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The one and the twelve

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posted on Sep, 16 2016 @ 06:11 AM
There was once a man of visions, he created a future full of dreams. The seventy years he lived, the world saw hope. It might not have been all peace but everyone knew ;" It was for the better ".

His wife gave birth to twelve, and each one of them only learned a handful. Together they could rule the world and create a tomorrow, yet alone they could only bring destruction.

On the deathbed of the man of visions he said to his twelve children," Together you can fill my shoes, create the visions of tomorrow and offer hope. But if you want to rule alone, you will only live the life i once made the path to and go around in circles. Promise me you will rule together "

The twelve looked at each and said in a choir;" We promise "

The twelve ruled the earth together, peace and prosperity, dreams and hope. The golden age continued like never before, they learned to understand each other, and to think as one another. The twelve and their wives gave birth to thirtysix children. They were no longer brothers and sisters, but cousins living in their own homes. They knew no loyalty to each other, and were raised as thinking they were the only truthful heirs.

The world burned once again, these thirtysix all wanted the chair. What they did not know, their grandfather was never a king, he was a beggar who listened to stories of man.

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