and Johnnie for a special surprise for me and told me that I didn’t have to worry about it.
The guys greeted Me with their hand gestures, you know guys among each other. As Joey, Martin, and Johnie didn’t know # about everything I knew this week about Solstice, she sees Me looking at the laptop parts on the table and says” Step aside Me I show you something.”
As I say as I roll my big eyes towards my friends “ Solstice don’t !”
She stretches her left arm towards the broken laptop and says “ eventually they will know Me.” Then I feel something static like electricity and my hair goes straight up.

I can see the laptop back on the ground as it was after the crash. Like a movie playing rewind, I see my laptop coming back together all the pieces connecting and molding into its original state then bouncing back on the table.

I turn to her and say “ that’s amazing, you could save our world with that stuff?”
Solstice” I know, but it's not allowed when the father, I mean the sun gives the instruction to do so I’m authorized to take action, no it's more like an order to take action.”

Solstice also seems to have the power to manipulate tiMewithin a tiMebubble she made a circular gesture, and something not visible to my eyes surrounded the laptop on the table.

I wanted to go near it and touch it, but she warned Me not to stand close to it.
When we had a deeper conversation last night, of how she managed to hold on the human form and how she got here.She told me that her center the place where the human heart is located a gravity source like our sun has but only a small tiny circular star like a sphere that project photos based on DNA structures of the planet or moon and the biological or synthetic lifeforms that are living there.

So in essential she can mimic every species based on stored DNA that she contracts while being on the planet or moons of our solar system.
She seems to interact continuously with our planet, but on meetiMeshe's able to be here and lives this life with me.
She collects all the data and sends it back via the northern and southern hemispheres that enter the north and south poles that actually are streams of data coming onto earth but also go back to our sun.

It's all connected together she says, every planet have a similar attachment with our sun, only the abandoned ones don’t and moons are related to the planets they are orbiting.
The abandoned ones are the most dangerous rogue planets they are not protected and are falling into the hands of a nonbiological and artificial intelligence that enters our reality from another reality you call the multiverse.

They harvest planets to their own universe it's an uncertain world, and they need raw materials to build their universe into a stable universe. The world is not collapsing that is. They are multiplying fast and penetrate our world from different directions. I've got this information from the sun, who gets it from his family and far relatives by streams of intergalactic couplings.

She asked Me if I know why rings formed planets, I didn’t know that the rings were actually created because they were harvest back to another reality and that mostly gas giants were used because they are the most worthy to collect.

She asked Me if we ever recalculated the size of the gas giants they are significantly smaller than two decades ago.
I'm here to see how far they are manipulating the weather on earth because all the planets in our solar system are being affected by those entities actions sucking our planets dry to save theirs.

Solstice “ Don’t worry it will take some years before it's really a significant problem here on earth, but they seem to have an interest in what's on biological planets, I don’t know why yet.That’s why I'm also here to find out what they want from Earth? “

“Can we see them coming?” I ask her.


posted on Sep, 29 2016 @ 01:53 PM
Solstice” No biological or other species within our solar system can see them, you better believe that it's not a beautiful sight when you saw them, and hysteria would run the world if you all knew. It’s something you couldn’t comprehend .”

She told Me that our technology is almost ready, and they are secretly working on this model within our government's secret agencies. They know what’s happening and trying to defend when the tiMecomes.
She's not allowed to tell more about this, but she clearly states Meat heart that she will protect us from harm.
She tells Me that

As I listened with un-believe to everything she said to me.I know that she spoke the truth about it and that she had to return soon to pass on the information and wanted to find out if our technical level could mean something to our solar system to defend our common enemy that was on its way to absorbing this solar system and others too.
When all gas planets are drained that nothing of valuable resource could be contracted, then they will start to attack our sun and consume it for energy and build their own stars in their reality or universe they are building for not collapsing in reverse.

She says” I understand their needs, they also want to survive just like we do.”
Amazed by her reaction ” Well, thank you for your compassion Solstice, but I rather keep our own universe expanding not collapsing if they steal everything for their own cause “
Solstice “ I know I'm aware of the consequences, so that’s why I'm going back soon to explore their means on other planets.  
Then I seem to get sad by knowing our adventure is almost over, and I ask her when she will leave Earth.

Solstice “ you see through me? “
Sam “ What? “
Solstice “ My Name? “
Sam “ Oh yeah I, I, Im sorry Im so confused it all ends, and don’t know what I should do when you're not around anymore Solstice?”
Solstice “ Take on your findings, there are clues there that you have not seen yet that could contribute to my task to find out what they want from Earth. You’ve to build a device that at least let you show where they are hiding over here.”
Sam “ What is it, tell Means I can call my superiors to build it? “
Solstice “ No I can’t it will change everything and every outcoMeyou has to look real good and find it yourself, your and my future already has been written. What I told you already seems to affect the timeline and my f.. your Sun has to flare the earth enough to minimize the damage, many will lose a period of tiMethat will forget for a few days, so everything goes as it was before.”
Sam“ you mean the day after tomorrow he will mass eject something to earth.”
Solstice” Yes”
As we are still in our room totally forgot Joey, Johnie and Martin were all standing together holding each other like they turned, eh yeah.
Their mouths widely open not saying anything at all, then suddenly pat each other's shoulders and backs saying “ did we not had to go somewhere? “
And waved Me Goodbye Johnie even saluted, they quickly walk to the door that’s wide open.
Solstice stretches out her arm again and swirls her finger. Then the door smacks shut, and the doorknob fell on the ground one iron ring rolls over the floor straight at Martin.Who follows the ring as it stops in front of his shoe, but stays upright starts to spin around its axis and flies straight up before his eyes and still spinning real fast, so fast you see a transparent sphere.
As a bunch of other round objects in the room, and a light bulb together turns in front of my friend's eyes, they stop and are dumbstruck of what they see happening in my apartment.
Sam saying “ please don’t worry guys she's not going to kill us “
They all Saying in chorus “ How do you know? , “ then Joey says “you would trust a witch if she showed you her candy at the bookstore and told you that Hansel married her, and Gretel finally found out she got pregnant by eating to much candy!”
Sam “cmon that doesn’t make sense at all Joey don’t do this, help me out here please.”
Joey “ Your right It doesn't, but do I have to come along here and be a hero or something? I have a dog Sam, and it’s hungry ?. “
Then Solstice says” Look up this is what's going to happen if nobody does anything “
The objects were still floating in the room and showed our solar system and how it would be destroyed by the entities that were out there. Everybody came to senses and started to find a way to coop with this heavy burden they got stuck with.
“ I need a party, “ Joey says. I to I said.
“ Tomorrow as planned, “ Martin says.
“Right let's go it's late,” Johnie says.

Solstice stopped the door from blocking, and all went hoMe. As they passed Solstice, they looked at her if she was a stranger with a deviation, but gave me a pat on the shoulder.
You could see she didn’t feel at ease, and we both went to sleep, Well who said we did?


posted on Sep, 29 2016 @ 01:59 PM
My summer ending

Monday twentieth of June,

As We rendezvous at a local bar, we all stayed for awhile before we are heading to the beach, they all know that today Solstice will leave us and soMe are happy she goes. Not of who she is or what she does to save us from those unknown entities that are invisible in our universe for us, but because they didn’t want to know the truth. To handle a truth like this magnitude is hard and it's easier not knowing to keep your space small and simple, stick your head deep down under and everything will go away.In the end, there’s nothing we can hold our egos into, and all have to face the bitter truth.

So as walked to the beach to see the Sunset that was around 22:34 we had almost one hour and a half to set up a campfire and bring on some liquor to ease the pain and loss some more.
My friends talked one by one face to face with Solstice wanting to know how and why she came here on earth. Later on, Johnie relaxed more and asked if she had any sisters because he still was a single guy. Send them all he said, raising beer up in the air.

Slowly everybody started to be to feel comfort out that evening. For almost half an hour I sat on the side on a rock at the water staring and sometimes I looked over my shoulder to them and sadly back to the horizon resting my head on my hands.

I could see the sun tipping the horizon for the first time and hazy kind of dark transparent mist covered the end of the horizon. The sky had a darker blue overflowing color to red-orange to a dark transparent haze.
When I was thinking back at those couple of months, I knew Solstice and at the beginning when I didn’t know who she really was that we had so much fun and were so in love.

Thinking “ Why does it always happen to Me, If people like her exist and other weird none terrestrial life even from other dimensions then luck is nothing more than the sand I’m looking at. No luck is for those who can buy it ?” When I cap my seventh beer bottle and starting to be emotional, I suddenly hear from beside Me.“

“ Hey ?” Solstice lays her arms around Me and asks Me why I’m all alone here and not joining her at the fire.
She never did wear that dress anymore she had on that evening in Sydney, but now she wore it again. And her hair was long and curled not seen before these last couple of months. She looked fabulous again, but I had to let go of her she said to me at home.

Then I said “ No I'm, I'm not in the mood, tell Me Solstice why didn’t you just skip Me that night in Sydney? “
“I know your future Sam, and your future looks good, that makes my future looks good too and Joey’s and Johnnies and Martins too.”

Sam “ Do you love Me or do you love everything in your universe? “
Solstice “ Don’t torture you, Sam, I love everything about you, but I’m not the same as you, I'm not mortal in a human way, at least not now or within a hundred or thousand years.”
I will die, but that depends if I'm going to be born as a new star or die by choice of father your sun “

When I slowly slide myself off the rock, I’m sitting on I pull solstice closer to me and say “ we had a superb time you and me “

I see that sad look on her face again, and I say “ Don’t worry I can handle it, So that’s what made you sad that night at Sydney, You knew what would happen? ”
Solstice only looked me in my eyes with her beautiful long eyelashes and blue-green eyes now starting to change to illuminating gold and very blue bright her lips began to glitter like the sea but still full and red she wanted me to kiss her, and I kissed her as long as I could.

Then she says looking me in the eye “I’m off Sam!? “
She tries to let me go, but I suddenly feel the love of her that still saddled very deep into my heart pouring out of me like I was bleeding yo death and that hurts real bad.

I couldn't let go of her, and I called her name “ Solstice, no, please no don’t go please “ Cracks appeared through her dress, and slowly I see her arms pull backward down to ground her breast forward and head back she starts to float one foot above the ground.

As I look over my shoulder, I see Joey, Martin, and Johnie running at Solstice and me, stopping next to me shouting at me “ Is she going, Sam ?’”
Sam “ Yes she is guys “

I can see her circular heart now its bright blue and the cracks are now all over her body.
Photons are splitting out of the cracks in her skin, and the light is so immensely bright I've got to hold my hands somewhat above my eyebrows to just look underneath to see what happens.

A big explosion follows, and we all fly like three feet back on the beach.
Slowly we crawl up no harm has been done the shockwave and air pressure made us thrown back away from her.
She now is turned into a full energetic being with the contours of a woman. Her hair is weightlessly floating around her head and has a golden yellow color.

Her body completely the color of Uranus with small clouds swirling from her face to the tips of her toes.
Shes weightless and static noise coming from her body. As she is hanging now five feet in the air right above me, I can see the sun sinking into the ocean.

The whole area seems to be flooded with light. Solstice is holding a crane like position in the air. Her head now turns towards me and her golden eyes shine real bright still having a beautiful female appearance with all her subtle contours that I really liked.

I scream with tears in my eyes through all the very loud static noise “ Do I see you again? “
Solstice now speaks a more goddess tone with echo all around like if this everywhere around us “ No Sam “
Sam “ Why not I really love you, I can't live with the thought never seeing you again.”
Solstice “ I'm not the same person next time I’m around “
Sam “ don’t mind Solstice I will find you.”
Solstice “ Finish your work, locate the truth Sam, I know you can I’ve seen it “
Sam “ Solstice wait, hold up.”

Suddenly another explosion follows for the second time, and we fall back again. When I crawl up again, I see my cell phone buzzing in the sand an incoming call precisely at 22:34 look and see the top corona of the sun sinking down sea level followed by a massive fireball crossing the horizon until I don’t see it anymore.

With tears in my eyes, My friends pick me up and say “ come on Sam It’s time we take our own lives again, don’t bother that fire chick you will find love again.

As we all walk away from the beach, I look over my shoulder if I can see one small glimpse of her, but sadly it ain't happening.

The End

posted on Sep, 29 2016 @ 04:27 PM
Very nice, Very nice.

Thank you, I thoroughly enjoyed that.

It read very easily to me.

I think the extra time you took to complete this was very well spent

Thank you.

posted on Sep, 29 2016 @ 04:57 PM
a reply to: SLAYER69

Thank you Slayer good to hear you liked it.
Always enjoyed your writing in threads.
I learn allot from your writing style and wisdom ,you bring here on ATS

posted on Sep, 30 2016 @ 10:15 AM
This was good, Observer1. Took me a while to get used to your writing style, but your pacing was excellent - you give out the little tidbits just enough to keep me hooked and always wanting more. It also helps that I'm a sucker for a good love story.

Good job and thank you for submitting it!

posted on Sep, 30 2016 @ 01:37 PM
a reply to: PrairieShepherd

Thanks for liking it ,and feedback . In time I hope to write some more so that I can put up better stories .It seems to write a good story needs alot of time and many changes before you actually can publish before the people.

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