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two types of for priestess one for priest

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posted on Sep, 8 2016 @ 03:53 PM
"where did all the princess go?""maybe spoken in unison...Eunice and Margrave spat out trashy words...
"so far down its dirty..."
"you and me dear will earn a proper living, clean name it...where to?"
the two beings skipped along, danced...spoke to other was louder or the queit one was the loudest...not many good kind ones where there, they were planning on a dramatic sort of occasion...thoughts of tops and tips of planet matter...
the cute one...was not sure...
the ugly one, me..was very prominent in thoughts of what the humans may never behold...have or it was a bit of this a bit of that...
"ah our food ..."
"crap, he caught us both?"
"you caught us!"
"me I captured the most highly edjucated land sky and sea?"
"that's what you told us now, where are the sea horses!...?"
"he has got the kids last I heard..."

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