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Veena and Katrina at it once more

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posted on Sep, 24 2016 @ 03:31 PM
The fans were lining up to meet with the incompatable dark beauty, Katrina and Veena was throwing something of a tantrum.. Kat looked at the crying one, fourth in line and spoke sweetly, "i like you, we should be together...all the men are gone and its fairly safe..."
Veena felt at ease for once in a long while having escaped the abusive blond woman, thanks to her dark friend...
their fling couldn't last forever as a red haired darling won over Ms Katrina and poor veena could only wish to touch her gaurdians foot...
"you may dear.." Veenas wish was granted and still the jelousy consumed her...
The two fought over being loud, wondering about this and that...Katrina couldn't get over the fact that veena only wanted to be with one only...and they stopped speaking...
then veena found a nicer human to be near...
and they spoke to eachother....creating heavenly pure joy...
to be continued...

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