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the wolf in sheeps clothing tried dating a cat and her butterfly

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posted on Aug, 27 2016 @ 03:19 PM
he looked at pretty white kitty, "in my world you are considered very let me read your palm.." something struck his face with terror..."your healthy ...your pretty ...."
the stalking began, everywhere kitty went there he was..." here is my number ... I am a yoda prince and will teach you many things..." kitty was not interested yet scared because he was everywhere she went...
" okay yoda, your promise of travel is what my sister wants... so I guess I want it too, I will flaunt your good looks around, kay?"
the poor man was so sad his ex wives took his children and money that he enacted revenge on the confused itty bitty kitty...
"movie food I give you permission to cook in my home... and all you do is giggle and scoff near the shower... now hear is your home work your going to the hospital...the wrinkled old thing what a male of sorts...we all get old and looked for love, right?"
a strikeing young sea horse cracking jokes left and right a fantastic lover of women..." Lady he looks 80 not sixty is drunk and selling beeswax candles for the monestary...sure catch my asthma"
the kitty gasped for air, "who is trying to kill me now"
the see horse and his young bride were happy for a loyal friend... " you kissed my male?' I
"I can't lie as I committed a ffaery adultery act"
"here I have henna now give me your paw."
oh the sensation... soft brush on paw...heaven... kitty fell asleep for another 17 hours and dreamed of being with her scorpion near the well...
The scorpion champion was mad, " why was my queen often saying not worthy?"
"you cheated fool!"
the human crawled out of the well and looked for something... human..?
just a beautiful butterfly moth... she couldn't speak it was Chumbo her dream true not coming to save anything... just traveling that's all....
Mumbo is now a slave, sad yet very true....
the white madam butterfly and her kitty friend were at it again..." just what does mumbo do here?"
mumbo, took here darling duo and loked for a better flower ugghh the pink cammilias bath time for icky grubby chumbo and mumbo... they kept their clothing on... strange things as they are...

posted on Aug, 27 2016 @ 05:02 PM
a reply to: peppycat

Gods, I love your threads.


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