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Hunter looking for a monster

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posted on Aug, 27 2016 @ 04:43 PM
He looked at them and said;" So, this is the great philosopher club? " Male and females from every corner of the world sat down around a round table and looked at the figure who stood in the doorway. " Please continue, im just listening. " You could feel the tension in the air, they knew his name.
Hunter was a simple man, he just made sure to remove gifted people who gone to far astray. Everyone in this room had taken a vow, except the man called Hunter who stood in the doorway of this great ensemble of people.

He was here for one person, the one who looked down in the wooden table. The one who avoided his peering eyes. Hunter was an uncanny fellow, almost animal like, yet still looked like a human. " He looked directly at the man he came to get;" So, you like your facade? Dont you? "

When these gifted men turn astray, their appearance changes. They look human to everyone, but Hunter he saw the monster.

The man sitting around the table, changed. His eyes turned into something grotesque, and mumbled in a dark voice;;" You aint catching....."
His head, was gone.. Splattered all over the round table.. Hunters looked with a smile on the corpse infront of him;" Anyone else? " He said to each and everyone. " Dont forget, you all took a vow " And closed the door after he stepped out.


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