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Our loss of empathy, and the most controversial election of our time

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posted on Sep, 10 2016 @ 10:22 PM
I want to start out by requesting this thread be civil. Many people are going to bring up topics, and even if they are serious questions, and challenging to our ideology, we remember to argue fairly. When it comes down to it, we have been polarized,for reasons another thread could (many have) explain. Here we are, with the same humanistic wants for our future children's generations and current family well being. Can we all not remember we seek our ideology in trying to believe what is "right".

That being said, I think it is important for two reasons to be empathic to the other side.

The first is important, that the definition of empathy implies you can feel and understand the other side. Usually our ideology is justified under the belief we are right and we are helping other humans. While a beautiful idea, we often cheat by using logical fallacies to discredit our opponents. If we do that and are caught we ourselves are discredited and often our ideas. This is sad as we just closed our window to relating to someone.

The second is more for logic. If we pursue logic, we try to project what we have found. My belief is an idea is the only immortal organic life on earth. I justify that notion by saying strong ideas self replicate, and. Just killing the host does not kill the organism (idea). Other beliefs explain it different.

Quote from Sun Tzu

Know thy self, know thy enemy. A thousand battles, a thousand victories. The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.

I'm agnostic but raised Christian and my interpretation of Jesus's message of evangelism, (lead by you're walk, encourage curiosity by your presence, love, and conviction. The act of evangelism should be soley by what you project). That not under quotations as I paphrased. Very important we realize most philosophies are translated to English, which can have flaws or biased. Since I've read most of the Bible and was raised Christian I wanted to point out my interpretation of one of the most beautiful beliefs of a religion I don't follow.

My point with only two very different philosophies, in the interest of keeping it short, is as Humans, it is important to understand we seek similar interests for our family, community, state, and country (and world).

This is logic, and I realize I am not perfect but these are realities. I am often proved wrong, and sometimes feel right. But if we are to win on our quest, we must empathize for those we argue.

May we remember this ATS community, community of earth. Let us remember logic and empathy, both I'm guilty of straying from. Deny ignorance and I hope some common ground can be found in this thread, some love shared. I know this is long, I don't seek S&F on this one. I just know how I cherish the less sensational threads on here and just hoped this could add some beauty in a time of incredible hate.
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posted on Sep, 11 2016 @ 07:45 AM
I think one of the biggest problems Americans face today is that we let our government and politicians tell us who our enemies are.

North Korea - a third rate country run by a guy with obvious mental issues trying to develop third rate weapons when they can't even feed their people. Why are they our enemy?

Iran - when was the last time Iran attacked anyone? Why are they our enemies?

After the cold war, Russia was considered to be either neutral or a loose ally. Now, we are told they are moving towards the "enemy" column. Apparently, our government doesn't like it when they do the same things our government does.

When China flexes its muscle in the South China Sea, they are bordering on enemy status. That doesn't stop us from buying their crap, though.

In this election, both sides call each other every name under the Sun, then make up new names. With slogans like "Stronger Together" and "Make America Great Again" you would think the campaigns are about uniting Americans for our mutual benefit. But their speeches and talking points are all about telling you that the other side is the enemy. Deep down we know that after the election, it will once again be the US Government vs. the American People. Corporations will continue to write legislation that lawmakers rubber stamp. Government will continue to erode liberties and freedoms for "our own good." Americans will need to tighten our belts because times are tough, but there will be plenty of money to bomb people in other countries.

When someone tells you that someone you've never met is your enemy, take a good look at who is doing the telling. Odds are, they are not your friends.

posted on Sep, 11 2016 @ 07:57 AM
I think the biggest divides is that there is a group who believes that virtue is using the government like a hammer to force everyone else to do what they feel is correct.

Poor people? We need to use the government to force everyone to give up more money to give those poor people some cash.

Fat people? We need to use government to tell people how to eat, even to restrict what they eat where necessary.

Ignorant people? We need to use the government to force people to give more money to schools, and to learn what I think they should learn.

Unhappy people? They must be oppressed. We need to use the government to force everyone else to give them exactly what they want.

In short, there are a significant number of people whose first answer to everything is government force and to force everyone.

It used to be that such belief was called tyranny.

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