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Chapter: 27

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posted on Sep, 9 2016 @ 03:41 AM

I did a comm check with one of our intel droids we had left to spy on the Sid. The droid reported there was a civil war going on at present but currently the conflict was still at a manageable low intensive type affair. Multiple different sides were forming and sending assassins out to destroy those who might have different thoughts than a particular side wanted. Lacthi had so far avoided being deposed of but with the major changes he was trying to enact his position was not as strong as he or myself would have liked.

I sent a QUE message to USSB requesting a couple of Tom Ngan to proceed to the Sid home world of Lacthi and do a little mind control to settle the opposing sides down before a full blown civil war broke out... If Lacthi did not succeed in reforming the Sid then their internal civil war would look like kids play if I had to return and make them....... see the errors of their ways.....Which was something I really did not want to do.

USSB QUE reply, “Three Tom Ngan have now arrived and are starting to influence a more favorable outcome.”

With the Sid problem settled for now, (as far as I was concerned) I was beginning to think about the
route we should proceed on for our next mapping and intel mission.

I finally came to the realization that I was tired of making mission decisions and should get all the family involved to come up with a consensus of where we should go next. Tiki and now Noke could always pick out a destination but... after all the excitement over these last few sleep cycles I was ready for some kick back and relax time. I was sure USSB would have something for us to do which would probably be as interesting as anything we could come up with so I guess you could say USSB was my “Plan B.”

I invited everyone to a family meal and as we all feasted (except for KIM/Kittiya) upon our favorite Tiki picked dishes I brought up the subject of a new destination.

Our present mapping mission was discussed but with Cricket and her two ships plus all the droids Tiki had released there really was no reason for us to remain in the Hadock or the Astone dimensions any longer. Yes we could stay and map out more Sentients but with the Jinary and the Nhue now becoming members of USSB our presence was no longer really needed; they would soon finish the job we had started.

The Pelay Dimension had not been thoroughly mapped or explored so the group decision was for all of us to head there in Noke and Tiki.

I had actually, really, enjoyed everyone being back together again.

We Phased to the dimension of Pelay and after a brief pause Noke and Tiki decided there was a globular cluster orbiting a galaxy that looked interesting because of all the red dwarf stars it contained. Globular Clusters are not that unusual and many galaxies will have the clusters somewhere above or below a galaxy's galactic plane. What I find wonderful about these clusters are the relative closeness of the stars.

Back on earth during a clear dark night a person could observe with their unaided eyes maybe a thousand stars (out of the 350+ billion the Milky Way has). Just imagine if you were is a cluster and looked up from your planet to see over ten times as many bright stars with distances measured between the observed stars in fractions of light years instead of way to heck out there or far far away !

There were 4 super giant stars in this cluster and one of the giants, according to Tiki, had been changing between its' Blue and Red Colored Phase as a warning it was getting ready to go super nova. That is the problem with clusters. The Globular Clusters are formed from huge gas clouds that are forming stars at an incredible rate. However, unfortunately there so many building blocks of matter for young stars that there are always the short lived super giants getting ready to blow themselves apart and basically sterilize all the beginnings of life in their vicinity. Without the sterilization process Globular Clusters would be a great breeding ground for a Sentient to look up and wonder, what is over there, simply due to the close proximity of all the neighboring stars .

When the Blue Giant explodes it will release so much energy and solar wind that many of the young suns will be blown away from the cluster to later be captured by the closest galaxy the cluster is gravitationally bound to. Those blown away suns with their orbiting planets gravitationally bound to them will suffer orbital planetary disruptions to such an extent that it will be like some SciFi movie titled “When worlds Collide”. Many planets and their orbits will survive but many more will perish in this future cataclysm.

Tiki and Noke left a few droids in this cluster of newly forming stars to observe the coming super nova. There really was no need to leave droids, for USSB had observed and gathered data on such events for millions of years........ however, droids were easily made and plentiful so might as well see if they can turn up something new.

We did not detect any life in the cluster above the ever present bacteria or Class one, so we departed to the nearby Galaxy to map and search for new Sentient life forms. Noke went right and Tiki went left as seen from our vantage point and they both started dropping droids to search within this galaxy for the expected different classes of life..

By using our new DEP sensors while searching for space faring Sentient life in our sector, the whole process was made so much easier..... it was a wonder how well we had managed using the old non DEP sensor arrays. In this particular Galaxy of 480 billion stars there were presently detected 6.4328 billion planets with artificial satellites in orbit and we were able to detect 5347 space craft that were using Warp drive in our sector alone ! Now that is what I call a sensor sweep ! By the Warp signatures of the craft detected, Tiki surmised they had been made by eleven different species... (or someone had changed their Warp core design and signatures recently ?) She also let us know that Noke was detecting another 2284 Warp drive ships in his sector with an additional 4.8931 billion planets with artificial satellites. This particular galaxy was a beehive of activity compared to other galaxies of this size.

Noke and Tiki were cloaked as we both now ran using our Dark Energy Phasing cloaks like the Jinary had used when we had first met them.

Our old cloaking method had been a slight energy drain on Tiki but with these new sensors and Phase cloaking, both tapped such an abundant energy source that Tiki said there was no reason to not run cloaked.

I told Sky we were going to intercept the closest Warp drive ship and do a complete data grab from the ship. He thought that was a great idea so they would do the same in their sector with one of the Warp drive ships they were tracking.

Tiki plotted an intercept course to a promising ship that was presently traveling at 50xC (fifty times the speed of light). With her predictive reasoning she determined the ship was headed for a planet now only 12 light years away from their present position. We were waiting at the planet when they dropped out of light speed/warp.

In the few natee we had to wait, Tiki did a quick scan and surmised that the planet was undergoing a major terraforming project. There were two atmospheric stations and a small city located just twenty degrees above the equatorial plain of this Mars sized planet.

posted on Sep, 9 2016 @ 03:44 AM
That was all we were able to find out before the ship that had been warping to this planet dropped out of light speed. They certainly knew what they were doing for they popped out in orbit and directly above the city and atmo-stations planet-side.

As the ship came to a fixed position above the planetary city two very large containers were ejected that fell to the planet. The dropping was timed so that one container would end up on the east side of the city and the other container would be a short distance from the most westerly atmospheric terraforming station. As the containers reached a predetermined altitude there were two incredible hydrogen bomb blast that were of such a magnitude that the whole planet shook. Then the tectonic forces which had been mostly asleep in the planet were released as inactive volcanoes sprung to life. The Atmosphere of the planet was stripped/blown away into the void of space as there was nothing left of the city and stations except for green glassified sand that stretched over an unbelievable area of the planet. The area was large enough to be classified as a Green Ocean of glass in my opinion.

Xenon 129 and elements of Kryptonite were just about all that was left of the once promising atmosphere the Nung had been attempting to manufacture.

Since the ship was in our vicinity Tiki grabbed all the data she could before the Narn went back to WARP speed and departed the area. We chose to not follow the ship as we studied the newly snatched data Tiki had for us.

The ship was a heavy cruiser of the Narn which had been manufactures only eleven solar years ago.

The Narn were a bipedal species that had evolved from a Dino stock and had become Sentient less than two million solar years ago. They averaged a height of a few inches shorter than Sky (or about my height) and were thick skinned and hairless. Their heads had some interesting features to keep the rain out of their double lens eyes as their brow ridges continued from their brow line all the way past the top of their heads. The ridges would funnel the water away from their eyes. They had six fingered hands with nicely manicured sharpen nails. Their eyes were set rather close together and their mouths while not entirely flat did have some decent teeth and fangs.

Their mission to destroy the city and terraforming facilities was from an ongoing dispute about territorial claims between the Narn and the Nung. I found it stupidly amusing that they had both originated on the same planet and were of the same race with the only difference being they inhabited different planets with different planetary governments that hated each other. How to hell can you have a territorial dispute when there is the bubble of this universe that stretches just about 92 trillion light years (and growing) in every direction from this hapless planet ? Sentient carries many connotations but unfortunately not always sufficient intelligence to poor water out of a boot before you try to put it on. With the depositions of the Narn and the Nung I was surprised they had not totally destroyed themselves long ago. The good news from what information we had been able to gather was all their hatred was directed at each other and not at other Sentient life forms.

posted on Sep, 9 2016 @ 07:37 AM
a reply to: 727Sky

Very cool!

posted on Sep, 9 2016 @ 09:15 AM

originally posted by: Quantum12
a reply to: 727Sky

Very cool!

Thank you.. I had wondered since it really is chapter 27 if people could/would be able to follow the story....again thanks.

posted on Sep, 9 2016 @ 10:08 AM

You sent me a link a while back to more "Adventures of Kittiya" [ or that's what I call it ] but I couldn't find the story. I'm not sure what I did wrong, but the link just said basically "Sorry, we have no idea what you're looking for"

posted on Sep, 9 2016 @ 10:16 AM

originally posted by: DAVID64

You sent me a link a while back to more "Adventures of Kittiya" [ or that's what I call it ] but I couldn't find the story. I'm not sure what I did wrong, but the link just said basically "Sorry, we have no idea what you're looking for"

The Kittiya chapter has not been published/presented at this time due to its' length. It is a very long chapter ...The link I sent you was back ground and am sorry if the link did not work.

If and when I find a place I want to post the Kittiya chapter I will send you the direct link... Thank you for the interest.

posted on Jan, 6 2021 @ 12:57 AM
I had forgotten I had written this as the computer this story was written upon had a hard disk crash after a kid knocked the computer off a desk upon a tile floor. Such is life I suppose but STILL it was a loss to me..

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