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Winky Professor

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posted on Sep, 6 2016 @ 09:54 PM
I sat with a psychology professor and had a discussion about the free will, its an interesting topic once you get started.
So he said as an opening;"

"Ever tried forcing an animal into doing something it dont want to do, it will end badly.
You cant force anyone into doing something they dont want to do, but you can make them believe anything you want. Just make them believe it enough to do it out of free will"

The professor was a smart man, much smarter than me.

I didnt believe in free will, i believed it was something that induced fear of losing something you never had;" But our will is always dictated by our instincts, no matter what we believe", i replied.

"Then you make the instincts the belief and you can dictate anyone" And he winked


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