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Ghandi letter to Hitler

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posted on Sep, 9 2016 @ 07:31 PM
Ghandi was an exceptional man of his age, he never gave up with the struggles of life, yet offered hope more than anything else.
He knew the difference between failing and success, and he knew if someone didnt follow willingly, they would smash the opposition when oppurtunity was given..

Ghandi was a man of his time, when progress was hidden in slavery and refered to as civilized..

That I address you as a friend is no formality. I own no foes. My business in life has been for the past 33 years to enlist the friendship of the whole of humanity by befriending mankind, irrespective of race, colour or creed.
I hope you will have the time and desire to know how a good portion of humanity who have view living under the influence of that doctrine of universal friendship view your action. We have no doubt about your bravery or devotion to your fatherland, nor do we believe that you are the monster described by your opponents. But your own writings and pronouncements and those of your friends and admirers leave no room for doubt that many of your acts are monstrous and unbecoming of human dignity, especially in the estimation of men like me who believe in universal friendliness. Such are your humiliation of Czechoslovakia, the rape of Poland and the swallowing of Denmark. I am aware that your view of life regards such spoliations as virtuous acts. But we have been taught from childhood to regard them as acts degrading humanity. Hence we cannot possibly wish success to your arms. (...)

posted on Sep, 9 2016 @ 08:14 PM
a reply to: tikbalang

Interesting, to say the least. I have many issues with Gandhi but his friendly way of telling Hitler to stop the evil madness is very endearing to me. Thanks for posting. Cheers!
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posted on Sep, 9 2016 @ 08:15 PM
Guess it just shows how naive Ghandi was
Ghandi watched, or heard how the third reich destroyed humanity and still appealed to hitler as a human being
I guess that is indicative of the fact, sometimes people need to understand that equal force, more force must be applied

As a Christian, I don't agree with the death penalty, outside of my faith, the secular world needs a death penalty

Ghandis plea indicates, some people can't be reasoned with

posted on Sep, 9 2016 @ 11:16 PM
a reply to: Raggedyman

Ghandis plea indicates, some people can't be reasoned with

It was a good attempt the fruitless in that time but might be a seedling for the future.

Makes me think of Krishna and Arjuna where Arjuna is having moral trouble handling the destructive force he need to apply on the insane souls coming.

Gandhis peaceful resistance worked since the British was not totally unreasonable and genocidal.

posted on Sep, 10 2016 @ 02:26 AM
It's odd that the reason UK declared war on Germany was the Anglo-Polish Defence Pact, but it never was applied to the fact that Russia's USSR also invaded Poland from the East.

posted on Sep, 22 2016 @ 05:44 PM
Ghandi was a real leader who understood that you cannot lead people with evil thoughts and motives. Thank you very much for posting that.

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