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Judge said nai

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posted on Aug, 26 2016 @ 09:28 PM
There was once a man who stood trial before a grand court, they wanted to prosecute him for treason.. The tiny problem was, he wasnt born inside their imaginary walls, his home was with nature.. The judge asked for their case and said;" Seeing things different, with a good intent. Im not sure that how the world works the last decades "

The man never took a vow of any kind, and he was very pleased. He wanted to know what they were thinking so he said;" I feel pity for those who have eyes to see, yet are blind and ears to listen yet let their mouth speak "

The men screamed at the Judge" Look at what this man is doing, he is making a mockery out of us " The man smiled and said;" Wasnt it you who said, freedom of speech? Or does that only fall to a man on his feet. "

The Judge said;;" nai, dont act like spoiled children "

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