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Convincing tales

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posted on Sep, 19 2016 @ 04:50 PM
Humans wont change, they never will. Most of our efforts is a conciliation between the slave owner and the slave, a story portrayed in our law books and constitutions that becomes the cultural dogma to where the border ends.
I never believed in ideals, and my Scandinavian peers neither, those who do are the same that fought wars over imaginary things out of the blue.
The monuments i see, always idealizes the horrendous acts that were wiped out and like the old saying goes;" Only the victors write history "

We cant change our human nature, but we can protect our kids from our horrendous deeds and make them believe that the future holds hope and not despair by looking at our deeds from the past. To many i have seen clings on to something that makes their lives worth while, waiting for a war so they can have their glorious spot light.
So to many of those who seeks a thrill, you never cared for anyone but yourself, but it sounds right when you convince yourself its for a human right.

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