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The sleaze ball joint

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posted on Aug, 26 2016 @ 01:47 PM
Two lovely and well dressed men strolled in, very clam soft footed and non chalant...a tall statly sort sitting looking at leaflets was staring into a glass of water with several bills on the counter.
Sjhe barely noticed them , slightly smiled and continued reading...piling coin after coin next to the manlier gent...
she ordered a bubbly drink and left for the washroom... and they drank until they lost all trace of what they were doing in such a place..
the next day they wke from a distant memory of a dream and a scent lingered in their was twilight already , they slept over 12 hours.... they felt, familirarity....they were very confused...
food was on the table ...where did this come from ... they wondered why no meet? smells good they thought and unafraid of poisen, as they were still delirious.. green and orange vegatables baked in olive oil with pink salt and black pepper..."hhmmm simple yet very satisfying.." one of them spoke.
the sky was lovely grey and the mists a fuschia pink... the tall lady and her trusted friend were at it again... and they shared a kiss...

by the pink and white heather plants and bamboo bushes...drinking and smiling all through twilight, with lots of love in the mists...
dreaming of Christopher habib and the monk
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posted on Sep, 3 2016 @ 09:50 PM
continuing wuth the madness at the sleazy joint, the pip was there this time flashy menswear and all...although the males were flocking...she just softly tapped a kitten paw on the counter and told the fishermen to scram, "children...have a a piece of green and pink paper,... son ..." she left her seat and went to the games..." ooooooh whats everyovery ones name..? please keep speaking..?"
pip was not having it and found a lovely woman on the side steps...
"i was waiting for my nan and ma!!"
" i just found some cold fish and the hot food venders are runnning Quick!..?"
" i think i get it, your dialect... the blond woman spoke and found her women folks.."
pip just waited around and charged the lady serving with too much beauty,,"Ya to pretty and young now is safe...thank Shoesen Wee and those members out side.."
pip found the flower tree and took it all to the stream, waiting for a dream to appear and it did!....the kissing folks were at it all night and into the morning...."eh, i kissed a white and marked Camel... he was okay...and it made me want more, so eh, he is good...clean and very beautiful..."keeps near , eh?" someone spoke...
the Camel looked around at what or who pip was speaking to,thinking, " do you see any owners Human! who are you asking for me?"
pip sorta could reach into the silent mind, " oh i guess your free now, huh baby darling lover...lets go kiss some more behold a Tree!.... i willl show you where good water is darling... just one can see us on this path i know...?"
The darling Camel has a good nose and clear eyes ...will he follow pip?
she just waits sometimes for a girl friend to be near and then that person is there!...
San pretends not to exist and yet they only exist with eachother...oh well...quite the bitty gang they hold wee ang woos crew....misty is still being waited for as the weather had started changing into winter between pip and her crew...they must of been thinking of itty bitty Squeak...not Squack...
then looking at clothed men outside, wee sang all night...." smells good here! smells good there! no one really noticing just being cheerful, and sober"
what a night og bevergaese.... and good cheer...then the knee tappin started and pips crew left the sleaz ohs was dream time....sadly some only took a rest and wait for more...until then!
thanks for following sorry this sleazy place is a nasty mess and will be back to spick and span in no time straight.
no center characters or show stealing...imagin that...

posted on Sep, 3 2016 @ 10:03 PM
a reply to: peppycat

eh, brown an white spot camel is a new low if I ever heard 1

posted on Sep, 3 2016 @ 11:17 PM
a reply to: Mousygretchen

better kissers than dogs

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