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The Feditary-The history of light

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posted on Aug, 26 2016 @ 06:12 PM
Before the formation of the Feditary, Earth One transmitted information via beams of light across the solar system. These beams of light were easily detectable and could be deflected away from its intended receiver. When Earth One created the Feditary and sent it beyond the Sun Solar System, communication via single beam laser became highly inefficient.

Later, the Feditary developed hyper light, the ability to transmit information faster than the speed of light via multiple beams of condensed microscopic lasers. Hyper light used the radioactive emissions of itself to propel multiple times the speed of “one light” (the speed of light emitted from a star). Using hyper light, the further the laser traveled, the faster it went. Each beam exhibited its own unique frequency. To decipher the message, one would have to crack the frequency code for each laser beam. Detection almost always lead to deflection so the Feditary created measures to transmit a single message via multiple laser beams following multiple paths. This had a nominal effect on the speed of delivery and made deflection of the lasers a less significant event for the Feditary. When intercepted, the decoding process took so long that intelligence discovered within the lasers had frequently become history.

The next advancement was Z-light (referred to as Zero light in its early days of usage); the ability to transmit enormous amounts of data via a condensed stream of laser beams. Each beam was thinner than a single atom. This minimization made detection almost impossible. Without a near exact frequency code to the 0.000000000001Hz, deciphering the rarely intercepted laser was almost impossible before the intelligence became history.

By studying how to further develop Z-light transmission, the Feditary discovered anti-light; non-emitting light created by the radioactivity of the illumination of positive light. Non-emitting, anti-light particles exert energy only detectable on an atomic level of 1/64th at a rate that can only be described as thousands of times faster than the speed of one light. It is theorized that anti light vibrates so quickly, it may exist in a physical form in multiple places at the same time. Although it is capable of bending, anti light does not appear to dissipate under any circumstance of stress. Anti light is so small and fast, it is undetectable by any technology down to 1/64th the size of a single atom, otherwise referred to as the null level. (The God level is 1/16th.) (Outdated theorists believed nothing existed below 1/16th. Advancements proved that theory to be utterly false.) The Tripidions have become very frustrated over this matter because they continue to look for messages transmitted via emitting light.

Tripidions deliver messages via negative light, a process the Feditary theorizes but does not understand. Negative light emits inward, a sub-particle action the Feditary has yet to discover. Since negative light emits inward, it is impossible to detect using outward (positive) methods. While the Feditary believes in the the concept of negative light, they do not understand the ideology of light only emitting inward.

While it uses vast amounts of energy to regenerate, negative light allows the Tripidions to be masters of stealth technology.

Neither the Feditary nor the Tripidions realize that a greater entity has torn a hole in our universe during their trans dimensional travels. This rip is allowing sub atomic particles to leak into our universe. Unintentionally, these greater entities have started a contamination process on a trans dimensional level that will have ramifications in both universes and who knows how many others.

This process will completely change the laws of physics throughout our entire universe and probably beyond.

You think it's hard trying to convince people of the dangers of global warming?

Try explaining trans dimensional contamination!

posted on Aug, 26 2016 @ 06:14 PM
a reply to: Genfinity

Most important lesson;" Free will "

posted on Aug, 27 2016 @ 12:36 AM
That was quite awesome! Is there going to be more?

posted on Aug, 27 2016 @ 08:06 AM
a reply to: PorteurDeMort

I am working on describing the biology of their nemesis, the Tripidions.

As most biological life on Earth is based on binary biology, the Tripidions are based on trinary biology. Or maybe a better word would be triology.

Example; Tripidion genitalia is unlike any we are familiar with on Earth. They do not have sex organs like a male or female would so it's more accurate to think of them in terms of A, B and C rather then male, female and "third"male.

I should have this posted before the weekend is over.

Just as computer games are run by game "engines", I am creating the story "engine" for the story I intend to write.

It will be a mesh of Star Wars, Star Trek and The Matrix with historical satire redressed for the sci-fi story.

Some of my offline friends joked about being mentioned in the story. I agreed. What are friends for? Little do they know, I am going to "red shirt" every one of them, bwa ha ha! Gotta do it.

So when you read about a character suffering a Darwin-type death, yup, that's a friend. They wanted to be part of the story, right?

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