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Speaking ahead of G20, Justin Trudeau urges leaders to fight protectionism

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posted on Sep, 3 2016 @ 04:27 PM
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, sorry to say, is nothing more that Obama Lite.

In his first event at the G20 leaders' summit, Justin Trudeau urged his peers Saturday to drive away the anti-globalization and protectionist attitudes that have been fuelling "divisive, fearful rhetoric" in different parts of the world.

"We know that isolationism, that building walls, that closing in on oneself does not create opportunity, it does not create growth," Trudeau said from a stage he shared with the presidents of Argentina and South Africa at a Business 20 meeting, which is part of the G20.

Trudeau Lobbies for Globalization

These are rather ironic sentiments, given that they are being made from a podium in China - maybe the world's best example of how signing "Free Trade" deals with other Countries to gain access to their markets, while taking protectionist measures to protect their own markets and industries...can lead to explosive economic growth.

Mr. Trudeau wants to continue the march toward globalization?

Competition from developing countries with cheaper labour, combined with automation, are taking manufacturing jobs and they’re not coming back...the decline of Canadian manufacturing is among the worst in the developed world...Canada has seen the largest decline in manufacturing output among 19 industralized countries. Manufacturing output shrank 11.5 per cent in Canada between 2002 and 2011.

Canada's Manufacturing Sector Disappearing - Trudeau says "more please"

Because of NAFTA (yes that same deal that caused that "great sucking sound" of US jobs going to Mexico), and one-way trade on manufactured goods with Countries like China, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam and others who have radically lower labour rates, benefits, workplace safety requirements and environmental standards (not to mention predatory currency rate practices), Canada as an industrial power is in complete shambles.

Were it not for Canada's natural resource sector (oil, gas, mining) and agricultural ouput, it would be well on the way to 3rd world status. That is a precarious place to be - just look at the Province of has gone from boom times to crisis mode, because of the recent rapid decline in global oil prices.

Trudeau is just another example of the kind of politician who believes that you can tax and spend your way out of anything ($19 Trillion debt sound familiar?)...and that the gravy train will just keep on rolling, if we just hug our neighbours, trust that they too want peace, harmony and equality for all - and pretend they are not really trying to eat our lunch, to advantage their own Country and their own people.

Keep it up Justin. Keep on hugging those trees, keep working on that Free Trade Agreement with China - so there will be no manufacturing jobs left in Canada at all.

Canadians can only pray that Trump wins in November, and that he follows through on the goal he stated, while he was in Mexico...that is, to work to preserve jobs on the North American continent (which might have the side-effect of saving Canada somewhat from its current leftist, destructive, leanings).

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posted on Sep, 3 2016 @ 06:21 PM
Chinas growth has only been achieved through MFN or most favored nation status with the US, before China Japan held that status with the US the MFN rotates and last I read was in concideration to begin with another country... of course that does not mean trade from Japan or China etc. ceases it just means it's a better gateway to trade relations and helping to raise other countries out of feudal or totalitarian types of systems.

China agreed to give all power back to the government to streamline and fix things, they have been slowly opening up culture again since those systems have been streamlined the corruption ousted and systems ran through test after test to make sure there were no loop holes for that corruption to seep back in, such a thing takes time and of course bing under basically martial law until that is achieved is going to look horrendous the same as if people in the US tried(some do) to initiate civil war as that would not occur instead it would lead directly into martial law... and if the US military needed help it's partners would assit in the stabilization back into law and order with major reform the same way it occurs elsewhere in the world... so it's best being first citizens of the world and then citizen of whatever country one is from to move forward in global progress and not back into systems of regress that have proven time and time again to not work to not establish equality or prosperity and rob freedom in such implementations of it.

The Mexico wall thing is just a desire to apply brakes on trade, as resources and labor to coporate conglomerates is still seen as cheap... not fair to Mexico and pretty bigoted as it seeks to keep the people and their economy down instead of elevating it up, the policy of the drug war was and still is what has kept it destabilized for a very long time... allowing not only trade, resources, and labor to remain cheap and many citizens living in poverty with cartels fueling the black market trade world wide... legitimizing things the way some european countries do with a strong public health system over incarceration has been seen to be way more healthy and less problem prone as far as public health and saftey goes... it cuts out the entire under belly that fuels all of societies ills unlike the one that wants to lock everyone up due to the vices of human nature due to moralist agendas counter to separation of church and state.

There are solutions and moving towards them is a much better pathway, than rehashing and retrying old failed policy that has not worked in the past nor has worked for other countries... we don't have to keep trying the same experiments on society over and over again when we know ones that do indeed work... when those seeking to spread hate and insure people are kept in a state of ignorance in order to keep fueling systems of greed through loopholes in law or in order to keep operating outside of it tax free and then creating systems of oppression that profit being wholly fueled by the problem itself instead of looking or working to solve the problem(s) itself.

posted on Sep, 3 2016 @ 06:22 PM
All the Justins that come from Canada, seem to have some kind of malfunction. Mmmmmmm.

posted on Sep, 3 2016 @ 06:59 PM

originally posted by: Substracto
All the Justins that come from Canada, seem to have some kind of malfunction. Mmmmmmm.

Looks like slingblade found something he likes better than fried potatoes... slinging hash. :p Happy Saturday

But no Justin's are made in both the US and Mexico in that whole jumping across the border transition corporations do for that very exploitation I mentioned in the last post... sorry to have given you the boot.

(post by bobs_uruncle removed for political trolling and baiting)

posted on Sep, 3 2016 @ 08:58 PM
a reply to: BigBrotherDarkness

You never deserved a potato, keep those boots clean.

posted on Sep, 3 2016 @ 09:09 PM
a reply to: Substracto

All because these sorts of fences dont make good neighbors? I already gave the potato to someone that needed it more than I and told them to cut the eyes out of it so they can grow more of them... does that make you regret me having a potato more or less now?

posted on Sep, 3 2016 @ 09:29 PM
a reply to: mobiusmale

There is such a push for globalization that they are trying to associate nationalism with racism.

I think Brexit scared a lot of one-world types.

posted on Sep, 3 2016 @ 09:57 PM
a reply to: DBCowboy

Well, nationalism can be a major foot dragging towards globalization... of course when politics does it it is ONLY for economic control. What do people think all these wars are for... they are to stabilize and make other nations free to where the people have more say in their government instead of dictated too or controlled to open up not only country trade but global trade that the citizens themselves can take part in world wide... the internet already runs on this like Ebay a global seller, Facebook a global social network with billions world wide... strengthening borders is an economic wall with terrorism those pushing back against the global community out of some belief or tradition the interesting thing is the force necessary to help those in need of liberty typically is the most nationalist of all or at least patriotic... but we arent fighting for our freedom anymore and havent since WW2 every war since has been a proxy war over economics and trade and stabilization not one of keeping or getting power... so it makes no sense what so ever that so many snub their noses at the very thing our young men and women fight and die to achieve.

Nearly every child when asked what is the one thing they wish for the world is typically answered: Peace

The hate civilians have all over the world is losing family in these conflicts, the hate the ex-military sometimes have is the sheer propaganda pounded in over and over to see an enemy not a human being someone they must kill not someone wanting some sort of happiness the same with them... so naturally that ideology gets passed down, quite a few people hate traditionally from these wars they never even fought in from the civil war all the way back to those 1000s of years ago and it makes no sense... I had an ancestor die at the Alamo am I pissed off over it or at who they were fighting? No because end goal was peace, prosperity and happiness of both sides that were fighting.

We have the technology to erase these lines heal these pains and old wounds and actually achieve global world peace and partnership towards better as the human species as a WHOLE greed and hate keeping everyone ignorantly pissed off at eachother keeps attempting to prevent it why? So generation after generation can be continued to be shot out of cannons keeping that cycle of insanity going? Ludacris an excerise in futility we need diplomacy, communication not to be pumping out more and more arms and hate to keep war going it's been over 20 years strong now starting in Kuwait... it's about time we used or brains for something more than basic survial like animals dontcha think?

posted on Sep, 3 2016 @ 10:03 PM
a reply to: BigBrotherDarkness

Globalism gets tried every so often.

It hasn't been very successful.

posted on Sep, 3 2016 @ 10:11 PM
a reply to: DBCowboy

Pretty sure I outlined why... but here's another reason hateful mouths infecting impressionable ears, and PT Barnum wins again with life being a constant circus.

posted on Sep, 4 2016 @ 08:26 AM
a reply to: mobiusmale

how else are the priveliged globalists gonna go in and buy a Nations infrastructure on the cheap.....traitors to their people all of them. Bring back the gallows

posted on Sep, 4 2016 @ 11:27 AM

originally posted by: DBCowboy
a reply to: mobiusmale

There is such a push for globalization that they are trying to associate nationalism with racism.

I think Brexit scared a lot of one-world types.

What is puzzling to me (among many things these days) is how, suddenly, if the leader (or prospective leader during an election campaign) of a Nation wants to implement policies that will improve the lot of his/her own people - that person is now subject to all kinds of howling and name calling...racist, xenophobe, etc.

Since when was it the responsibility, or duty, of the Head of State of a Country to put the interests of all other nations, ahead of the nation whose people elected him/her - and to pursue polices that will put his/her own Country at a competitive disadvantage?

Obama, Trudeau and Merkel are just three examples of this kind of Globalist thinking, which creates havoc at home in the name of improving the lot of "all others" in the world. The United States is having a serious debate amid concerns about bringing in 10,000 Syrian refugees. Canada has already brought in 25,000 - and has only 10% of the population of the United States.

Merkel, of course, is the architect of the million plus undocumented people who have swarmed Germany over the last year - and which will result in societal tsunamis for decades to come (and all across Europe!).

The effect of unfettered rapid Globalism, in all of its forms, has about the same effect on developed nations as when the police abandon a neighbourhood during a riot - the "disadvantaged" people break into the grocery store, loot all of the food, and then burn the store down.

Feel good "sunny days" clowns like Trudeau rush toward free trade deals (without ensuring that they are fair trade deals with checks and balances), and global warming initiatives (forcing adoption of noncompetitive technologies before they are ready, destroying domestic industries, taxing people and companies for using carbon-based products - when their Green Initiative Pact partners have no intention of...or are given specific exemptions from having to...implement similar measures).

At the end of the day, Trudeau, like any other Head of State, is elected (hired) by the population of their Country, to look after their best interests - to improve their lot in life. They are not elected with the intent that they should follow the globalist dictates of the UN, or the multi-national corporations - each is installed to look after their own people first (in cooperation, as much as is feasible, with other Nations and international organizations).

Imagine if:

The Coach of the New York Yankees adopted a policy of allowing opposing teams to score runs, so they can catch up, if they get two or more runs ahead in a game...and to purposely lose games, if they get more than two games ahead of the competition in the standings...or...

The Governor of Ohio raised taxes on businesses, in increments, until such time as this had the desired effect of encouraging employers to move their facilities to Michigan or Pennsylvania...or...

The CEO of Coca Cola went on a worldwide tour, giving speeches and talking to the let everybody know that there is nothing exceptional about their product (compared to Pepsi or other non-name cola brands), and to make sure people understand that consumption of Coca Cola will lead to obesity and other health problems...

All of the above are unthinkable, of course.

So why are so many of the current "Western" Heads of State around the world so intent on following such similarly ludicrous, and so obviously self-destructive, policies?

Why does the media so vigorously defend, or even idolize, these anti-national figures?

Why are leaders who say, "wait a minute...this is actually bad for the people who directly elected me", demonized?

Donald Trump is the poster boy for wild attacks being made against somebody who says, let's stop this madness before the United States ceases to exist as a sovereign...solvent...nation. He says (not always in the most eloquent manner of course), that America needs to stop people from pouring into the Country illegally, that crime and drug trafficking need to be brought under control, that unfair trade deals need to be renegotiated, that taxes need to be lowered to bring jobs back to America, that American needs to become energy independent, that strident measures need to be taken to keep terrorists from coming to America (and to stop the radicalization of people already in America)...that his policy will be "America first".

Well, to hear the Liberals tell it...this makes him a racist, xenophic, sexist, nationalist, white supremacist, trade war mongerer, pro-global warming moron (among many more negative labels).

How dare he, as an aspiring POTUS, pledge to put America first? Where does he get off saying he is proud of America, and proud to be an American?

He should try to be more like Justin...just concentrate on being handsome and dashing...hug everybody, and offer to share - no give away - everything to anybody else...just keep spending until you can't borrow any more, then just print more money, and spend some a good global citizen, even if it means stomping on the heads of your own populous.

Don't try to get America moving ahead again...that will only make other people in other Countries feel sad. Don't make sure that your own homeless, mentally ill, wounded or otherwise disadvantaged people are taken care...look after all the poor and starving masses in every other Country in the world - in fact, just invite them all to move to America!

Don't stop ISIS in its tracks, enforce a no-fly zone in Syria to stop Assaud from bombing and gassing his own people, and create safe zones for the Syrian people in Syria and surrounding Countries...keep the chaos going, and let the people flood into Europe, Canada and the United States, where they will become generational burdens and permanent societal disrupters.

Come on Donald, get with the globalist to further destroy America, so that the peoples of Asia and Africa have all of the jobs and economic prosperity.

Come on Hillary Clinton, so you can have 4-8 more years of Obama's Yard Sale of America - and you can be led by a husband and wife team who have made corruption a global (and highly profitable...for them) racketeering enterprise.

Come on like Justin, Barak and Angela!

posted on Sep, 4 2016 @ 05:18 PM
a reply to: mobiusmale

What an incredible reply.

I think you have encapsulated the entire issue in a few short paragraphs!

posted on Sep, 5 2016 @ 12:19 AM
a reply to: mobiusmale

So sitting on a porch with a shot gun guarding your claim should be the go to standard world wide?

Trade is being used as a pathway to peace... if more kids would rather have a skateboard or play a video game the less likely they would want to pick up an AK47 and keep the chaos going thats globalism in a nut shell called planet earth. The agenda is to lift everyone one up to the same level of living world wide and nearly every country is on board, rightside left side it doesnt matter thats their agenda the agenda that looks as opposition to that is to hoard economics and resources behind walls and borders while exploiting all of those to the f-ing bone as slaves in the process of course extremism is as extremism does whether it's sanctioned by a government called a military or a large group of people saying hell no.

Both pathways are bloody and it doesnt have to be with diplomacy but when a seat of power is so entrenched that it squashes any persons under its thumb it is unacceptable... but then we say oh thats over there somewhere I have never been and every single stereotype calls them this that or the other by some ignorant label so that must be true...

Those people corrupted by power absolutely do not take the seat of power as a responsibility to anyone but themselves... or live on that porch with a shot gun staking a claim whether it's a 10x10 patch of dirt or an entire country.

Then instead of respect and understanding of culture regardless of all this my mythos is better than your mythos... instead of hey making make believe of the past fact and killing each other over it is rediculous but the philosophy of life does have some merit no matter how out there it is, it is no reason to destroy over it but instead see how they can be set aside and we can build a better world in secularism otherwise it's doom porn day in and day out people wanting to destroy instead of grow... yeah no matter how twisted it sounds destruction and chaos makes some people happy and when systems are designed to keep those sort of cycles going that start profiting off of human misery? Something has to give... it wont be the actual populous or people of the world as theyve given, suffered and have been pained far too long over such nonsense generation after generation they'll collectively say no regardless of all of that separatism and work together and say hey shoes on the other foot do it yourself we can be self suffcient as large communities in trade and barter systems and knowledge dropping currency and taxes all together.

People already have the power loaning it to those not fit for the seat making it globalized slavery? Instead of global freedom... sh!t

posted on Sep, 5 2016 @ 04:28 PM
Cheers a reply to: mobiusmale

Justin Trudeau is another tool, just like his father. PE Trudeau sold out Canadians by stopping printing money through Treasury and started borrowing from IMF controlled shareholder banks. That increased the national debt from 15 billion in 1973 to 600 billion by 1978. Justin is going to continue in his father's footsteps incrementally destroying Canada by catering to the oligarchs and bankers until there's nothing left. His showing up in China, the embarrassment that he is, will only reinforce his "firesale" position on the world stage.

Every PM since and including PE Trudeau has sold off our resources for a pittance while destroying our manufacturing base. If currency is based in commodity value plus workforce, our dollar should actually be at a buck fifty US. Of course, that wouldn't fit into the IMF's plan, since most manufacturing is gone there is no excuse to keep the dollar down, unless it is to discount our commodities in favour of profits to oligarchs and bankers.

We need a referendum to remove people like Trudeau and change the laws to prevent selling off resources at discounted prices. Once those resources are gone, they're gone.

Cheers - Dave

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