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May...her twin and the annoyance

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posted on Sep, 22 2016 @ 05:10 AM
May was tired of her cousin trying to bring her a cat and woo her away from her twin...
No one cared what would happen to May once she looked at the good looking didn't matter any way...why split the two up..?
As the story was never told...except to their Gaurdian, Ming Woo...also a myth or daydream for many young and old alike...
"should i tell Chang woo and Sai and Jai to leave? " may asked her twin, mai.
The three boys were shivering under some ragged covers, Mai let them use..
"go ahead speak to someone else." he looked at disgust towards his darling twin ..
May looked at her broken hand and severed fingers..
"why am i such a disgrace ful host?"
"get out of my sight or tell them to leave.." May wasn't winning or loosing a stupid argument and neither was mai...
May wanted desparatly to feed her cousins and her brother was concerned only for his dog and place of honor with little sweet May to obey or not obey..
as long as his angry dog was fed.
...nothing mattered and strangely the twins were happy together...
(there is more content...thanks for reading a tidbit of story compulation)

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